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The buyers guide to collaboration software
The buyer’s guide to collaboration software

Selecting collaboration software for your organization can feel overwhelming, with a bunch of spec sheets to pore over and budgetary constraints to keep in mind throughout the process. When picking between these options, the best route is usually to evaluate each one holistically.

Why the holistic approach is the best way to buy collaboration software

That means looking beyond how the solutions compare on functionality alone. You’ll also want to scrutinize these five characteristics:

  1. Usability: Is there a steep learning curve? How easy will it be for team members to buy into a completely new collaboration suite?
  2. Pricing: Is a free trial available? Will I be billed annually or monthly? How flexible are the plans?
  3. Ecosystem: Can the platform in question be paired with the tools you already rely on, or will you have to craft complicated new workflows?
  4. Security: How is data encryption implemented? What access controls are available to administrators to manage access to meetings?
  5. Hosting: Are they situated on-premises or in the cloud? What support services and quality assurance measures can customers expect from the provider?
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