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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The Create 10x Better Experiences Than in Person Interactions series focuses on enabling and empowering secure inclusive experiences in real-time or anytime, with a focus on seamless collaboration and smart hybrid work experiences

Together with Partners

Cisco’s promise is that working with Webex will create 10x better experiences than in-person interactions. Cisco has already made huge strides in improving how people can connect and collaborate with a deluge of exciting new capabilities – the most recent of which we announced at WebexOne.  And we are fully committed to continue to drive tectonic shifts to making everyone’s life better!

Now we know we can’t – nor do we want to – do this alone.  We can only achieve this goal in tandem with a wide ecosystem of partners. Together, we are changing the way the world does work, delivers healthcare, teaches students and runs government. The inclusivity of Webex is best realized when we work together to put the right tools at the fingers of the right people at the right time.

This is the first of a monthly blog series outlining the amazing things that we are lighting up with our partners.  These partners bring their magic to our Webex portfolio – from meetings to chat, from mobile apps to our best in industry desk and room devices.  We’ll showcase the exciting new integrations that are coming to your fingertips, outline how they work and why we’re excited!  Keep an eye out – it’s not just us talking about these, our partners are also going to be telling their view of what we’ve done and why it’s exciting.

This month we will be diving into two partnerships: Aisera and Ava Robotics. To kick us off, we are going to focus on Aisera.


Aisera focuses on leveraging Conversational AI and Repetitive Process Automation, RPA, to help customers drive an ever more efficient Service Management strategy.  Leveraging their AI assets, Aisera helps customers provide more meaningful and efficient Customer Service experiences by learning from the existing content and corpus of service history and a well-integrated service to drive resolution in the ITSM tools of your choice!

Aisera combined with Webex, creates a solution that enables employees to use Webex to interact and self-serve with existing automated workflows within their organizations. This partnership will help streamline operations and help automate existing IT Service Management (ITSM) and Customer Service Management (CSM) systems maximizing current investments, while decreasing costs. Customer Service organizations are experience long resolution times, limited budget and high demand. Aisera with Webex will make these processes simpler, faster and more user friendly.

Ava Robotics and FRINK Advanced Services

Ava Robotics designs and builds intelligent physical robots for the workplace. And now that virtual workforces are the norm, the need for intelligent robots has expanded into new industries.

SIGNA, Austria’s largest privately owned real estate company, heavily relied on human interaction before the pandemic. It was imperative that their customers physically tour apartments. So, when lockdowns prevented these human interactions, SIGNA needed a new way to bring their customers and clients into apartments, quickly. In effort to find a unique resolution, SIGNA reached out to FRINK Advanced Services, a Cisco partner who specializes in creative business solutions. And together, they revolutionized the digital customer experience.

FRINK Advanced Services found the perfect solution for an abstract idea: implementing a remote sales process, featuring the Ava robot, to enable remote, contactless house hunting, securing Signa’s business despite limitations from the pandemic.  Click the video to watch the contactless solution in action:

By leveraging the Webex and Ava integration, SIGNA can now offer prospective clients a personalized, detailed property tour. Clients can virtually walkthrough an apartment, seeing details of the kitchen or views from the living room and ask specific questions that would otherwise be missed with static images.

And not only has this solution gone above and beyond fixing an immediate need, but it has also opened the door for new sales opportunities. Because physical location is no longer a limit, SIGNA shows leadership and innovation, leading the way in transforming the real estate experience by bringing mobility, access, and confidence into the market.

Here at Cisco, we believe that more can be achieved when we work together. Regardless of which tools you use, we want the work you do to reach its full potential. We live and breathe our mission – stay tuned as we continue to bring new integrations to life!

We have created a massive number of integrations that help you get work done. All part of our strategy of an open ecosystem with our partners.

Check out our App Hub page to find the apps that will help you the most!

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