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8 reasons why millions trust the AI-powered Webex Suite

Today’s workplaces must evolve to support modern workforces that require always-on, anywhere connectivity. Connecting and collaborating need to be effortless and reinforce that work is not where you go but what you do. This is where industry-recognized Webex Suite, trusted by millions around the world, offers the utmost flexibility to connect, collaborate, and engage in today’s dynamic hybrid work environment. Webex Suite is powered by the industry-leading Webex Platform that is secure, compliant, and easily managed with built-in pervasive intelligence, bringing AI innovations across the entire Webex portfolio. With the seamless integration of the Webex Suite with Devices, Cisco’s proven security, and reliable networking infrastructure, collaboration becomes an unparalleled experience. The decades of delivering highly reliable collaboration solutions that are trusted by millions around the globe and the seamless integration with other Cisco solutions such as ThousandEyes, Meraki, Cisco Spaces, and more provide a unique single-vendor advantage that cannot be achieved elsewhere.

1. Pervasive AI throughout

AI is changing the way we work together, and Webex has been at the forefront with AI innovations such as AI Assistant, award-winning background noise removal, real-time translations, and more. While the underlying technology is important, we focus on the experiences the technology delivers. With pervasive AI-powered features built-in across the Webex Platform, Cisco AI Assistant for Webex and Contact Center enables incredible employee and customer experiences by working silently in the background.

2. World-class Telephony/Cloud calling

Calling remains central to connecting customers, partners, and prospects every day. Webex Calling provides a seamless path to the cloud with flexible migration options and an enterprise-grade feature set delivered on a platform with proven 99.999% availability. With features like Voice queues, HD voice, Enhanced Survivability, Webex Go BYOD and Mobile Operator, Microsoft Teams integration and more, Webex Calling delivers innovations to help scale and grow businesses of all sizes.

3. Eight built-in workflows come standard

Webex Suite is the best-in-class comprehensive and AI-powered collaboration and communication solution built on an industry-leading enterprise-grade, secure Webex platform with artificial intelligence features built-in. It is innovative, intuitive, and simple to use and manage. Webex Suite comes standard with eight workflows, an immense value right out-of-box, with flexible competitive pricing, empowering you to connect, communicate, collaborate, and engage with your employees, customers, and partners, from anywhere, on any device.

4. Integrations and Interop to meet you where you are

Webex integrates with thousands of 3rd party applications to help you stay productive and in your flow. Webex Suite natively integrates with Microsoft Teams, Apple, Google, Salesforce and other leading partners so you can easily collaborate and join meetings from your preferred device and application, without having to toggle between windows and tools.

5. Seamless integration with award-winning Cisco Devices

Webex Suite works seamlessly with our entire portfolio of devices designed to reduce the impact of distance for everyone, no matter where you are. With powerful accelerated computing from Nvidia and embedded AI-powered innovations across devices, you can get the most out of every meeting while remaining focused and engaged in the conversation.

6. Discover the Webex Suite advantage – realize 204% ROI

Forrester’s recent study unveils that a composite organization comprised of interviewees with experience using Webex Suite realized 204% return on investment with the Webex Suite—including cost savings, improved collaboration experiences, and dramatic gains in IT efficiencies. Take a deeper look on how your organization can benefit from deploying Webex Suite – including cost savings, improved collaboration experiences, and dramatic gains in IT efficiencies.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Webex Suite

Explore the substantial ROI that Webex can provide to your organization.

7. The power of an extensible platform and One Cisco

The Webex Suite is built on the enterprise-grade, secure Webex platform with pervasive AI-powered features built-in across Meetings, Messaging, Polling, Devices, Contact Center, Control Hub, and more. It is innovative, intuitive, simple to use and manage – trusted by millions and backed by Cisco’s networking infrastructure and end-to-end security.

Webex Suite also integrates seamlessly with other Cisco solutions, such as Cisco ThousandEyes to gain insights on network usage and availability, Cisco Meraki for wireless switching and security, and Cisco Spaces to leverage location services for real-time office occupancy. These integrations enable unmatched insights across various aspects of network, security, and IoT.

8. Ease of management – Single pane of glass to manage all

Webex users are familiar with Webex Control Hub, which delivers a single pane of glass for IT administrators to support users, devices, environments, troubleshoot quality issues and track adoption trends in real time. With the seamless integration of Webex Control Hub and Webex Suite, administrators can manage all eight workflows and more from one central location, saving time and boosting work efficiency.

Supercharge all your collaboration needs by choosing Webex Suite

In the recent Evaluation of Collaboration Suites by ZK Research, Webex Suite stands out for its comprehensive, AI-powered platform, world-class user experiences, flexibility and extendibility, enterprise-grade security, and it’s robust and simple pricing model. With 8 powerful workflows built it and an open ecosystem to integrate with, Webex Suite eliminates the need for additional collaboration vendors and platforms.

If you are ready to supercharge your modern workforce and business with a flexible and comprehensive collaboration solution; one that is more secure, reliable, innovative, with a global reach, I encourage you to explore our Webex Suite page to learn more or reach out to our Sales team to discuss your specific needs and request live demos of our recent innovations.

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