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Slido in Webex: The integration that’s got everyone talking

As organizations start adopting a new hybrid work model, their new challenge is ensuring that everyone has a great collaboration experience, equal opportunities, and an outlet to voice their opinions, regardless of their physical location.

This is where the native integration of Slido in Webex shines. Slido ensures that every meeting is an opportunity to energize your team to join the conversation. From 10 to 10,000 participants, a meeting is only as meaningful as its ability to give every participant a voice, and no, we don’t mean everyone coming off mute at once. What we mean is, inclusivity is at the core of what we do at Webex and enabling everyone to contribute and participate how they want, where they want, is at the center of Slido’s functionality as well.

With Slido in Webex, you can collect feedback and drive engagement in real-time during your meetings. How? Simply run a poll, host an interactive quiz, or give your colleagues a chance to ask questions in a Q&A. You’ll learn what people really think, make your discussions more inclusive, and build stronger connections.

It’s easier than you think. Check out a few ways you and your team can use Slido to supercharge your Webex meetings.

Plan for success

Build your Slido polls ahead of meetings so you can go into meetings feeling prepared and focused. If you need inspiration, you can leverage a vast Slido template library and add an interactive poll to your meeting with just a few clicks.


Set the tone for open conversation by starting your meeting with a poll to learn more about the attendees. Whether it’s what sport you would win a medal in at the Olympics (ours is coffee-drinking), or an update on the projects you’re working on, kicking meetings off with open-ended questions sets the tone for an engaging meeting while reinforcing strong connections between colleagues.



There’s nothing like a little healthy competition. From trainings to events, Slido quizzes test participant knowledge while getting everyone involved with a fun activity. You can create familiar quiz experiences right inside Webex. Set a timer for each quiz question to fuel the competition and show a leaderboard at the end to announce the winners.


Brainstorming isn’t limited to a conference room with a whiteboard anymore. With word clouds and open text polls, everyone’s perspectives can be heard in real-time. Make your brainstorms more inclusive by giving space for everyone to contribute without the need to speak up or over others.

Real-Time Insights

With real-time feedback in Webex meetings, Slido provides insights not only into how many people are participating, but helps showcase audience opinions, preferences, and level of understanding. This can all be exported for additional analysis and enable data-driven business decisions custom fit for your team.

Continuous Feedback

Collect information before, during, and after your meetings. Not only is Slido great for creating engaging meeting experiences but can also be used outside of your meeting via a sharable link. It’s a great way to collect questions ahead of time, get feedback afterward, and include everyone who can’t join live.

Ready to add Slido to your next Webex meeting? Visit the Webex App Hub.

These are just a few of the many ways Slido is making meetings more inclusive, productive, and meaningful. Learn how to get Slido added to Webex.

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