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5 things to know about Webex Hologram 1.0

If you were at WebexOne a few weeks ago, you might have been lucky enough to experience a demo of Webex Hologram, which is the industry’s first photorealistic 3D collaboration solution in the hands of enterprise customers.

If not, let me fill you in on the latest: The most recent iteration, Webex Hologram 1.0, just shipped out to beta customers, and it features some exciting updates. Here’s what’s new with the device, how our customers are using it, and everything else you need to know about Webex Hologram 1.0:

Webex Hologram 1.0 capture device.

1. Webex Hologram is made up of three components: a capture device, Webex cloud services, and the Webex Hologram app, which runs on an augmented reality headset. The newest capture device, which features a 12-camera array, supports combined 2D and 3D 1:1 or 1:many meetings.

2. Thanks to the integration of new advanced NVIDIA technology, more processing can be handled on the capture device itself, which means less computing takes place in the cloud. The capture device is also wall-mounted, and a built-in table helps guide the presenter on where to stand to be best viewed by participants.

3. Webex Hologram is headset agnostic and is currently supported on Magic Leap 2 and Microsoft HoloLens 2. That’s because we believe headset choice is personal; we want our customers to choose whichever AR headset best meets their needs.

4. The Cisco team chose to use light field technology to make the holograms possible. Building light field holograms is tricky business—harder than the alternative methods—but it yields the most lifelike result. This means you can view your colleague, who might be hundreds of miles away, in full photorealistic 3D, right in front of you.

Webex Hologram uses light-field technology.

5. More customers are using Webex Hologram in exciting ways—from design review to remote training to employee onboarding and beyond—whenever they need high engagement and strong emotional connection while collaborating remotely. One example: Europa Networking, a virtual training academy, is using Webex Hologram to improve distance learning and collaboration for medical personnel, corporate employees, and more.

“Webex Hologram lets trainees feel as if they are in the same room as the instructor. That, plus bringing physical objects and 3D models for participants to use and interact with, is a truly innovative enhancement to any kind of collaboration or training session.”

– Chief Technology Officer Rocco Tessicini

Ready to experience Webex Hologram for yourself? Learn more here.

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