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Building on Webex momentum: Better solutions for hybrid work

Over the past 10 months, we have introduced hundreds of Webex innovations designed to enable remote work and help people connect and collaborate seamlessly and securely. As many now make the shift to a more hybrid environment, needs and expectations have changed once again. It’s no longer enough to solve for the challenges of remote work, or to support a safe office re-entry. Today’s collaboration solutions need to power hybrid work, providing consistent, inclusive and engaging experiences for all users – no matter where or how they work.

Let’s take a look at a few of the latest Webex solutions we’re delivering to create enhanced user experiences and meet the needs of today’s hybrid workforce.

More flexible solutions for visual collaboration

The last year of working remotely may have resulted in a dramatic increase in productivity for some … but many also reported that creativity, and innovation took a real nosedive. The ability to simply see and hear each other on a video call was cause for celebration, but as hybrid work becomes the norm, this is no longer the standard. We’ve solved for this with Webex digital whiteboard and visual collaboration solutions.

Webex visual collaboration capabilities empower teams to brainstorm, co-create and solve problems, whether they’re in the same room or working thousands of miles apart, in real-time or anytime. As an integrated part of the Webex suite, visual collaboration is supported natively within the app or on touch-based devices – no separate app or complex setup required. The touch-based Webex Board, Webex Desk Pro and Webex Desk offer all-in-one collaboration experiences, allowing users to start a new whiteboard or work with an existing one, as well as open and annotate documents, images and other files in real time. Whiteboard content can be saved, shared and accessed via Webex, allowing teams to collaborate whenever and wherever they need to.

New this month, integrations with Mural and Miro expand user options for visual collaboration within Webex. Users with more complex requirements can access templates and add new or existing boards from Mural and Miro to a Webex space to easily co-create and share visual concepts. One integrated workflow means more streamlined and productive collaboration.

I’m a big fan of Webex virtual whiteboarding technology, and can’t wait to have even more flexible experience options with the Mural and Miro integrations. As we look for opportunities to continue to enhance hybrid work experiences, virtual collaboration is a key focus – stay tuned for news of additional integrations!

Unlocking the power of collaboration insights for everyone: Webex Control Hub

At Webex, we pride ourselves on offering the easiest solution for IT administrators to manage their users, devices, and services with Webex Control Hub – a single pane of glass management portal that is heavy on insights and light on complexity. IT administrators rely on the rich analytics and insights within Webex Control Hub to effectively manage services and users, provision devices, configure security and compliance policies, and view detailed analytics and reporting. But what happens when those analytics aren’t accessible to everyone? An estimated 300 million people globally are color blind, and don’t benefit from the traditional use of chart colors as visual cues when reading data. As part of the Webex Control Hub redesign last year, the Webex design team created new chart color palettes specifically with color blindness in mind. The new palettes offer color blind admin users a visual chart language that is easier to read and understand, empowering them to optimize their Control Hub experience

Webex was recently recognized with the 2021 San Francisco Design Week Award for this important use of accessible colors in data visualization. I’m extremely proud of the work our team has done to balance aesthetics with accessibility in order to give all of our customers an equalized Webex experience.

Expanded collaboration options for the public sector

It’s a no-brainer that in a hybrid world, you need the ability to collaborate securely with others both inside and outside your organization. Webex solutions were designed to do just that – enable safe and seamless collaboration across your entire ecosystem, and allow employees as well as customers, suppliers and partners to call, message and meet securely and efficiently.

Now, we’re excited to bring this full-stream secure collaboration to our public sector customers as well. Starting this month, Webex for Government FedRAMP customers will have the ability to safely message and share files with other Webex users that do not have a FedRAMP license. Offering more choice and flexibility in how Webex users communicate, both in and outside their organization, leads to more efficient work and a more productive collaboration experience … something customers in every sector should be able to enjoy.

Webex solutions: Built for hybrid work

We’re proud to offer the most complete solution for hybrid work, and continue to innovate to deliver inclusive, engaging and effective collaboration experiences.

Learn more about how Webex is leading the way in hybrid work.

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