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Introducing over 20 innovative Webex Integrations to help accelerate your hybrid workday

Hello Webex fans. Welcome to the January edition of the Webex integrations blog. We are excited to kick off 2022 by bringing you over 20 new integrations enhancing your hybrid work experience and work efficiency. A special shout out to our vast and open ecosystem of technology partners who collaborate with us to bring these integration innovations to you!

Webex integrations that work seamlessly with your business applications

Webex offers immense flexibility by providing various integration types to meet your unique needs. Explore our Webex App Hub page, which showcases current Webex integrations.


  • Bitmoji – Express yourself with Bitmojis directly inside Webex Messaging. With Bitmoji, you can create an avatar that looks just like you and access thousands of stickers – starring you. We have enhanced the authentication method and now you can seamlessly authenticate into your Bitmoji account directly using a QR code.
  • JIBB – With Jibb, you can turn any writing surface into a digital whiteboard. Capture your work on any dry-erase whiteboard or paper, and then share that into your Webex messaging space.


  • Carenation– is an advanced remote healthcare delivery platform that is built to global standards and cutting-edge technologies for redefining digital health. It is currently in use in these countries – India, Spain, Greece, Peru, Bangladesh, UAE, Mexico, and Nepal.
  • Doodle– With Doodle’s Webex integration, meetings can be booked in an instant with automatic Webex links. Get the right people together at the right time, whatever the occasion. Check out Doodle’s press release for additional information.
  • EduBrite– With EduBrite, you can lead VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training) sessions directly from your EduBrite LMS instance and manage enrollments, attendance, and content.
  • Inclusive Interview– This Inclusive Interview Webex integration allows candidate interview recordings to be automatically ingested into Inclusive.HR, allowing for new insights to gauge team member impact on the candidate experience and diversity and inclusion.
  • QuickMinutes– With QuickMinutes, simplify the creation of Webex meeting agendas and notes and manage meeting workflows. Easily generate and add Webex meeting links directly in your meetings without breaking your flow.
  • is an easy-to-use content automation platform that helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and content creators maximize their exposure without spending hours publishing their videos to multiple platforms. With this integration, you can now easily setup workflows inside of and automate uploading of your Webex recordings to multiple social media platforms – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.
  • SailPoint SaaS Management securely integrates directly with Webex so you can view and manage all Webex users. This integration allows you to pull in users’ last activity, meetings, overall usage of Webex, licenses allocated and much more.


  • Call Control for Enterprise protects teams from cybersecurity threats and timewasters by blocking incoming calls from spammers, scammers, and telemarketers. Help your team stay more secure by preventing calls from fraudulent scammers known for extracting security information.

Apps inside Webex Meetings and Messaging

Embedded apps enable third-party applications to be available directly inside Webex, making work more efficient and inclusive. We are rapidly expanding and excited to bring these integrations to market.

  • Boostlingo Interpretation– Boostlingo Interpretation provides seamless, in-app interpretation for Webex video and voice calls with the click of a button. Boostlingo professional network is comprised of over 10,000 interpreters covering over 250 languages.
  • Conferences io– Conferences io is an easy-to-use live audience engagement platform that is perfect for virtual, hybrid, and in-person meetings. Millions of attendees at thousands of events, primarily across North America, have used Conferences io technology to make presentations more interactive.
  • Clixie –Use Clixie’s media authoring & analytics tools directly from within Webex messaging and easily access your Webex recordings. Quickly add a wide range of interactive elements to your videos, including interactive bookmarks (“Clixie Cards”), quizzes, contact forms, clickable elements and more!
  • EmX Digital Skills– With EmX Digital Skills, you can acquire new skills and set career goals right inside Webex. EmX Digital Skills is democratizing skills for everyone by enabling users to view typical skills required for specific roles, set goals to achieve new skills, and can add existing skills to their profile. Check out EmX’s Digital Skills press release for additional details.
  • InterpretManager– Interpretmanager embedded application provides seamless, in-app interpretation for Webex video and voice calls with the click of a button. The professional network of interpreters is comprised of over 10,000 interpreters covering over 250 languages.
  • OneStream Live embedded app lets you use your Webex meeting and go live recording with 40+ Social Media Platforms at once.
  • OnePgr Deal Room– OnePgr Deal Room helps improve the sales process by streamlining pre- and post-meeting prospect communication throughout the sales cycle.
  • Short Break From Work– With Short Break From Work, you have the break room your hybrid team has been missing. Short Break From Work provides meaningful breaks for 1-minute at a time and can be used individually or as a team during long meetings.
  • Smartsheet– With the Smartsheet and Webex integration, teams can now meet and collaborate in the context of their work. Add Smartsheet assets like sheets and dashboards in your Webex messaging and work with your teammates in real-time.


  • Echo Skill showcases how even simple skills can be developed and deployed on Cisco Webex Devices, thus prompting skills development. For enterprises who have purchased devices, Echo Skill is entirely a free app.


  • – Now you can integrate your Noodle Factory chatbot into Webex. Noodle Factory is a one-of-a-kind learning solution that leverages the power of AI to help educators effectively scale tutoring, mentoring and exam prep while engaging learners/users with personalized and adapting learning experiences.
  • Wxgram – Users can add Wxgram bot to Webex messaging to connect with Telegram groups


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