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6 winning strategies for a video conference interview
6 winning strategies for a video conference interview

Congrats! Whether you’re a future employee preparing to interview with your dream company or an employer who may have found the perfect candidate for a position, you’ve taken a step forward in the interview process. And quite possibly, one toward your next video conference interview.

In the race to secure top-talent – and the quest to land the ideal gig, regardless of location – videoconferencing has emerged as a connective bridge. Ideal, a company of specialists using artificial intelligence for task automation, found that about 63 percent of organizations use video interviews during their recruitment process. And with two-way video interviews saving as much as 67 percent on necessary travel costs when compared to more conventional recruitment techniques, it’s no wonder videoconferencing’s popularity has grown.

Video conferencing has transformed the interview process for both candidates and employers. Whichever side of the camera you’re on, use these tips to take interview convos from “hello” to “hired.”

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