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Webex video conferencing earns PCMag Editor’s Choice Award

PCMag is an industry leading online technology guide. They test and review products from monitors to video conferencing technology to headsets, and everything in between.

Looking at pricing, packaging, user experience, and access to help (if needed), the PCMag Editor’s Choice selection is awarded to the products their team has picked as the best after testing and comparing with others in that same technology category.

In late July, PCMag published a product review article rating Cisco’s video conference offering, Webex Meetings, as excellent and selected it as Editor’s Choice.

We take pride in offering various plans so our customers get a simple, high-quality solution, perfect for their business needs.

Here are 3 highlights from the PCMag article we are excited to call-out:

1. Cisco Webex Meetings has a robust offering for everyone, from SMB (small to midsize business) to large enterprise.

“[At] $13.50/month for the Webex Meetings Starter plan, this solution is probably the most broadly applicable and best-suited for small to midsize business (SMB) customers.” – PC Mag

Choose the right plan for your business. Whether you want to meet with two people or thousands, there’s a Webex product for you. The plans we offer include our Free plan, Starter plan, Plus plan, Business plan, and Enterprise plan. This range ensures that we have your business covered, no matter how big or small, with the ability to scale as your business grows. In addition, if you’re trying out our video conferencing solution for the first time, we offer a 30-day free trial that gives you unlimited access to high-definition video conferencing meetings with up to 200 participants and a personal meeting room.

These plans are all available for purchase on

2. With all plans, you get HD video, screen sharing, application sharing, cloud recording and storage, and many other features.

“If you’re looking for a screen-sharing and video conferencing service to go along with your existing dial-in conference service, thenCisco WebEx Meetings is a good choice.”- PC Mag

“This Editor’s Choice service is easy to use and includes some features you won’t find in other video conferencing services, including the ability to have the meeting call you rather than you dialing in.” -PC Mag

This means that you get reliable high-definition video with up to 720p, with different options for video viewing. With the screen sharing feature, you can share your whole screen or just an application of your choice, keeping the rest of your screen private. And with recording and storage, you can record and store meetings in the Webex cloud. Available both in video (MP4) and audio formats (M4A). It’s easy to use

Check out the other account management, mobile, integration, and security features here.

3. It’s easy to buy and get up and running quickly.

“Sign-up is as easy as filling in your contact information, creating a password, and opting in or out of email notifications from Cisco WebEx Meetings.” -PC Mag

All you have to do is select “Buy Now” for the plan of your choosing, select your payment plan and number of host licenses, and select any add-on features you’d like. Your subtotal will appear and all you do is click continue. You create your account, enter your billing information, and purchase. You can be using Webex Meetings within minutes of purchase. And, if you need help, every paid Webex account comes with 24×7 technical support.

“The Cisco Webex Meetings UI is easy to use, and the company has done a lot to bring the price down. Therefore, it’s worth taking advantage of the free trial to see if it works for you.” -PCMag

Check out PCMag’s review article for comparisons to other video conferencing solutions in the market. Get started with your Webex Meetings free trial today.

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team collaboration tool integration
Team collaboration tool tightly integrates with Microsoft Office 365

Early this year, you may have read how to share, save, or edit the latest OneDrive and SharePoint Online files from Webex Teams. With this, there is no more versioning trouble and no need to leave your favorite app for a meeting, messaging, or whiteboarding. 

And now, with Office 365, Webex Teams evolves your collaborative experience in another context.  

You now have the ability  continue your Webex Teams conversations within the Office application of your choice including Powerpoint, Word, Excel. This functionality is brought to you by the new Webex Teams add-in for Office 365.  

You may have seen and enjoyed it at Cisco Live San Diego, but if not, here’s a glimpse: 

 So, when should you use the add-in?

These are a few of our recommendations/real life scenarios on the best uses of this add-in:

  • When you’re so “in the zone” or extremely focused in the Microsoft Office application that you don’t notice what’s happening around you
  • At times you want to reference messages from Webex Teams
  • When you want to send a quick clarifying question to a teammate 

We are committed to eliminating app switching. 

And there are messaging capabilities: 

To get the info you need to finalize your Office document, you may chat with teammates over Webex Teams in different ways: 

  • Search for an existing space with them 
  • Create a new space dedicated to the Office file work and add participants 

The beauty of this experience is demonstrated at the next opening of that Office file. The same persistent space will be opened magically so that users won’t have to search again for the most contributing teammates. 

 You can open or close this handy add-in at any time, allowing you to see what you need, when you need. Any messages sent or received via the add-in will be consistent in your Webex Teams application. 

And we are not stopping there. Stay tuned for continued updates and as always, let your imagination go- keep asking us for more! 

Free to use:

To enjoy this experience, all you need is both an Office365 and a Webex Teams account.  

If you don’t have a Webex Teams account yet, no worries we got you covered with our free trial.  

If you have a Webex Teams account already, get the Add-in and enjoy it.  

If you want to learn more, you can do so here. 

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Using video conferencing technology to unite your community and promote your cause

This post was contributed by Patty Medberry, Senior Manager, Collaboration Solutions Marketing at Cisco Systems

International Women’s Day (IWD) is nothing short of a global movement. As a woman working in technology, I’m proud to work for a company that values the contributions, perspectives and leadership capabilities that women bring to our industry and one that listens to and understands the importance of diverse voices.

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