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remote worker using video conferencing
Sei Mani: One small business creating big workplace experiences

How often do you discover a new feature on your phone, laptop, or software that you didn’t know about or thought was too difficult to learn? When in reality, this feature could be saving you time. And potentially money. It happens often in businesses where companies invest in technology and only utilize a portion of the capabilities they have at their fingertips… and are paying for.

Founded in 2011, Sei Mani was created with a goal of helping businesses fully drive adoption of and value from the collaboration technology they have invested in. Headquartered in London, their team comes from backgrounds in coaching, change management, training, community building, engineering, and more. Alongside a diversity of backgrounds, their team is fully remote. So, the way they collaborate is extremely important.

Because their team is entirely virtual, they use Cisco Webex to talk to customers and help them unlock business benefits with collaboration technology. Putting trust and customer experience at the forefront, Sei Mani uses Webex Meetings and Cisco DX80’s to develop personal relationships and ensure their customers feel comfortable and ready to drive adoption.

Sei Mani joined a webinar to discuss how they thrive as a team despite being remote, and how they help their customers achieve the same. All this made possible with Cisco Webex, making meetings feel as good as being there, rather than distant or disconnected.

As a small company, Sei Mani creates thriving digital workplaces. Learn how you can do the same with Webex video conferencing and devices. Watch the webinar to learn more:


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new release for Webex conferencing device
August release of Webex RoomOS: Latest on conferencing devices

Hello again!

North hemisphere summer break is finished, and we are excited to share how we have been working hard here at our Oslo offices to bring you the best experiences with our Webex devices.

The August release is not heavy in the number of features we have, but it shows clearly the direction we are going. Our goal is to make your meetings the easiest to join, the ones with the best content sharing, and the ones where you collaborate with local and remote participants in the best possible way.

My blog before this one was all about the Webex board. And this one is not all about it, but we keep adding features to it.

Starting with one of the most important features we have release so far for board: WebApps.

WebApps is based on the web engine we released just a few weeks back. Users can now create buttons in the home screen of the Webex board, which will redirect them to a Web URL, where users can work using the touch interface of the Webex board.

Think about the case where your teams are working on a kanban board directly from the board, moving tasks around, editing text, and after the meeting it’s finished, there’s no need to take a picture, and go to your laptop to re-do all the work, or anything similar. The work is already done in the right tool. If this sounds interesting, please go to the blog post from my colleague Kristian Sandvik, or check out the video from Richard Bayes, PM for integrations has created a nice video about how to create them:

Let’s keep adding to the list of Webex board features. August release includes new pen sizes. Now when you are drawing in the Webex board, you have the option to click and hold the pen button to display different pen sizes, so your drawing gets more details. Easy, intuitive, and useful!

Moving on to a feature available for the whole portfolio: we have the Webex button!

What’s the Webex button? It’s a much easier and intuitive way to join Webex meetings. If your company is using Webex for meetings, then you should be familiar with the emails every participant receives when a meeting has been scheduled. This email has information around how to join the meeting, and our research shows that the most common way is using the long string of digits.

Before this feature was out, you would have to also look for the URI of the meeting, which many times, depending how the meetings were configured for your company, will be the same digits plus a domain, or just a long URI, then the user will need to start the workflow from the call button, assuming the users understand that they have to “call into the meeting”.

Well, we have done things simpler. Now users have to only worry about that string of digits and clicking on the Webex button will not only tell the users you are actually dialing into a Webex meeting, but it will ask only for those digits, which are easy to find in your email invite. Easy, right?

The last feature for this blog is USB headset support. We had USB headset support for the DX80 in the past, but some customer haven been asking us to support it in more devices. I can’t claim support for the whole portfolio yet, but we’ve started with adding support for the Room Kit, Room Kit Mini, and Room 55. More to come later.

Thanks for reading, go and play with these new features, and as always, feedback is very welcomed.


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