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It’s the Final Countdown! Vote Today For Our Cisco SXSW Panel Picker Pitches!

Cisco Webex Needs Your Vote in SXSW PanelPicker!

Cisco Webex in partnership with Capital Factory is proud to announce its participation in the 2020 South by Southwest Interactive Panel Picker, the official user-generated session proposal platform for the SXSW Conference.

South By, as it’s affectionately known, was where Twitter famously launched its early beta version. SXSW Interactive even hosted speakers such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Ferris, former President Barack Obama, Mark Cuban, Braaam Cohen, Biz Stone, and several worldwide tech leaders.

Last year Webex had showcased some of our Cognitive Collaboration initiatives at SXSW at Capital Factory. This year we are going even bigger and need your help. You have until Friday, August 23 to vote for us!

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Cisco Webex’s 2020 SXSW PanelPicker Pitches


SXSW Conference | Track: Tech Industry & Enterprise

Amy Chang, VP/GM of Collaboration at Cisco
Sid Bhatia, Workforce of the Future Director at PWC
Angela Yu, Developer Relations at Google
Nicole Jubie, Digital Workplace at Expedia

The Pitch:
Millennials will encompass 75% of the workforce by 2025, and they will expect great human experiences with buildings in real time. Companies around the world are looking for ways to recruit and retain talent. The shift to focus on productivity and smart buildings presents significant challenges — how to integrate to existing Enterprise technologies and also leverage the best of breed technology while having them all work together.

How can we come together as an industry and make technology seamless to the end user? What Proptech trends can be anticipated over the next 5–10 years? Moderator Josh Reola of Cisco Webex will facilitate a discussion about this new era of workplace transformation with leaders from PWC, Expedia and Google.


SXSW Conference | Track: Workplace

Sri Srinivasan, SVP and General Manager for Cisco Team Collaboration Group at Cisco Systems

The Pitch:
In today’s hyper-competitive market for the best talent, the old hiring processes won’t cut it— companies need to leverage the digital age to hire smart and fast in order to keep innovating and retain competitive advantage.

Cisco learned that using collaboration technology throughout the hiring process provides a crucial edge:

  • Connecting with candidates over video allows both parties to connect on a deeper level and convey emotion and enthusiasm.
  • It speeds up the process with the ability to share forms, offers and other information— creating an open group dialogue instead of cold emails that could get delayed replies.
  • It’s allowed Cisco to access a much larger, global talent pool without the expense, delay and inconvenience of having to fly candidates out for interviews.


SXSW Conference | Track: Workplace

Lorrissa Horton, General Manager of WebEx Teams at Cisco Systems

The Pitch:
While it’s commonplace today, Cisco was a pioneer in remote working over a decade ago, and maintains that flexibility for its staff today. Teams are spread all over the globe, yet connect and work together successfully through collaboration technology. It’s also something that a younger workforce has come to expect, and it impacts their decision on where to work. While this has been great for Cisco for a number of important reasons, such as access to a global talent base, attracting and retaining talent, improving staff productivity and reducing facility overheads, it has an obvious impact on the ability to create and maintain a company culture. How do you keep a positive and consistent culture across different teams, located in different countries at a scale of such a large organization?


SXSW Conference | Track: Workplace

Aruna Ravichandran, VP of Global Marketing & CMO of Collaboration at Cisco Systems

The Pitch:
As even more elements of the world are transitioning into the digital sphere, the pace of digitization continues to astonish us. Digitization and advances in communication and collaboration technology are now driving fundamental shifts in the way people work; not seen since the last industrial revolution with the introduction of personal computers. The next 5–10 years will see businesses striving to capitalize on the opportunities presented by these shifts, while mitigating the challenges, in order to derive business value in an ever-increasing competitive landscape.


SXSW Conference | Track: Workplace

Parthasarathi Kar, Technical Business Development Manager, Cisco Systems

The Pitch:
The workspace of the future is not about the walls that surround you. Its about working more productively, efficiently and collaboratively, delivering the right balance between work, tech and employee experience. Digital Transformation starts in workplace and how we enhance employee empowerment and experience , increase productivity, agility and sustainability.

Join me to understand how we could use the key principles of Cognitive Spaces journey which consist of core technology to drive better human connection, diversity and inclusion. Its people, not the technology, that decides the future of work and innovation.

Your Vote Matters

SXSW PanelPicker® is intended to encourage community input and involvement in the conference. Community voting accounts for 30% of the selection process for SXSW programming. In addition to community voting, the SXSW advisory board provides feedback on all proposals and SXSW staff members work to fill gaps in relevant subject matters, balancing between both new and veteran speakers.

“PanelPicker connects us with the thousands of creative professionals, experienced experts and informed consumers that make up the global SXSW community,” said Hugh Forrest, SXSW Chief Programming Officer. “This interface helps us identify the most compelling new ideas within the many different industries we serve and, in so doing, keeps SXSW exciting, timely, and relevant.”

About SXSW

The SXSW Conference features interactive, film and music industries. It runs from March 13 – March 22, 2020 in Austin, Texas.

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