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Take your collaboration to the next level with all-new Webex Integrations and Embedded Apps

Hello Webex fans! In addition to the announcements at Enterprise Connect 2022, we are bringing you over 25 new integrations from some of the hottest technology partners like Notion and InVision. We also announced that the embedded apps framework will be available in the coming months on Webex Desk and Webex Board Series devices powered by RoomOS, featuring Slido, Miro, MURAL, and Shared Timer. For on-the-fly meetings, embedded apps will be available within messaging spaces on mobile phones and tablets powered by iOS and Android.

Read on to learn how your team can take collaboration to the next level with our latest integrations.

Webex integrations that work seamlessly with your business applications

Webex offers immense flexibility by providing various integration types to meet your unique needs. Check out the Webex App Hub to explore hundreds of industry-leading Webex integrations.  

Meetings and Messaging 

Appy Pie Connect: Workflow automation isn’t just limited to your development teams. Appy Pie Connect empowers non-technical users to unleash productivity and growth across the enterprise. From simple one-to-one automations to multi-app workflows, powerful workflows with Webex Meetings and Messaging can be created within minutes without a single line of code.  

Bizly: Bizly’s new integration provides an all-in-one solution for planning hybrid Webex meetings that can be launched and hosted from directly within Bizly. Whether in-person or hybrid, Bizly will simplify your meetings and streamline your attendee collaboration.  

Docket: With Docket’s end-to-end meeting management integration with Webex, improve your collaboration and productivity before the meeting ever starts. With your agenda, video conferencing, notes, decisions, and tasks all in one place, Docket’s integrations foster focus, consistency, and planning for your team meetings. 

eM Client: eM Client is a desktop email client for Windows and macOS with an easy-to-use interface. Their new integration allows users to manage Webex meetings directly from within the interface. From scheduling to inviting to joining, eM Client is pushing the boundaries of meeting collaboration by allowing users to connect anytime, anywhere in a matter of just two clicks. 

Enjoyn: Enjoyn’s Webex integration provides a secure, virtual calling solution helping organizations connect people with services. Its privacy-focused scheduling tool simplifies virtual meetings, facilitating meeting management for individuals or groups with a simple, easy-to-use interface that is available on all major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Web). 

Gong: Recording, transcribing, and annotating your Webex meetings is seamless with Gong. Gong’s Reality Platform™ automatically captures and analyzes meeting data and delivers insights at scale, empowering revenue, and go-to-market teams to determine the best actions for winning outcomes. Gong is empowering teams to leverage their most valuable assets – customer interactions. 

LiteScapeVisitation: This integration allows a correctional facility or juvenile center to easily connect visitors and offenders/clients with video units. Officers can use a dashboard to connect and monitor visitations. 

Meetergo: Meetergo takes its GDPR-compliant online appointment planner to the next level with its Webex integration. With a lead routing mechanism on top of their internal meeting platform, users see an increase in business with more appointments, more conversions, and more sales in less time for simple, efficient, and secure communication. 

Neo Suite: This integration by ASC Technologies provides a completely Webex integrated VoIP recording solution. Users can manage recordings, process audio video conferences, and manage chats in Webex Meetings in compliance with all legal recording regulations.  

Rootly: Rootly is a Slack-native incident management app and its new integration with Webex automatically creates a Webex Meeting when an incident starts. Rootly enables incident responders to eliminate tedious manual processes so they can focus on what matters most – efficient collaboration on incident resolution.                                                                                    

Skilljar: Skilljar’s integration allows users to seamlessly transition between training courses in Skilljar and virtual live sessions. Skilljar’s online training platform is known for accelerating customer onboarding and product adoption with engaging multimedia courses in an intuitive and mobile-responsive environment. 

Ving: Your meeting platforms – unified. This new integration enables Webex users to create, list, and join meetings right from the Ving video conference platform. Ving Hybrid Technologies provides a Unified Video Conference Platform that connects to various meeting platforms using a common interface. 

Vymo: Vymo, a sales acceleration platform for financial institutions, allows you to log your Webex calls as activities on the Vymo app and tag it against a lead or customer/partner, without any manual intervention. 

Wisembly: Your hybrid, virtual, and physical events just got more engaging with Wisembly’s integration with Webex. You can now stream Webex meetings in Wisembly and launch Q&A sessions, polls, quizzes, brainstorms to drive engagement from everyone in the meeting, no matter the size.  

Apps inside the Webex App

New Embedded Apps that are now available inside Meetings include: With and Webex integration, users can collaborate on agendas, take notes, create action items, and more all in real-time without ever having to switch applications. This all-in-one meeting management platform is helping organizations, teams, and professionals manage meeting lifecycles and drive business outcomes.  

App4Legal: App4Legal’s Contract Management Solution embedded inside Webex allows users to securely edit and collaborate on contracts and documents in real-time during Webex Meetings. Now with App4Legal, access all your contracts, make changes, manage permissions and more, all without ever leaving your Webex Meeting Application. 

appyRewards: appyRewards inside Webex makes it easier than ever to reward your attendees in real time. Organizations can reward all their attendees or just a smaller number of random winners during conferences, video meetings, webinars or via messaging. Users can select e-gift cards from the world’s most popular merchants and institutions (i.e., Amazon, Visa, Starbucks). 

DoneDone: Known for its powerful functionality as a task tracker, DoneDone’s embedded app makes collaboration a breeze. This integration allows users to manage tasks, support tickets, and more with a shared inbox right inside of Webex meetings and spaces. 

Employee Perception by Aniline: Aniline’s new embedded app provides company culture perception insights based on online comments by employees, former employees, and jobseekers. From right inside Webex, users can look up a company and receive a score 1-100 rating companies in nine wide-ranging topics. 

InVision Freehand: This embedded app developed by InVision is a simple, approachable visual canvas where teams can come together to get work done. With an intuitive interface, a wide variety of integrations, and a collection of purpose-built templates, teams can get started right away. Running brainstorms, projects, workshops, sprints, and more is easier than ever and can be done right inside Webex with this embedded app. Learn more about this integration here. 

Keypoint Connect: Keypoint Interactive is a complete audience polling solution that seamlessly integrates right into Microsoft® PowerPoint®. With this embedded app inside Webex, participants can easily interact with the Keypoint Interactive polling slides without having to leave the meeting interface. 


BluIP: BluIP developed this bot to simply integrate SMS capabilities inside your Webex messaging environment. Users need a Webex for Broadworks subscription with BluIP Inc. to get started. 

eComFax: This bot allows Webex users to connect to the largest International Fax Network to securely send and receive faxes, SMS, and confidential documents. Whether you integrate your existing fax number into their network or need a new fax or SMS number, eComFax provides numbers in over 60 countries. 

Instant Connect Enterprise: Frontline teams enjoy seamless communication with the Instant Connect Enterprise bot. With push-to-talk (PTT) voice and automation, automated workflows, smart geofences, knowledge workers can easily collaborate with frontline colleagues improving safety and productivity.  

Notion: The newly released Notion bot enables teams to stay up to date on related Notion projects in any Webex space. Now, you can track Notion Database changes in Webex spaces and share Notion pages in the Webex app. Notion users can track updates and share Notion content with ease right in Webex Spaces.  

Qstream: Qstream Connect allows clients to create custom, automated solutions for individual applications. This bot can be leveraged to receive Qstream notifications directly in Webex and automate links directed to specific Qstream journey steps all with a full dashboard accessible from Webex with real-time status updates. 

Ricotta Games Trivia and Icebreakers: Bring that social in-office feel to the hybrid workplace. Ricotta’s new bot is the ultimate team building platform. Games, trivia, icebreakers, and more bring hybrid teams closer together.  

TPxSMSApp: With the TPxSMSApp bot, users can enjoy the convenience of SMS communication right in their Webex app. All you need is a UCx with Webex Account from TPx and you’ll be texting in no time! 

We value your feedback

Go ahead and try out these amazing integrations and give us your feedback!

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