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Webex partnerships and integrations power hybrid work

Webex works with an extensive ecosystem of partners to provide a collaboration solution that is flexible to adapt to any use case, role and environment, when and where you need. Apps are a great way to extend the power of Webex. Webex has an open ecosystem and easy to use APIs/SDKs that helps to integrate with partners bi-directionally.

Unlock maximum productivity with embedded apps inside Webex 

Use your favorite apps right inside Webex. Say goodbye to thousands of tabs and toggling between the apps. And say hello to amazing collaboration. At WebexOne 2021, we announced embedded apps for Webex Meetings and Messaging with over 60+ partners. We are thrilled to announce that 27 partner apps are now available inside the Webex App to help you get more work done. Simply select the app and start using it without having to download anything. Here are some powerful use cases from our vast ecosystem of technology partners:

  • Visually collaborate, whiteboard and brainstorm with colleagues during a meeting or asynchronously on a space using apps from Excalidraw, Hoylu, Miro, Mural, and Sketchboard.
  • Engage Audience with live polls, surveys, trivia, quizzes and more during meetings using apps from Crowdpurr, Everwall, Hermis, MeetingPulse,, Poll Everywhere, Slido, Vevox and Zonka Feedback.
  • Enhance your meeting experience with remote sharing, co-browsing, recording, automated note taking and security, analytics & controls using apps from Cloverhound, CoScreen, Huddle, Read, RemoteHQ, Sesh and Smartnotation.
  • Manage your work and projects, co-edit in interviews and strategize using apps from BasicOps, HackerRank, Nifty, Smartsheet and Workboard.
  • Improve employee wellbeing before, during and after the meeting using Thrive Reset app embedded right inside your meetings.


Bots helps to keep users up to date with real-time notifications. We recently launched these Bots to help you increase your work efficiency:

  • Bonusly: With the Bonusly bot for Webex, user can receive real-time updates for new rewards assigned to the members in organization.
  • GitLab: With notifications from the GitLab bot for Webex user can stay on top of all the changes in repositories. It helps in streamlining code collaboration and makes it easier for the developers in the team to share ideas.
  • Mailchimp: With the Mailchimp bot for Webex, you can keep an even closer eye on all your email campaigns—and help support the success of your business.

Add Webex to your favorite business apps

Webex integrates effortlessly into the business applications you use every day, letting you connect, collaborate, and communicate with ease. Some of the applications where Webex is added are Salesforce CRM, ServiceNow, Box, Jira, Zendesk, Microsoft, and Google.

In the last month we have extended the Webex App for Salesforce to include Service-oriented workflows, particularly geared towards allowing highly skilled agents to serve their customers faster, as well as enhancing their ability to nurture healthy relationships with them. Learn More.

We also integrated Webex with Calendly for scheduling meetings faster by automatically generating a dynamic Webex meeting link in the calendar invite every time a meeting is scheduled using Calendly. Read More.

Leverage partner and custom business solutions with Webex

Empower your organization with sophisticated partner and custom business solutions. From equipping frontline workers to supporting healthcare professionals, you can do it all with variety of Webex offerings-Webex Expert on Demand, Webex Instant Connect, Webex Legislate, Webex Classrooms, and Webex for Government.

Yesterday, Webex announced the public preview of its native meeting experience for Glass Enterprise Edition 2 (Glass), a lightweight eye wearable device with a transparent display developed by Google. Webex Expert on Demand on Glass provides an immersive collaboration experience that supports natural voice commands, gestures on touchpad, and head movements to accomplish routine tasks. Learn More.

Interoperability with other partners

Webex and Microsoft Teams already interoperates today and yesterday we announced the general availability of interoperability between Google Workspace and Webex. Users can now natively join Google Meet video calls from Webex Devices and in reverse, Webex meetings from Google Meet video hardware. Read More.

Check out the Webex Integrations page to learn about the various integrations we offer today to meet your specific needs and the  Webex App Hub page for apps that amplify your work!

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