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Get the most out of work-life balance

Balancing work and life

Workplaces are becoming more and more lenient on where their employees can work, due to enhancements in technology, making people accessible wherever they are. As of August 2019, a Global Workplace Analytics survey showed that 40% more U.S employers offered flexible workplace options than they did five years ago.

Video conferencing has been a huge enabler of this shift. Employees no longer need to be in a conference room or office setting to take meetings. Meetings can be taken from a home office, a car, even the sidelines of a soccer match.

A ValueWalk article on work/life balance mentions, “we operate in a world where “balance” can be achieved through advancements in technology.  Conference calls have become video calls and most video calling platforms are now integrating other tools that increase the opportunity for collaboration. Most importantly, all of these solutions are available on mobile platforms.”

The ability to work anywhere, anytime, without sacrificing human connection brings more opportunities and flexibility than ever before.

Check out this article to dive deeper on the role mobile platforms play, how team collaboration tools enhance how people collaborate, and how artificial intelligence and virtual assistants are helping people save time on otherwise timely activities.. like taking meeting notes.

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And hear what a few Cisco employees thoughts on why they value work/life balance:

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As part of our continued effort to make the Webex Meetings join experience as easy and fast as possible, we are enabling users to avoid having to press “1” when they use “Call Me” or a video system to join a meeting.
Webex Meetings December 2019 update: connect to meetings faster and have a great content share experience

In the last Webex Meetings updates of 2019, we deliver features that primarily make it faster and easier to join your meetings and to give you a richer content experience.

Connect to meetings even faster

As part of our continued effort to make the Webex Meetings join experience as easy and fast as possible, we are enabling users to avoid having to press “1” when they use “Call Me” or a video system to join a meeting. It’s one additional step in creating a frictionless video experience. You can configure it once and then forever bypass “1” from there on out. This is available for Webex Meetings and Events.

Connect to meetings even faster

Multiple participants can pair to a room device

We’ve probably all had this experience where we can’t figure out all the participants in a room because only one person has connected to the meeting on the cloud-connected room device. But, now, the Webex Meetings desktop app allows all the people in the room to pair to the same device, so you can easily see who’s connected to which device in the Webex Meetings participant panel. Users will be grouped under the device to which they’re connected. We also have a search bar at the top of the participant panel so you can easily search for a particular user. This is initially supported on the Webex Meetings Desktop App but will soon come to the Web App as well.

Multiple participants can pair to a room device

Optimizing user experience for high frame rate content

We introduced a high frame rate – 30 frames per second – a content sharing in 2019 and have since made a number of media quality improvements to keep the experience as high as possible. When users have packet loss, they may experience some freezing of high frame rate content. With the latest improvements to our media engine backend, we are reducing the incidence of content freezing and improving the overall sharing experience for users.

Great content on mobile

For both Android and iOS, users can now enjoy great content on their mobile apps, which can receive 4K content. This brings the Webex Meetings Mobile App in line with the Desktop App, so users can have a rich content experience whether they’re deskside or on the go.

For both Android and iOS, users can now enjoy great content on their mobile apps, which can receive 4K content.

Short video addresses now available

Finally, just a quick note to let you know that the short video address feature we told you about in November is now available. Like many of the features in this update, it will be easier for you to get into a meeting. The feature is off by default, but your administrator can enable it by reaching out to their Cisco contact.

This month’s features are associated with the Webex Meetings 39.11 update.

For more information on these features or to learn about the other features of this update, please visit the Webex Help Portal – What’s New in Webex Meetings Suite.

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Personalize your team meetings with these top four screen sharing features

Cisco Webex Meetings 39.8 — Bringing speed and simplicity to video conferencing 

You Deserve a Fast Join Experience and Meeting Magic, Webex Delivers

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Webex Meetings update: Deep integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams, Smarter background noise detection and suppression, and much, much, more…

You’ve probably heard us talk about building bridges, not islands. With this month’s Webex Meetings updates, you’ll see that we’ve done a lot to bring the power of Webex Meetings into the tools that you regularly use – like Slack, Microsoft Teams, iOS and Samsung devices, IBM Video Cloud, and more. These integrations, along with other features, will make your Webex Meetings experience more delightful, wherever and however you choose to have a meeting. And of course, simplicity of experience is always our top priority!

Checkout innovative updates with Webex Meetings: 

    1. Webex Meetings integrations with Microsoft Teams lets you have a great meeting experience from within a Microsoft Teams channel – from scheduling to joining and recording. When users schedule a meeting, all channel members are invited and become notified of the meeting. All end-of-meeting and recording notifications will also be posted in the channel in real-time. This is pending availability of the new MS Teams app in the Webex App Hub.
    2. We recently shared integrations that let you experience the whole Webex Meetings lifecycle within Slack. These further improve your meeting experience from within a channel with features such as user status updates, list recordings for hosts, meeting reminders support, and the ability to launch a Personal Room via a dedicated call button.
    3. Smarter background noise detection and suppression gives you a better audio experience. Webex reduces background noises coming from room video systems while minimizing voice suppression. The balance of these new features allows speech volume to be preserved during noise suppression.
    4. Easily move your Webex meeting from your phone to desktop with Samsung’s DeX dual-screen support. We recently did a demo of Webex Meetings working on a DeX display at the Samsung Developer Conference. Samsung mobile users can switch between mobile or external monitors while in Samsung DeX Dual Mode and then share their screen to a monitor via HDMI cable. This creates seamless ongoing Webex meeting transitions. One more feature: You can also use Samsung’s Bixby voice commands to join a Webex meeting.Samsung mobile users can switch between mobile or external monitor while in Samsung DeX Dual Mode and then share their screen to a monitor via HDMI cable – and their ongoing Webex meetings transition seamlessly.
    5. Share your own video and rear-facing video with dual-camera support on the Webex Meetings Mobile app for iPhones and iPads. With the dual-camera feature, you don’t have to choose between front OR rear cameras. For example, you can have a video call with an expert to troubleshoot a problem at a remote site – like a manufacturing site – and then send your video and the remote site video with the expert in the same video panel. This feature is unique to Cisco.Share pictures from local device file system into Webex Meetings from Android devices. When presenting from your mobile device, you can share photos from your device’s file system and even annotate on the photos.
    6. Livestream Webex Meetings: You can already live stream a Webex meeting to Facebook, which is a business-to-consumer solution. We’ve recently added the ability to more options to live stream to an enterprise audience. Webex Meetings’ recent integration with vBrick Rev and IBM Cloud Video means you have two additional channels to live stream Webex Meetings for large enterprise audiences, corporate townhalls, webcasts, and training, etc. This feature is currently in beta.
    7. Recover your video conference quality more quickly after network congestion and packet loss. Network conditions will not always be ideal. We have enhanced our algorithms so that whenever there is network degradation, Webex Meetings will quickly recover from latency and packet loss within a few seconds to maintain a smooth video experience.
    8. Improved user upgrade experience by decoupling the Webex Meetings desktop app from productivity tool plug-ins like Microsoft Outlook/Office and IBM Lotus Notes. Mac users who do not have administrative rights can now have Webex Meetings desktop app automatically updated. Transitioning to the O365 add-in requires the Outlook plug-in to be uninstalled, so decoupling allows Outlook plug-in to be uninstalled with no impact to the Webex Desktop App.
    9. Share pictures from the local device file system into Webex Meetings from Android devices. When presenting from your mobile device, you can share photos from your device’s file system and even annotate it on the photos.

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Webex Meetings 39.10

10. Take a shortcut into your personal meeting room: Introduced in October, is now officially supported with a quick and easy way to get into your Personal Room– right from the browser. and will also get you there.

For more details on the Webex Meetings 39.10 update, please visit the Webex Help Portal – What’s New in Webex Meetings Suite (WBS39)

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Using a video conferencing tool to manage outside vendor communications

Secure, First-Party Recording Transcripts in Webex Meetings

Satisfy Your Need for Speed with Cisco Webex Meetings


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See recorded transcripts at work in Webex Meetings
Secure, first-party recording transcripts in Webex Meetings

Recently, we finalized the acquisition of Voicea, and the first intelligent voice feature delivered from this is the ability to transcribe a recording in Webex. Recording transcripts are available to all Webex Meetings customers as part of their regular subscription. Once enabled, your recorded Webex Meetings or Webex Events video conference will be automatically transcribed. And that transcription today delivers industry-leading accuracy — exceeding what other vendors offer.

Having a transcribed record of what was said in a meeting can be invaluable for many reasons. Do you ever need to take note of decisions made, of follow-up items, or what was said and when? Or maybe you were multitasking or got distracted. Maybe the speaker spoke too quickly and you could not keep up. Imagine the benefit of transcripts for meeting participants who are hearing impaired. This is a first step toward making Webex Meetings more accessible for hearing impaired users, and we’re excited about more to come. For any of these reasons, recording transcripts mean you now never have to miss anything discussed in a Webex meeting (and don’t have to re-listen to the whole meeting to get the answer you need).

The highest in data privacy and security standards

Because Voicea is now part of Cisco, recording transcripts – unlike what other video conferencing vendors offer – is a highly secure, first-party feature. This is because we don’t have to send your meeting recording to an outside vendor to transcribe, wait for it to be sent back to us, for us to then send back out to you – a process that exposes your data to additional security risks. It all stays at Cisco.

Security is a top priority at Cisco, and our collaboration technology is held to the same rigorous data privacy standards as all Cisco solutions and products. The Webex Meetings recording and transcription process is managed and operated within the Cisco cloud and follows our strict security practices, so your data is secure every step of the way.

See recorded transcripts at work in Webex Meetings:

A few more details

Recording transcripts appear during recording playback and users can search for text in the transcript to verify what was said and when. Transcripts of your video conference are available in English and support transcribing English audio. Support for additional languages is being planned in the near future. Once customers choose to implement transcription, administrators can enable the automatic transcription of audio for MP4 meeting recordings by turning on this functionality for everyone, for specific users, or allow users to turn it on for themselves.

Much more to come

Of course, this is just the beginning of our voice intelligence story. There’s much more to come as we work to integrate Voicea into Webex. Soon, you’ll be able to see how our AI-powered voice assistant will let you quickly gather the most relevant information from digital notes and insights, turning talk into action. Our roadmap is well underway, and we expect to show you a lot more integration across our entire portfolio over the next few months. To find out more about what’s ahead, check out our published roadmaps.

And to try transcription in Webex Meetings today, be sure to get on the latest version. You can download it here.

If you’re not currently using Webex Meetings, you can try the free offer, here.

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Training when you need it- Webex online classes

Have you ever searched for tips to learn “what’s hot in collaboration?” or “how to get started with Webex?”

Webex Online Classes is our name, and Webex training is our game.

We’ve been teaching people about the AMAZING ways they can collaborate in their workday with Webex video conferencing and team collaboration tools for one full year. Happy Birthday, Webex Online Classes!

Training when you need it- Webex Online Classes

Haven’t joined a Webex Online Class before?
Join us for drop-in, totally free, classes offered for anyone who is looking to get started with Webex, or looking for help training others on Webex. Other top classes include help getting set up technically for the BEST collaboration experience possible, and other role-specific classes to match just what you’re looking for.

Celebrate Webex learning with us.

Join us as we celebrate our first year of Webex Online Classes. This week, we have exciting sessions coming up live like:

Customers Say It Best

We would not have a reason to celebrate without you.  This past year has given us the opportunity to impact the ways people lead collaboration in their business. Check out what a attendee of one of our classes this past year had to say:

“I started a new job in September 2018 that requires me to lead 3-5 Webex meetings a week. Having never hosted a Webex before, I needed to quickly learn the ins and outs of the software. There was no internal training available, so I sought out training through Webex. Participating in Webex Online Classes gave me the confidence I needed to jump right in and lead productive meetings, and it has only gone up from there. Thank you Webex!”

Celebrating an Anniversary Means Growth

The Webex Online Courses Program started out with a handful of courses that focused on an introductory level of the products in the Webex Suite (Teams, Meetings, Events, and Training) offering an average of 3 to 4 sessions a week. Thanks to your feedback on what you want to learn about, the curriculum has grown to over 50 courses with an average of 15 sessions a week for both our end users and our IT site admins.

The classes focus on providing you with a chance to spend time in your Webex product while an instructor guides you through hands-on and engaging activities that let you truly experience how the product can work. For the IT Admin, we have control hub essentials courses that introduce you to the critical elements needed to properly configure your environment for long-term success and scalability. A very recent addition has been our Adoption Master Classes, a series of 12 classes, offering a step by step process that takes you through the proven methods to increase adoption.

Our goal, and what sets us apart, is enabling you to master at the features and functionalities of Webex, with excitement and enthusiasm.

Celebrate All Week Long with Us

Come celebrate with your Webex Online Classes Learning Team as the fun does not stop! Join any Online Classes session this month as we add a little excitement to each class and participate in on the engaging activities focused around celebrating our one-year anniversary. Check out our engaging Webex Online Classes today.

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  • Check out our Learning Paths and find course recommendations for Webex Teams, Webex Meetings, Webex Events, Webex Training, Webex Adoption Master Classes, and Control Hub Essentials.
  • Missed a class? We have you covered! Our On-Demand Classes are available for you to view anytime anywhere.
  • Register and attend Live Online Classes.


Also, if you’re interested in Webex, but haven’t given it a try, sign up for our free video conferencing offer—then check out the classes!

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