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Webex and HubSpot join forces to accelerate customer engagement

At Webex, our approach is to ensure that your organization is ready for hybrid work. Today, employees want to create departmental workflows, often relying on third-party apps and services. The Webex platform makes it easy for employees to discover and connect with third-party applications to support their line-of-business workflows.

One specific example of this is enabling sales teams to create a great customer experience. Working on a sales deal with a customer or helping a customer with support issues requires constant collaboration internally with team members and externally with customers. But there are often technology challenges that get in the way for sellers and support personnel. For example, they need to keep switching between apps to collaborate which leads to cumbersome workflows and frustration. Also, vital customer data is scattered across various tools like chat sessions and meeting recordings.

Elevate your customer engagement and collaboration with Webex App for HubSpot

To alleviate these challenges and accelerate the customer experience, we’re proud to announce Webex App for HubSpot, a native integration which delivers a delightful collaboration experience, while minimizing app switches and consolidating all the interactions that matter. If a salesperson is working on a sales lead, he can directly reach out to the prospective customer from the HubSpot record. In addition, if the customer has specific questions, he can also seamlessly invite a specialist to the video conference from the opportunity pane to help fast track a deal. Support personnel can also expediate the resolution of a support issue faster by getting the right folks on a video call with the customer. Install the Webex app from the HubSpot App Marketplace.

Webex App for HubSpot features

With the Webex app for HubSpot, your business can elevate customer experience and interactions by meeting HubSpot contacts via Webex meetings. Webex is designed for meetings of any size and creates a more engaging meeting experience with interactive features that drive stronger collaboration. Webex meetings provide advanced background noise removal, and recordings and transcript, among other features so you can focus on the success of your business relationship, while Webex takes care of the meeting experience.

The Webex app for HubSpot eliminates any friction around ‘where’ to meet and streamlines your sales process by automatically inserting a Webex meeting link within your HubSpot meetings. When combined with connected calendar and email apps, it is a seamless experience–a single click on the HubSpot bookings page takes care of sending email invites, updating calendars and finally, joining the Webex meeting.

Integration features:

  • Add a Webex meeting link to your HubSpot meetings – Easily schedule a Webex meeting with one or more HubSpot contacts. Drive better team and customer engagement with the video conference capabilities of Webex. Review meeting recordings and transcripts directly in HubSpot.
  • Configure Webex Meetings for all HubSpot meetings – Convert every HubSpot meeting into a Webex meeting. Configure Webex as the default video conference link for any HubSpot meeting. When it is time to join, attendees simply click on the Webex link in their email invitation.

Webex makes it easy to connect to a wide range of other solutions to accelerate your business

Webex offers an extensible ecosystem that works with an extensive set of partners to provide joint solutions for the new world of hybrid work.  Solutions that are flexible to adapt to any use case, role, and environment, when and where you need. Webex creates deep integration with our partners to embed collaboration technology into daily workflows to make it more meaningful for your customers.

Check out the Webex Integrations page to learn about the various integrations we offer today to meet your specific needs and the  Webex App Hub page for apps that amplify your work!

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