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Work From Home Best Practices

Tips For Working From Home Effectively

Today’s challenging times have more of us working from home these days and our home offices and work practices are now an important part of our lives.

Cisco Webex has been enabling effective WFH practices for many years and we’d like to continue to share what we’ve learned and to learn even more from our amazing customers.

Cory Treffiletti’s home office

Remote Work Best Practices

To share some of today’s best practices for working remotely and from home, we’ve created a new Remote Work area on our website that I hope you’ll visit.  It provides a wealth of information on collaboration technology, remote work best practices, leading a remote team, and more. You can also access online classes, how-to videos, adoption guides, and the Collaboration Community.

Show Off Your Home Office

To have a bit of fun and help us learn from each other, we’d like you to share a photo or description of your home office setup by posting to social media (especially Twitter) with the hashtags #RemoteWork and #WorkFromHome.  Also, be sure to tag/mention @Webex in your post.  Bonus points for creative setups and video backgrounds that help you be you!

Know somebody with a great home setup? Tag them in your post and ask them to share their photo!

And please share any best practices you’ve developed for working from home.  We can all learn so much from each other.

We’ll be sharing many of your posts and look forward to seeing your home office in action! Stay updated with the #WorkFromHome Movement



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