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RoomOS September update

It’s September, the leaves are turning, and we have been hard at work making your collaboration experience the best it can be.

Manual camera control for Desk Pro and Board

The Cisco Webex Desk Pro and Board automatically frame the person that is speaking, a feature called PresenterTrack. However, there are times where this is less desirable, for example while showcasing physical items. To solve this, we have released manual camera control. This allows the user to turn off the automatic framing and instead focus on a point of choice through the use of a software joystick. Check out the help article.

Music mode

In video meetings, we don’t want traffic noise or music from the radio in the kitchen to be transmitted. Therefore we use filters to filter out unwanted noise and transmit only your voice. For streamed concerts or video guitar lessons, however, we want to process the audio as little as possible for the most natural listening experience. This is why we’re introducing Music Mode. With Webex Music Mode, you can hear the dynamic range of the different instruments through your device. This is also available for Webex Meetings. Read more about Music mode.

Two people, man guitar teacher working with little boy on guitar lessons.

Call information in recent calls

This new feature will make it easier for admins to troubleshoot calls. Simply click on the calling tab to get a list of your recent calls, and you will be able to get a breakdown on the information about those calls, making troubleshooting that much easier. Learn more here.

Device configuration API for RoomOS

We are all about making customized collaboration seamless, and it is now possible for customers and partners to set configuration via API’s without needing direct access to the device, or even the device being online! The API allows admins to bulk configure devices registered to the cloud or with Webex Edge.

That’s it for September, but I promise we have a lot more in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

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Room cleaning macro with Cisco Webex Rooms

Returning to work with Intelligent Room Capacity

Webex Device Management— The power of search!

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The new Webex Assistant
Meet the new face of Webex Assistant

Your workplace digital assistant has a new look and, coming soon, an expanded experience.

The new face of Cisco Webex Assistant

You may be familiar with Webex Assistant, the AI-powered voice assistant for work. Now known as Webex Assistant for Webex Rooms, our original digital assistant allows you to control compatible Webex Rooms devices with your voice, making it easy to join a meeting with just a few words, manage your meetings and devices from anywhere in the room, and much more.

As we continue to enhance our collaboration platform with new AI-powered features, we’ve made some improvements to help make your day-to-day tasks more enjoyable. As of June, you’ll see that the hexagonal icon in Webex Assistant for Rooms has been replaced with the new, friendly face of Webex Assistant. With engaging visual animations, your digital assistant is ready to support you anytime you need it. Just say “OK Webex, what can you do?” to get started.

Expanding the Webex Assistant experience

Don’t have a Webex Rooms device? No problem. Webex Assistant is also available in Webex Meetings. With Webex Assistant for Webex Meetings, you and your team will benefit from higher levels of productivity and engagement in every meeting.

Young man smile through the desktop using the Webex Assistant experience

Featuring live transcription, automatic note-taking, voice-activated action items and more, Webex Assistant for Meetings makes the best team collaboration experience even better by allowing you to easily capture every detail during the meeting, so you can keep work moving forward after the meeting.

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Webex Assistant for Rooms is available now on compatible Webex Rooms devices. Check out the Webex Assistant adoption toolkit to get started.

To be among the first to experience the latest in video conferencing technology with Webex Assistant for Meetings, sign up for your free Webex Meetings account today.

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Working at the intersection of design, function and technology: Salamander Designs and Cisco Webex Rooms

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Secure, First-Party Recording Transcripts in Webex Meetings

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RoomOS June 2020 update

See what’s new with RoomOS

The beauty of RoomOS is that it is evergreen. Each month, we release new features so that your collaboration experience is always evolving and improving. It’s that time of month again, and I am super excited to bring you some more collaboration magic.

Personal Mode – Whiteboard Improvements

Previously, when you were in personal mode you could not save a whiteboard you worked on when you were not in a call. This made it difficult to whiteboard ad-hoc. We think you deserve a great whiteboarding experience regardless of your device, so now the whiteboard feature works just like the Cisco Webex Board does – meaning you can start, save and retrieve a whiteboard regardless of whether you are in a call or not. If you want to learn more, check out the help article.

Personal Meeting Room (PMR) Easy Join Improvements

Previously, the Webex button has allowed users to join a Webex Meeting or a Personal Meeting Room (PMR) by entering a URI or an 11-digit code. We’ve improved this process, so you can now search for a PMR using the “Join Webex” button, typing in the person’s name. That way you will get results both from your history, and from the cloud search! What’s even more exciting, is that this feature represents the first cloud feature coming to our on-prem customers by using Webex Edge for Devices!

Webex Meetings Joining improvement

Remote mute in Webex Meetings

This one has been highly requested, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it to you! Now, we offer the opportunity to remotely mute participants in a Webex meeting on a cloud registered device. This is particularly useful for bigger, all-hands style meetings. Due to security reasons, no one can remotely unmute anyone – all participants need to manually unmute themselves if they wish to speak.

Young Man wearing classes in an app showing viewers how to Remote mute in Webex Meetings

Lock Meetings

At Cisco we talk a lot about security and privacy, and we really practice what we preach. In the Webex app, you can lock your meetings and your PMR, so no one can dial in and crash your meeting. We are now making it possible to do this directly from a video device, so that you do not need to open the app to lock/unlock the meeting. Whenever you are the host of a meeting a lock button will appear on screen, and the meeting will remain locked until you manually choose to unlock it. This way, you can be assured that no one external will “bomb” your meeting.

Webex Board and Desk Pro Touch-Redirect in call

We’ve had touch redirect for a while now, and this was a feature that was highly appreciated by our education customers. Now, you can also use the touch-redirect while in a call!

If you want to learn more, check out the help article.

That’s it for June, and I hope you all have a wonderful summer. Until next time!

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New ways of working is easy with Webex

Secure, first-party recording transcripts in Webex Meetings


Register and watch the Total Economic Impact of Cisco Webex Meetings + Devices

Research on the differences between Webex Meetings and Zoom

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RoomOS May update

We are already at the end of May! I hope everyone is staying safe and sound. The RoomOS team have been working hard to release a mix of features for you, to enhance your personal mode experience, up your co-creation, and make life a little bit easier for administrators.

Activity indicator

Ever been in an interactive whiteboarding session and wondered who is annotating or drawing? We thought so. With Activity Indicator, the initials or the avatar of the people who are adding to the whiteboard will pop up next to their input. This is especially useful when you zoom into an area and want to be aware of the bigger picture. Click here to learn more.

Activity Indicator showing whiteboarding session with avatar of people drawing

No auto wake-up for personal mode devices

Room devices in personal mode can often be found in open office areas or home offices. These devices often turn on automatically when they detect movement – something that is useful at the office, but can be distracting at home. Imagine your device turning on every time your child runs past it, or your cat jumps on top of your desk? Pretty annoying. To fix this, we’re turning off by default the auto wake-up feature for personal mode devices.

Participant list improvements

We also made some improvements to the participant list display when in a meeting. Now, you can see the domain of external participants on the roster list, and see who is paired to a shared Cisco Webex device!

6 participants

Webex Edge for Devices – Read only configurations

We want to make sure that all our customers get to experience cloud benefits, no matter their deployment type. Webex Edge for Devices allows customers to view their configuration settings directly in Control Hub. This allows for greater flexibility, as customers with an on-premises registered device can see the configuration in Control Hub, which is a cloud feature. This brings more value into the single pane of glass for all administrators, regardless of deployment type.

Webex Edge for Devices – Proxy support

We also added proxy support for Webex Edge for devices, the same as for devices registered to the cloud.

That’s it for this month – but stay tuned, as we have loads more in the pipeline.

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Webex Meetings and Microsoft Teams: Working better together

Skip the trip with Webex Meetings

Working smarter anywhere – Working remotely 

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Webex Device Management – The power of search!

Advanced search feature in Webex Control Hub

There has always been a debate about hierarchical folders vs. indexed based searching. When we developed device management features in Webex Control Hub we really wanted administrators to have easy access to any information they might need. Because of this, we decided to implement an advanced search feature to allow for multiple ways to manipulate and view your devices list view. This allows admins to quickly find the devices they are looking for.

implement an advanced search feature to allow for multiple ways to manipulate and view your devices list view. This allows admins to quickly find the devices they are looking for.

Enhance and simplify the admin journey

Let us take a quick look into how we can use the devices search functionality to really enhance the administrators journey on an average day.

When you load up the devices page you can click on the search bar to expose a list of potential filters. The first one is a brand new one that we recently released, called “Type.” This allows you to quickly filter on “Webex Rooms” , “Headsets” or “IP Phones”. This acts as a quick way for administrators to filter the view to look at the devices selected.

Product Tab lets you specify the exact type of device grouping you are looking for


The Product tab is lets you specify this even further by the exact type of device grouping you are looking for. For example, you can select Webex Boards. You can also combine these filters, so let’s say we want to file all the Webex Boards which are “Online with Issues” – this can be done by combining both of these functionalities together!

Real-time issue searching

However, it is not just about finding devices that are online or offline or in a specific grouping. One of the features that makes the devices search so powerful is real time issue searching based on the issue diagnostic. This means we can easily see which devices have the same issues. This can be really useful if there is an issue at a certain location and we can easily narrow down which devices in that location have the same problem.

Real-time Issue searching


Search by location

One of the questions I get all the time is: “How do I find the devices that are in the New York vs. London offices?” This can be easily achieved using a feature we call tags, where you can place one or multiple tags on any device. This feature allows you to have multiple ways to search and slice and dice the view to get what you want. Maybe you place one tag for location and another tag on the device to explain that it is in building A on campus? The possibilities are endless. Tags can also be searched via our developer APIs check them out at here! (Link to )

Search by Location

This is just some of the ways you can use device search to enhance your admin workday, quickly finding the right device to configure, monitor or troubleshoot! Stay tuned for more new features coming to Webex Control Hub for device management in the near future. These are just some of the tools available for Webex Rooms customers in Control Hub and we are adding more updates monthly to What’s New in Cisco Webex Control Hub

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Improvements over RoomOS releases from Control Hub

Administrators’ 3-step guide to managing devices remotely

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Administrators’ 3-step guide to managing devices remotely

Easy remote device management

Managing Webex Room devices is as simple as using them! Using Webex Control Hub, administrators are able to configure and troubleshoot devices remotely. Regardless if you have direct network access to the device, here are 3 tools to help configure and troubleshoot devices.

1) Advanced configurations

First tool I will mention is about configuring devices. While the out of the box experience for Webex Room devices will work for every standard workload and workflow, sometimes you need to modify a certain configuration for a specific workspace. A lot of administrators are used to using the on-device web interface, but with Control Hub you can change configurations in seconds directly in the portal. Click on any Webex Device and open up “Advanced Configurations”. You can apply hundreds of configurations directly here. Keep an eye out as we make it even easier to modify bulk configurations in the near future!

Advanced Configurations experience for Webex Room devices showing search bar for configurations available with the Cisco Webex Board status, the users name, the IP address, and the applied changes

2) Manage logs

The next tool is a brand new one we just released! We heard from customers and partners that it was hard to troubleshoot devices that were not on the same network as the administrator. We got you covered – it is now possible to troubleshoot issues quickly and more efficiently. Manage Logs is now available in the Devices page to allow you to easily generate and download log files which can be used to self-troubleshoot or reference with TAC if you need to contact us to help!

Generate logs by the Cisco Webex Cloud screen showing blue button to generate log, the tiem, feedback ID, action and the ability to download and refresh as well the the blue close button

3) Troubleshoot calls

The final tool is how administrators can troubleshoot calls directly in Control Hub for Webex Meetings. Call Diagnostics in the Troubleshooting section has got a recent improvement to let you search not just by User or Meeting ID but also by the Device Name. This will allow you to view live data updated in 60 second intervals. You can access information like packet loss, jitter or even resolution.

Diagnostics troubleshoot screen in Control Hub for Webex Meetings showing the video quality, status, and threshold exhibiting in a graph with blue, green and purple lines

These are just some of the tools available for Webex Rooms customers in Control Hub and we are adding more updates monthly to What’s New in Cisco Webex Control Hub

Learn about how Webex Rooms can help face to face collaboration even between thousands of miles or kilometers (for those fellow metric people)

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Fast track your adoption with Cisco Webex Control Hub

Improvements over RoomOS releases from Control Hub

Apply branding to your conference devices

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RoomOS Monthly Update: March 2020. Close up of a young man working in an office
RoomOS Monthly Update: March 2020

This month, the software team have been cooking up some real treats for you guys.  In March, we are focusing on making the way you collaborate with your personal mode Webex Room devices more seamless and efficient, as many of us find ourselves working from home. If you do, check out some tips and tricks on how to work remotely.

The first two features are cloud benefits, whilst the latter two are available for both cloud and on-premises.

Guest code for wireless sharing

Most offices receive a constant flux of people. When these people come into your office for a meeting, it can be rather tedious to ask them to download an app in order to wirelessly share to a room device. Many times, they also require access from an admin to download new software on their work laptops, which is not the most practical thing in the world when you are a guest at a different office. This new feature allows guests to just go to a website and enter a code found on the device, and by doing this they can wirelessly share to a device, with the only requirement being a good internet connection. Whether they want to share an app, the entire screen or just a tab from their browser, it can be done with a simple step.

Guest Code for Wireless Sharing

Easily join your personal room in personal mode

In January, we released wireless sharing for personal mode from the Teams App. We really want to make it easier for you to get stuff done from your personal Webex Room device, so this month we are releasing a Personal Meeting Room (PMR) shortcut in personal mode! Joining your Personal Room is now quick and straightforward – only a click away. You just click the Webex button, and you should see a green button next to your Personal Room address at the bottom of the page. Click it, and you are in your PMR. Easy, right?

Easily Join your Personal Room in Personal Mode

Joining personal room from inside the Webex button

When you click the Webex button, you can now choose to write a Personal Room URI. Previously, it used to be only digits, but now you can use actual words, which is great news for those of us who struggle to remember long strings of random digits (aka most of us). Because of this, you can make a call from your previous dialing history, so if you have dialed a Personal Room before, it will be saved in the history of the Webex button and auto-populate as you type. This feature is available for both on-prem and cloud devices.

Meeting title privacy

There are many different reasons to why people wouldn’t want the titles of their meetings to be publicly displayed. Maybe you are discussing a sensitive topic such as a workforce reduction planning, or maybe one about employee appraisals and salary negotiations. Either way, you might not want everyone walking past the booked meeting room to know what the purpose of the meeting is. To solve this problem, we are providing admins with an API setting on the device, so that the meeting title will be hidden. This feature is available for both on-prem and cloud devices.

That’s all for this month. Stay safe and take care of each other.

Click to learn more about what Cisco Webex is doing to support our customers in these unprecedented times.

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Webex Meetings and Microsoft Teams: Working better together

Skip the trip with Webex Meetings

Working smarter anywhere – Working remotely 

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Our goal is to make the Webex Control Hub platform the single pane of glass for all sizes of companies from small and medium businesses, all the way up to large enterprises. Sometimes when you have a multitude of devices, and you want to set a new Signage URL on all of them – you probably do not want to do that one by one. In January 2020 we released the ability to bulk set Signage and Tags on devices, allowing admins to make bulk changes in a second!
Webex Control Hub device management enhancements

Control Hub for device management has changed a lot over the last 12 months, and what better way to tell you what you can do then a quick update on some of the biggest features we have released in the past year! Below you will find a subset of all the features we released. And what’s great about it, is that it’s only the beginning.

Taking control over Control Hub

Control Hub is the administration portal for all of the Webex Platform, it covers Calling, Meetings, Teams and Webex Rooms! When it comes to device management, Control Hub is the single pane of glass for all cloud deployments and recently with our new Webex Edge for Devices it can handle some of the On Premises workload as well.

One of most requested features was the ability to edit configurations on devices directly within Control Hub. We delivered this during middle of last year and thus allowed admins to modify settings like Default Call Rate. This even worked if the device was behind a firewall like home offices, giving admins the ability to manage their devices from anywhere.

One of most requested features was the ability to edit configurations on devices directly within Control Hub. We delivered this during middle of last year and thus allowed admins to modify settings like Default Call Rate. This even worked if the device was behind a firewall like home offices, giving admins the ability to manage their devices from anywhere.

The next feature we released was Alerts. This allows admins to get proactive notifications from our platform when a device goes offline or online, or has issues. This has been a popular feature to allow admins to remediate device issues before an end user reports it. You can learn more about this here.

Control Hub Alerts allows admins to get proactive notifications from our platform when a device goes offline or online, or has issues. This has been a popular feature to allow admins to remediate device issues before an end user reports it.

Making multi-device management a breeze!

Our goal is to make the Webex Control Hub platform the single pane of glass for all sizes of companies from small and medium businesses, all the way up to large enterprises. Sometimes when you have a multitude of devices, and you want to set a new Signage URL on all of them – you probably do not want to do that one by one. In January 2020 we released the ability to bulk set Signage and Tags on devices, allowing admins to make bulk changes in a second!

Our goal is to make the Webex Control Hub platform the single pane of glass for all sizes of companies from small and medium businesses, all the way up to large enterprises. That's why we we released the ability to bulk set Signage and Tags on devices, allowing admins to make bulk changes in a second.

One of the benefits of being on the Webex Platform is you never need to manually upgrade your devices! We deploy new software every 2-4 weeks and devices will upgrade over night between 00:00 and 00:30 local time and only when there is no activity. With that being said we wanted to give more control to admins and the ability to preview new bug fixes before they hit the main production systems. In December 2019 we released a new software management page to Control Hub to showcase when the current software was released and when the next version is coming, all together with patch notes.

One of the benefits of being on the Webex Platform is you never need to manually upgrade your devices! Stable Software. we released a new software management page to Control Hub to showcase when the current software was released and when the next version is coming, all together with patch notesIf that wasn’t enough, we also enhanced the amount of information you receive in the analytics and troubleshooting portals of Control Hub. Now device admins can see how their devices are being used in regards to Calling vs Wireless Share and more! This allows admins to really see the return on investment of their devices and help drive adoption services to locations where maybe device utilization isn’t as high as they expected.

Now device admins can see how their devices are being used in regards to Calling vs Wireless Share and more!When there is a reported problem on a meeting you need to be able to troubleshoot what caused the issue, sometimes you need to do that while the call is currently active! This is where our new troubleshooting feature comes to let you see up to the minute live stats from a Webex Meeting in Control Hub and see down to the finer details exactly what is causing the reported problem.

Last but not least is the ability to use public APIs to get information from Places/Devices and direct access the device via Cloud xAPI, because we built these APIs on our Webex Platform we can give authorization to third parties directly with our authentication model for Bots and Integrations thus opening up a world of possibilities.

Third-party integrations made simple

Last but not least is the ability to use public APIs to get information from Places/Devices and direct access the device via Cloud xAPI, because we built these APIs on our Webex Platform we can give authorization to third parties directly with our authentication model for Bots and Integrations thus opening up a world of possibilities. You want to poll the device for the last call packet loss? No issue! Or send a command to dial into meeting from a white glove service? We got you covered! Check out our APIs over at the Developer Portal.

This is just some of the enhancements we have made to the Webex Platform for Room Devices but we are just getting started, 2020 we will bring more enterprise level features to Control Hub like deploying Web Applications and more bulk configuration options! If Control Hub isn’t a daily tool in your arsenal to manage and monitor Webex Devices, hopefully this changes your mind.

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Improvements over RoomOS releases from Control Hub

Apply branding to your conference devices

How do you assign services to users in Control Hub?

After adding users, you can assign various Webex services to them. While you can edit the services for an individual user, it can be more efficient to edit multiple user’s services at once. To edit multiple users’ services, go to Users, click Manage Users, select Export and import users with a CSV file, and then click Export. In the file that you download, simply add True for the services you want to assign to each of your users. Import the completed file, click Add and remove services, and then click Submit.

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We have built a new page in Webex Control Hub for Room OS devices to see what has changed since the last release, and what day these changes will hit your production system.
Improvements over RoomOS releases from Control Hub

Manage RoomOS software on Control Hub

A few years back, we started our journey to the Cloud. There are multiple benefits of having your room devices registered to the Cisco Cloud. We are serious about security, so when you migrate to the Cloud, we can push security updates and important software patches when needed, which is a capability that we are very proud of.

However, throughout the process of making the best and most secure software available we downplayed how important it is for admins to have as much visibility as possible. Visibility into what’s been fixed, what’s in the next release, when it will be pushed, and everything associated with deploying new releases. In the end, these devices are running in your network, and you are responsible for them. Therefore, we have made it easier to know when the latest software is available for your Webex Rooms endpoints.

We have built a new page in Webex Control Hub for Room OS devices to see what has changed since the last release, and what day these changes will hit your production system.

What’s new

We have built a new page in Webex Control Hub for Room OS devices to see what has changed since the last release, and what day these changes will hit your production system. This doesn’t stop here – we are also giving everyone the opportunity to have selected devices in an earlier build. We are calling this preview, and the idea is that admins have the opportunity to validate bug fixes and new features before deploying to production. If you find an issue you can simply click Report Issue directly in Control Hub to send us a ticket.

These changes are available today! Go to your Control Hub and find the new page and start playing with it, and of course provide as much feedback as possible so we can keep improving our tools.

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Why Collaboration IT Administrators Trust Webex

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Wireless sharing from teams app into personal mode. You can also choose to share the full screen, or select an app from your computer. This gives you more control over what you share, and can spare you from the embarrassment of accidentally sharing pictures of your cat instead of the monthly revenue report.
Webex RoomOS: January 2020 update

Happy New Year! The software team here at Cisco are feeling fresh, rested and full of inspiration, and we hope you are too! This January, we have released two new features that will make things a little easier for both admins and end users.

Software Control

Admins want control over their software deployment. We get it. That’s why we are releasing a new section inside control hub. You can easily see the date of the next software release, and it gives you transparency into the bugs fixed by this release. We have also made sure to link to the website that contains the information about new features included in the release, so that you can stay in the loop about everything that is new. This new feature is bringing you closer to what you need.

We have also released a new Preview channel. This allows you to have early access to new software releases, and you can roll this out on a few endpoints of your choice. Usually this is available two weeks in advance of the official release. The Preview channel contains everything you would expect to know: the date of the next preview release, bugs fixed, and links to the features in the preview channel.

We value your feedback. It’s what makes us, and the solutions that we deliver better. That’s why we have added a Feedback button, where you can deliver your feedback to our business unit.

Wireless Sharing from Teams App into Personal Mode

When we released personal mode for devices, you were not able to wirelessly share into it. However, this has been on our agenda for a long time, and is finally ready to launch. So, we updated our Teams app so you can wirelessly share into your personal mode device once you are in a call! This really makes content sharing simple and seamless. Just how we like it.

You can also choose to share the full screen, or select an app from your computer. This gives you more control over what you share, and can spare you from the embarrassment of accidentally sharing pictures of your cat instead of the monthly revenue report. Trust me on this one.  You can check out the help article here.

Admins want control over their software deployment. We get it. That’s why we are releasing a new section inside control hub. You can easily see the date of the next software release, and it gives you transparency into the bugs fixed by this release.

That’s all for January, but we have a lot of more in the pipeline. You can expect Guest Pair and Share in the upcoming months – a feature that I know is highly requested.

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4 ways IT leaders can lead the charge to create the next-generation workplace

Why Collaboration IT Administrators Trust Webex


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Webex Room devices on the Webex Platform brings the latest innovations and experiences to end users and admins and we are seeing massive uptake of our cloud first room experiences.
Webex Edge for Devices released

Take the first simple step towards the cloud and get the most modern room device management experience 

Webex Room devices on the Webex Platform brings the latest innovations and experiences to end users and admins and we are seeing massive uptake of our cloud first room experiences. However, we are also seeing that many customers have made significant investments in on-premises calling infrastructure and have media flow requirements that do not allow them to go full cloud quite yet.  

With the recent release of CE 9.10, Webex Rooms customers can now start getting some of the benefits of the Webex Platform through Webex Edge For Devices. This software feature for our Webex Room devices allows customers to link their devices to the cloud without having to migrate calling to the cloud at this point in time. The initial subset of features takes customers one step closer to the full cloud experience. 

By connecting devices to the Webex single platform, customers will gain advantages far beyond the room with Webex Control Hub, which offers the most modern and comprehensive device management portal in the market. Control Hub regularly undergoes monthly updates, which means customers will receive more innovations and enhancements moving forward. 

There is never a better time to go to the cloud than now! We have released the Cisco Webex Devices tool to allow customers to easily migrate their entire on premises deployment fully to the cloud or connect to Webex Edge for Devices in minutes. 

By connecting devices to the Webex single platform, customers will gain advantages far beyond the room with Webex Control Hub, which offers the most modern and comprehensive device management portal in the market.

You can download this tool from Control Hub today and immediately get started connecting your onpremise devices to the Webex Platform. 

All you need is a supported Webex Room device with the ability to talk over HTTPS to the Webex platform. See the following from our security white paper series of how Webex Edge for Devices works. 

The Control Hub features available as part of CE 9.10 are the following: 

* Historical Device Usage Analytics  

* Online/Offline Connection Status  

* Device Diagnostics Messages 

* Cloud xAPI access ( 

* Device Alerts (Diagnostics Messages proactively sent to Webex Teams) 

In addition, the following optional features can be deployed: 

  • Webex Hybrid Calendar Service allows you to connect Office 365, Google or Exchange environments to send OBTP (One Button to Push) events to the device to enable end users to easily join Webex Meetings. 
  • Webex Assistant is a voice-driven virtual assistant that can help your users with calling, meetings, and device controls. Combining Webex Hybrid Calendar Service and Webex Assistant, customers can receive proactive meeting join prompts that allow you to join meetings without touching a button.   

See the full CE 9.10 Release Notes here and get started on migrating your devices to a more modern experience today!

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Apply branding to your conference devices

Holy cows! (XoWS) Delivering the art of possible with video devices

4 ways IT leaders can lead the charge to create the next-generation workplace

Webex Devices: Transforming Workspaces So You Can Get Stuff Done

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Training when you need it- Webex online classes

Have you ever searched for tips to learn “what’s hot in collaboration?” or “how to get started with Webex?”

Webex Online Classes is our name, and Webex training is our game.

We’ve been teaching people about the AMAZING ways they can collaborate in their workday with Webex video conferencing and team collaboration tools for one full year. Happy Birthday, Webex Online Classes!

Training when you need it- Webex Online Classes

Haven’t joined a Webex Online Class before?
Join us for drop-in, totally free, classes offered for anyone who is looking to get started with Webex, or looking for help training others on Webex. Other top classes include help getting set up technically for the BEST collaboration experience possible, and other role-specific classes to match just what you’re looking for.

Celebrate Webex learning with us.

Join us as we celebrate our first year of Webex Online Classes. This week, we have exciting sessions coming up live like:

Customers Say It Best

We would not have a reason to celebrate without you.  This past year has given us the opportunity to impact the ways people lead collaboration in their business. Check out what a attendee of one of our classes this past year had to say:

“I started a new job in September 2018 that requires me to lead 3-5 Webex meetings a week. Having never hosted a Webex before, I needed to quickly learn the ins and outs of the software. There was no internal training available, so I sought out training through Webex. Participating in Webex Online Classes gave me the confidence I needed to jump right in and lead productive meetings, and it has only gone up from there. Thank you Webex!”

Celebrating an Anniversary Means Growth

The Webex Online Courses Program started out with a handful of courses that focused on an introductory level of the products in the Webex Suite (Teams, Meetings, Events, and Training) offering an average of 3 to 4 sessions a week. Thanks to your feedback on what you want to learn about, the curriculum has grown to over 50 courses with an average of 15 sessions a week for both our end users and our IT site admins.

The classes focus on providing you with a chance to spend time in your Webex product while an instructor guides you through hands-on and engaging activities that let you truly experience how the product can work. For the IT Admin, we have control hub essentials courses that introduce you to the critical elements needed to properly configure your environment for long-term success and scalability. A very recent addition has been our Adoption Master Classes, a series of 12 classes, offering a step by step process that takes you through the proven methods to increase adoption.

Our goal, and what sets us apart, is enabling you to master at the features and functionalities of Webex, with excitement and enthusiasm.

Celebrate All Week Long with Us

Come celebrate with your Webex Online Classes Learning Team as the fun does not stop! Join any Online Classes session this month as we add a little excitement to each class and participate in on the engaging activities focused around celebrating our one-year anniversary. Check out our engaging Webex Online Classes today.

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  • Check out our Learning Paths and find course recommendations for Webex Teams, Webex Meetings, Webex Events, Webex Training, Webex Adoption Master Classes, and Control Hub Essentials.
  • Missed a class? We have you covered! Our On-Demand Classes are available for you to view anytime anywhere.
  • Register and attend Live Online Classes.


Also, if you’re interested in Webex, but haven’t given it a try, sign up for our free video conferencing offer—then check out the classes!

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October Release of Webex RoomOS: conferencing devices
October release of Webex RoomOS

When machine learning and AI became important in our industry, we gathered some of our brightest minds to implement this into our Webex conferencing devices. Some ideas were better than others, and after rigorous testing quite a few got discarded, while some were pursued further and applied to our devices. One of those features was face recognition.

Face recognition became name labels, and people got excited about being able to identify the person(s) on the other side of the video call by their name. Understandably so – addressing people by their names facilitates trust, something that customer service departments do to make their customers feel more comfortable.

This did not come without challenges. Some technical, but also challenges related to privacy rights and security. We rolled up our sleeves and started working through those challenges, and after many months of hard work we can finally release Name Labels as a general feature in our October release of Webex RoomOS. This is now available to all of our users. Of course, it is up to the organization if they wish to use it, and individuals can decide themselves whether they want to be recognized or not. Consent by the end user is a must.

However, when it is enabled it is powerful. You can sit in a meeting and see the name of all the people you are interacting with. Having a name to the people you are conversing with facilitates memory and recall – and can spare you for many awkward follow-ups asking who said what. Here at Cisco we hope your organization will take good use of this feature, and experience first-hand how useful it is.

Figure 1. Name Labels

Another feature we have been working on for a while is Cloud xAPI. We know the power of API. Many of our integrators and customers are using them daily to create workflows that help them in their day-to-day tasks, and from the moment we launched our Cloud service, we knew we had to develop and create a good story around Cloud API. This was not an easy task. It was important for us to make sure that this had a very high security level, which is key to everything we develop here at Cisco. With security being one of our top priorities, we worked closely with our Webex Teams business unit to develop a powerful way to access the devices API from the cloud. Developers can start porting their on-premises applications to the cloud, making the task of moving to the cloud a lot easier. There was a lot of heavy lifting done from Cisco’s Control Hub group to support the Cloud API in an elegant manner, but we have done it. Richard Bayes will soon be dedicating a whole blog post on this feature, but in the meantime you can click these links to learn more:

Figure 2. Webex devices Cloud API

In August we released WebApps, and in October we are simplifying creating and deploying them. Let me explain. You see, before this release you needed to have a solid understanding of how to create a macro, and be willing to get your hands a bit dirty with code in order to create a WebApp. Nothing too difficult, but we have now made it way easier.

Remember the old in-room control editor? Now it is not only for in-room controls anymore. We expanded it and gave it a fresh retouch to allow for easy creation of WebApps. A contextual menu tells you how to start the process, which can be as simple as inputting the URL of the app you want to have, and the system will even automatically download an icon from the Internet to match your app. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Now – this is all for October, and I am hoping that next month I will have some good news for you around companion mode and touch re-direct which is due to launch very soon.

Stay tuned!

Interested in Webex video conferencing for your conferencing devices? Sign up for free.

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Cisco Webex Meetings- Bringing speed and simplicity to video conferencing
Cisco Webex Meetings 39.8 – Bringing speed and simplicity to video conferencing

Webex Meetings 39.8 is one of our most significant updates this year. The key update in this version will make it faster, easier and more intuitive for users – both existing and new – to join a Webex video conferencing meeting. In addition, 39.8 brings a host of features that will help users get more done using the tools they love, and give administrators ways to make managing Webex even easier. Webex Meetings 39.8 enhancements include:

  • Fastest meeting join experience
  • Deeper integration with Slack
  • Set your own virtual background
  • Richer annotation on mobile
  • Advanced diagnostics

 Join Webex faster than ever

In version 39.8, we’ve made huge strides to make the join experience in Webex Meetings easier and faster than ever. It now takes fewer steps and just seconds to get into a meeting—for current and new users alike. The key changes include:

  • The big green button debuts in the meeting invitation, designed to attract your attention for the easiest join experience ever. The meeting template also has a new clean aesthetic and has the same look and feel no matter how you join.
  • The ability to select your audio and video preferences BEFORE you enter the meeting; preferences are saved to the desktop app, so it’s as few as one click the next time you join.
  • For first-time users, the installation process is simple and intuitive; you get the pre- and in-meeting experience within a single download for a rich, full-featured experience – and no admin rights are required.

We hope you enjoy this new and improved Webex Meetings join experience. Please try it out and share your feedback with us.

 Experience the complete Webex Meetings lifecycle within Slack

With enhancements we’re enabling in version 39.8 and a few others introduced in the last couple of Webex Meetings updates, we’ve now fully enabled the entire meeting life cycle within Slack channels. With deeper integration than any other meetings solution, Slack users can:

  • Schedule and see all of your Webex meetings
  • Start and join your Webex meetings
  • Connect your Outlook email calendarto your channel so you get reminders for upcoming meetings
  • Get Webex status alertswhen your meeting has started—and see who is in your meeting
  • If you recorded your meeting, you’ll automatically get a notificationand summary

So, you never have to leave Slack to have a great meeting experience with Webex.

Customize your background in iOS

This next 39.8 feature is one that has been high on our request list. By popular demand, you now have the ability to select a virtual background from two favorite stored backgrounds. This is helpful if you’re trying to cover up the beach or golf course where you’re taking your Webex meeting or if you’re trying to project a more professional environment. If you recall, we had a similar blurred background feature, which will continue to be supported. For now, this is only supported on iOS, but we are working to extend this feature to Android users and to the desktop app. 

Additionally, we are now supporting MacOS Catalina (version 10.15). Please note that in order to run Webex Meetings desktop app on Catalina, you must be on Webex Meetings 39.8.

Richer annotation on mobile

Update 39.8 now brings you rich annotation capabilities while video conferencing on your mobile device.Android users can now start a whiteboard session in Webex Meetings, which brings feature parity with iOS devices. In addition, both iOS and Android users have richer annotating capabilities, including the ability to:

  • Select and move annotations
  • Undo last annotation
  • Move annotation when sharing a whiteboard, content, or screen from your mobile device
  • Mute/unmute your audio while annotating

Advanced diagnostics for Webex Meetings in Control Hub

For administrators, greater insight into the environment of meeting participants can help with problem solving and resource allocation. Through Cisco Webex Control Hub, update 39.8 now gives clear visibility to:

  • How each participant in the meeting joined by video device (the make and model of the hardware) or microphone speaker and camera type
  • How they’re connected (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, cellular)
  • Quality metrics, including resolution, bitrate, frame rate, packet loss, etc., updated every minute

With this rich insight through Control Hub, administrators have useful information at their fingertips to deliver better support and quality of service. With Webex Meetings and Control Hub, we are offering greater feature capability and granularity than any other vendor’s management system.

For more details about Webex Meetings version 39.8, please visit the Webex Help Portal – What’s New in Webex Meetings Suite (WBS39)– and click on “WBS39.8.”

If you haven’t already, try for free today.


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team using conferencing devices
September Release of Webex RoomOS for Webex Video Devices

Hello to everyone that is reading this blog. We have been working hard to bring you some new features this month. In the September release, we are delivering new features to our Webex Board and new features for our management suite, Webex Control Hub.

Webex Board Updates

Two-way Whiteboarding

Up until now, when board users called into a Webex meeting, only one board could start and edit a white board. Everyone else could receive this white board as content, but no one could interact with it.

Now, after a lot of work, we made it possible for two or more boards to collaborate during a Webex meeting. Let’s picture this flow. A few remote sites call into a Webex meeting, a couple of boards are in these sites, and in others maybe a Webex Room Kit or any other Webex conferencing device. One of the boards starts whiteboarding, and the second site jumps in to draw some extra information on the original drawing. There’s interaction, there’s collaboration from those two boards, and the Room Kit receives all this as content. Isn’t this a great way of working? You can see the people, you can enjoy the features of Webex devices like speaker tracking and excellent video and audio quality at the same time you are collaborating in a whiteboard from different locations. That’s is just great and simple.

Microsoft OneDrive Integration

Second in the list is the ability to open and view files stored in OneDrive.

Many of our customers are using OneDrive, and we naturally need to provide the best integration with other tools that users need for their basic work. Remember that we introduced WebApps last month? It was with this very same concept in mind. We are a platform, we have to provide a way to improve our customers workflow, adapt and improve to whatever tool belongs to the users workflow.

So, now you can collaborate in OneDrive or SharePoint online documents on the Webex board by opening the files in the files activity of a space.


Many of you have heard about stickies. Many of you have seen demos of stickies. Well, stickies are finally here. They will help you in your brain storming sessions. They can help you get your ideas organized with multiple colors and sizes, and you can even interact with the Teams client while editing or working on stickies. True collaboration!

Undo and Re-do Buttons

Last but not least in the feature list, we have a small feature, that we are sure that many will find useful despite been kind of just a small button. It’s re-do.

If you are drawing, and delete something with the undo button, you can now press and hold that undo button to reveal the re-do button, and re do all traces you have undone.

Updated Layout

Finally, the Webex Board is changing layouts. The Webex Board is updating layouts to improve the call experience! The active speaker and the PiPs will always have a clear real state in the screen. The PiPs will no longer overlay the active speaker area, allowing for the active speaker to be in full view at all times and improving the visual hierarchy of the screen.

The PiPs have been updated from circles to squares with rounded corners. You should also notice that the new way to present the PiP is not available in any other device yet, but this is the direction we are moving forward with the portfolio in the near future.

We are sure our users will love these changes, it will make their meeting more comfortable, keeping the productivity Cisco normally provides, but as always, feedback is welcomed!

This change should be in place for October 16.

Control Hub Updates

Advanced Configurations

Now it is possible to configure RoomOS and Webex Share devices from Webex Control Hub through the new Advanced Configurations. Gone are the days that you needed to log into the device web interface to do an advance configuration, such as the default ringtone volume or changing the second monitor role. We know we need to keep pulling in this direction, and offer our admins even more flexibility to achieve their goals, and therefore our next step is to create a framework to support administrators performing these actions in bulk. Just keep tuned, it’s coming soon.

Device Proactive Alerts

We know IT Admin time is valuable and keeping on top of events happening in the collaboration network can be time consuming. A new feature we have released is Device Alerts, this feature allows an IT admin to subscribe to alerts via Webex Teams and when a device goes offline or has an issue an alert is generated. An alert is also triggered when the device comes back online or the issue has been resolved. This should be handy for many of our admins, right?

Great, this is all for now, some new features, some updates, and even a very small peak at the direction we are moving towards.

See all of the Webex Teams Releases here






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Cisco Webex Control Hub
Fast track your adoption with Cisco Webex Control Hub

I’ve spent the last 15 years in the Webex Collaboration Customer Success organization as a student, constantly learning what excellence looks like. I’ve worked with hundreds (thousands?) of Webex customers guiding adoption and identifying patterns of success. I want one hundred percent of our customers to repeat these successes and be able to use our collaboration tools to do more than they ever imagined. Faster. With less friction. With more fun.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Like I might be about to sell you a sham-wow? Maybe just a little too good to be true?

I used to think adoption success was random. Some customers just seemed to knock it out of the park. Who knows why? They just didn’t have that many tech support cases. Somehow their users would just use the tools. Their utilization would sky rocket way faster than other customers. And then somehow, they were in the news for record revenue quarters, making a huge impact to their communities or for being included as one of the top places to work lists. I used to think they were just lucky, or their end users were just more open to trying new things. Fast forward a decade and I now know it’s about strategy. The smarter you work, the luckier you are.

And I want to help share there strategy with you. First step is putting a solid plan together with attention paid to seven specific areas: Business Objectives, Leadership, Technical Readiness, Use Cases, Communications, Champions, and Measurement. We wrote an ebook to help guide you through all of these steps to make you an Adoption Master. We have a the Webex Community to collaborate and share your wisdom with Adoption Practitioners from all over the globe.

The area I hear customers say they need more guidance on when deploying our technology is on the actual deployment of the technology. In Control Hub you can set up user management to be 100% controlled (which means it’s also manual and more time consuming) or completely automated (which means it’s instant, but not controlled by a human approving every request). Workflows can be integrated. Security, compliance, data retention, APIs, bots, and much more can be customized to meet whatever your business goals are. But sometimes too many choices without a clear path is overwhelming. And if all you get is a rigid set of required configurations, they most certainly will not take into account your specific goals, your company requirements, or what is right for you right now.

When I work with customers I spend a fair amount of time understanding their business objectives. Not their goals for Webex – the goals for their company. What will their business look like in six months if everything happens perfectly? I ask the same thing when I’m working with the IT folks who are setting up their user administration. If these teams are not looped into the goals and objectives, they are not given enough information to know what configurations will drive to these goals. “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there” – Lewis Carroll

Below is an example of how we used our own Adoption Methodology Pillars to ensure our project was a success:

Business Objectives

My team’s business objectives were to create a guide educate our org admins on all the capabilities Control Hub offers and then to help these teams configure their Webex experience to meet their needs today and easily evolve as those needs change.


We had strong leadership sponsorship that gave us the freedom to create the correct solutions, allow the right team members from across various business units to contribute and clear obstacles as needed.

Technical Readiness

We had an amazing technical readiness group who tested the flows, our recommendations, and put themselves in the shoes of our users.

Use Cases

Before we even started creating the documents or trying to come up with a solution, we created user personas by talking to customers, partners, and customer success members. Our team created use cases from these interviews and as a result we addressed our audience with a catered approach.


The document itself is a form of communication, but we are also blogging, holding classes, sharing this information with partners, customers, and anyone who will listen.


We have a strong champions network (that we built in part from our persona building) – but we’re making it even stronger by inviting you to participate:


And finally to measure the success of this project – we want to track how much more quickly we are able to help our admins move through their own Technical Readiness with this guidance.

My hope is we’ve created a resource that guides you to make the best decisions for your organization’s needs. Not one that dictates one path for all. I hope it’s juuuust right to give you the “why & how” to ensure your Control Hub configurations are set to enable long term frictionless administration and a rock solid (delightful) user experience.

We’re continually evolving this guide as Control Hub incorporates more and more ways to seamlessly integrate into your organization’s workflow. Our adoption team would love your feedback on this asset so we set up a survey in the book to make sure it keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to hear your feedback (and incorporate it!).

Join the conversation in the Webex Community

Take an online class and get even more of your questions answered!

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branding video conferencing devices
Apply branding to your conference devices

Let’s face it, branding is important. Why? Because the brand of your company is in lock-step with how customers, and anyone from the outside looking in perceives the business you do. This perception comes from the visuals you choose, the messaging you provide, and every detail down to your fonts and color choices. These branding decisions are made carefully and consciously, showing your customers (and potential customers) what you care about. The small details matter.

So, why is branding your video conferencing equipment important? Because again, the small details matter. First, let’s show you what this looks like.

video conferencing devices

Your corporate identity… Everywhere

The more people see your brand and associate it with trust, the stronger it will become. Adding your corporate identity to technology devices that reside within your organization creates more opportunities for customers/partners to see and recognize your brand. Slowly, trust can build, just by a simple placement of a logo or image.

Now, you’re wondering … How can I do this?

To give administrators a way to achieve this, we implemented the ability to place a logo in the bottom righthand corner of your collaboration device screen. In addition, for both the awake and the “half-wake” states, we’ve enabled a touch interface that allows admins to upload a Full HD background which replaces our default “half-wake” background.

We have also recently made it easier to apply branding to all of your cloud registered RoomOS devices within Webex Control Hub. Previously to set branding on devices, an administrator would be required to log into the advanced settings of each device to upload and apply each logo and image. We listened to you, our customers, and took your feedback to heart. Gone are the days of extensive processes  that don’t scale beyond a few systems.

To make adding branding to multiple systems easier, we added a new global setting within Webex Control Hub. This setting gives device admins access  to more control in how they apply branding across all their RoomOS devices in their organization. Now, when an administrator provisions a new device, it will automatically fetch the branding images and apply them!

Within the settings menu, administrators now have three values that they can select:

  • Allow all devices to be edited individually in Advanced Settings
  • Use the Cisco default visuals on all devices
  • Upload your company’s brand visuals for all devices

Using this method, we also support the Webex Share and Webex Board, allowing you to apply branding across the entire Webex Devices portfolio!

This is just the start of how we are going to make it easier for administrators to manage their environments. And keep giving us feedback!

Visit our Customized Branding Article on the Webex Help site to learn more.

If you’re new to Webex, see all that’s possible and consider a 30-day free trial!



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Conferencing devices
New release of Webex RoomOS: The power of Webex Meetings & Conference Devices

I’m Juan Gallardo, Product Manager for Room OS, the software that runs on our Cisco Webex Collaboration Devices. With this new blog series, I will be sharing all our exciting new features with you, and opening a communication channel with our users. I hope you enjoy it and provide as much feedback as possible.

The Webex Meetings experience becomes even better when combined with Webex devices. Joining a Webex meeting from a Webex device gives you the best video and audio quality you can experience on the market.  In the March 2019 release, we have therefore focused on unleashing the power of the platform, giving you more flexibility when meetings and apps come together as one Webex.


The Webex Board is a great all-in-one collaboration tool. You can make video calls, share content wirelessly, express your ideas on a blank whiteboard canvas, and annotate on top of your shared content. We are now making it possible for you to share your creative ideas with everyone in the meeting. In this release, anyone using Webex Meetings can view whiteboarding content from a Webex Board. So, whether you join from a Webex device, a 3rdparty device, a laptop or a mobile phone, you’ll be able to see the shared content.

Content Sharing

Users shouldn’t need to know if the conference device in the meeting room is registered to the Cloud, or on-premises in order to know which client they should use to share. We are now enabling the ability to share wirelessly out of the call to any device through Webex Teams and Webex Meetings apps– regardless of where they are registered.

Just enter the room, open your laptop, launch your preferred client, and start sharing in your local meeting. Easy, right?

Wireless sharing of video with audio is also now supported on cloud systems, so Webex Teams users connected to a cloud-registered Webex device can share videos, animations, and any dynamic video and audio content to remote sites.

Webex Events Support

Webex Events lets you easily host events and webinars for several thousand attendees at the same time, and what better than combining this experience with powerful Webex devices? Imagine using Cisco’s speaker tracking technology or using some advanced configuration in a customized meeting room while speaking in a Webex Event. That is what we are making available on this release. Speakers and panelists can log into the Webex Event using a Cisco Webex device and enjoy any of these wonderful experiences created by the hardware and software combination that only Cisco provides in this area.

Webex events support-webinar

Cognitive Collaboration

Artificial intelligence is quickly changing our lives and the way we work.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning removes mundane tasks, increases meeting efficiency and builds more meaningful relationships. Webex Assistant is one of the first iterations of what we can do when we pair AI and Webex devices. Using this new feature, users can control room devices by simply using their voice. Just say “Ok Webex” and the system wakes up and waits for your command. Users can then join scheduled meetings, call someone in the directory, join personal rooms, or even adjust some device controls like volume! And this is just the beginning of many ideas we are cooking in our R&D department.

Cognitive collaboration in action

Device Analytics

You may have heard about what we are doing with analytics and our conference devices. Our friends on the Webex Teams App side had a great blog post around this a few weeks back. You may want to go and check what they are doing there.

Providing information on how Webex devices are been used is something that our friends in the IT department have been asking for a long time. This information can be used to take intelligent decisions around adding, removing, or changing devices in different rooms based on some actual data. The information is available through Cisco’s Control Hub, where you can find interactive charts that allow you to filter on a specific device type, utilization, etc., everything to provide admins a better perspective of what’s happening in their meeting rooms.

Remember, RoomOS is getting updated quite often, and we are excited about creating these new experiences for you. We will do our best to keep you up-to-date with what’s new so you can enjoy all the fantastic new features we want to create and make your meeting each day better! I would love to hear your feedback below.

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Creative team using team collaboration tools at work
April update of Webex Teams: Team collaboration enriched

April has been another busy month for the Webex Teams Product team with a number of new features designed to improve your efficiency and empower your team collaboration experience.

Presents for you… in the form of Presence!

The Webex Teams application currently has the ability to display ‘Out of Office’, ‘Do Not Disturb’ and ‘Active’ presence states, but we’re delighted to announce new Presence support coming with the April release. Now, on your Desktop and Web apps, you’ll be able to quickly see when your colleagues are ‘On a Call’, ‘In a Meeting’, or ‘Presenting’ for better insight into their availability.  This feature is a timesaver, showing if the person you want to reach is  busy or free to take a call from you/answer a message. These presence states will appear over your colleagues avatars, including on the Contact Card.

Webex Teams team collaboration
New Presence States in Webex Teams

Share Files Faster!

I share files every day in my team collaboration room in order to get work done. In April, we’re adding the ability to drag and drop files from the desktop onto the ‘People and Spaces’ list, allowing you send files where you want them to go even faster. Once a file has been dragged and dropped onto a space bricklet, you’ll see the file staged in the compose area allowing you to add some words for context. Simple!

Screen Share – Anytime

Previously, if you wanted to ‘Share your Screen’ in the Webex Teams app you would have needed to be ‘On a Call’ or ‘In a Meeting’. In this release, you’ll be able to start your Share Screen feature at any stage. So, even when you’re messaging a colleague, free feel to kick off a Screen Share to enhance your team collaboration experience. Look out for the new Share Screen activity in your 1:1 spaces.

Screen Share and Re-share

Now with our April release you can quickly change which application or screen you’re sharing, while sharing. No need to stop and restart screen sharing to change application or screen! We’ve supported this on a Mac for a while but we thought we’d let our Windows friends enjoy the feature too! Look out for the new button  at the top of the screen while sharing when you’re ready to switch up share!

Messaging Insight for IT Admins

We’ve improved the Messaging Analytics page in Control Hub to provide richer insight on Webex Teams usage for IT Admins.  We’ve added key KPIs to the top of the page and two new charts highly requested by customers:  1) Total ‘Message Sent’ trending chart over time to complement the existing Active User chart trending and  2) Mobile vs Desktop usage chart showing how Webex Teams is helping users collaborate while mobile.

Messaging Insight dashboard for IT Admins

Diagnostics End Meeting Reason Codes

For the IT Administrator in your lives, we’ve added End Meeting Reason Codes to the Diagnostics Participant details page.  Hey, so why is this important and how will it be used?   IT Admins take phone calls from end users about meeting experience issues.  Often times the host of a meeting will leave the meeting early, not realizing that when they leave the meeting (without assigning an alternate host), the meeting will end.  The End Meeting Reason code tells the IT Admin that the meeting ended because the ‘Host Hung Up’ which helps IT Admins to weed out the real issues from the user issues quickly.

These new features are sure to excite, but this is just a sample of what the Webex Teams Product Team have been busy on over the past month, check out our ‘What’s New’ page to see a full list

And Share and re-share it 😎!

If interested, check out Webex Meetings or Webex Teams for free:

See all of the Webex Teams Releases here

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team collaboration updates
March update of Webex Teams: Enhancing your team collaboration

There are a host of new features coming from the Webex Teams Product team once again in our March release. Let’s step through some of the main features that you can enjoy for your team collaboration today.

On premise calling

For the first time, you’ll be able to point Webex Teams to your On Premise Call Manager to take advantage of your existing infrastructure for calling within the app. You’ll be able to place, receive, and hold/resume calls with our March release and connect to calling outside your organization with Expressway support. Call Manager support will be in Preview mode from March with many more exciting features unveiling over the coming months.

Unified Call Manager calling in Webex Teams

Notifications that mean more to you

We know that everyone loves using the Mention feature in spaces to grab the attention of a colleague or to nudge everyone in the space to take some action. We’re enhancing this feature by allowing you to filter all these great mentions into two separate filters. @All mentions will reside in the  Mentions to Allfilter and mentions to @me will live in the Mentions to Mefilter – allowing you to focus is on the mentions that mean most to you.

Mentions for all types

Increase your output with Keyboard Shortcuts

We introduced a wide range of new shortcut keys to the Desktop Webex Teams apps allowing for quick access to your core actions and activities. These shortcuts will help with navigation and usability across the app – for example shortcuts for answering and managing calls, and other shortcuts for assisting with composing messages. We’ve designed many of these shortcuts to use the native OS style, so you’ll already be familiar with many of them helping to increase your productivity.

Check out the full list here.

Welcome Tour on Web

We have introduced a new feature for our Web customers to help with onboarding new users into Webex Teams. The new Welcome Tour will help users learn common tasks such as Starting a Meeting or Call and guide them around the application as they start using it for the first time.

Analytics adds richer Room Device Insight

Are your teams using Room Devices for a richer, live meeting experience?   If yes, we’ve added a nice feature for the IT Administrator to provide business insight into the utilization of these devices to allow for informed decisions based on data.  These charts are fully interactive enabling the IT Admin to filter on a specific device type,  utilization type, or right down to a specific device to see per-device trending.

Device Analytics in Control Hub

There’s a lot happening in Webex Teams, and we know you’ll love using these features. We can’t wait to hear your feedback!

If interested, check out Webex Meetings or Webex Teams for free:

See all of the Webex Teams Releases here

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New security and compliance features in team collaboration tool, Webex Teams

I hope that you’ve been keeping up with all the exciting news from Cisco Collaboration in the past few months.  We’ve had a ton of announcements about new capabilities and experiences. Like how we’re changing the way work gets done, from the Huddle space  to the biggest of boardrooms and how we’re changing the way people join meetings with the a single button to join across all of these spacesMost recently we showed you how our work to integrate file sharing and storage solutions has made the day-to-day lives of end-users so much betterOn the heels of that, we wanted to make sure that we also gave you a quick round-up tour of some of the new things that help administrators as well, with a deep dive on security and compliance.  Security and compliance are critical aspects of any long-lived and useful collaboration solution – admins want to rest assured that their users are doing the right things in the right places with the right people.  So let’s take a quick peek at some of the new capabilities we’ve released in just these past 2 months that further our promises to you, our customers: 

Securing your Uninterrupted Workstream  

In addition to Webex Teams native file sharing and storage, Cisco Webex Control Hub now allows IT administrators the flexibility to enable Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online as an integration with Webex Teams. With this, users can share and co-edit the latest OneDrive and SharePoint Online files right within their Webex Teams work spaces. 

Setup requires just a single toggle in Webex Control Hub.   And no changes are needed to your existing file sharing permissions and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies. IT administrators also have full control over which Office 365/Azure AD Tenant they want to enable. This ensures that only IT approved domains are available, and users cannot use personal OneDrive or SharePoint Online documents. This not only eliminates Data Loss risk but also protects against Malware threats.  And for the highest level of control, IT administrators can even turn off native file storage in Webex Teams so that all content is routed through their existing enterprise file storage service.   

Cisco Webex Control Hub Admin controls allow you to: 

  • Enable Webex Teams native file storage or Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online, or both  
  • Block personal or shadow IT OneDrive or SharePoint Online folders, and only permit approved instances 
  • Enable or disable the entitlement to a subset of users or for your entire organization   

Get more information on file storage and sharing Admin Control [link]. 

Compliance gets easier with Legal Hold  

In order to help you with data retention requirements to support legal investigations, we now support also support “Legal Hold”. This makes it easy for your organization to preserve any Webex Teams content related to litigation or investigation, all without impacting end user experience. During a litigation proceeding, you may be required to preserve data for a period that may be longer than your retention policy.  In this case you can use legal hold to ensure that relevant information is not purged, but instead but retained until the litigation or investigation is completed. 

Get more information on Legal Hold [link]. 

Better visibility with Admin Audit Logs 

Today you can monitor and manage what your end-users do via our Events API, or through some of the powerful DLP and CASB products that integrate with Webex Teams such as Smarsh or Symantec.  But equally important is managing administrator actions.  Whether it be to prevent accidental changes, carry out root cause analysis or prevent malicious actions.  For example, you may want to see:  

  • Which admin made a change to an org setting? 
  • Who deleted the CIO’s device? 
  • Who recently updated Jane’s profile to be an org admin?   

The admin audit log provides the data you need for this type of investigation, and even archiving purposes. You can now view significant change actions, such as changes to your organization’s settingsAdmin audit logs can be viewed in Control Hub where you can search for actions that have taken place within a specific date range, or for specific actions, or view the actions of a specific administrator. You can also download the logs to a comma separated values (CSV) file.  And, to make things easier, we’re working on providing an API so that you can tie this information into your other management experiences. 

For more information on the admin audit log feature, see [link]. 

We keep growing the compliance ecosystem 

We know that it’s expensive to get started and set up with security and compliance tools, so we want you to be able to keep using the services and apps you already use.  To further this promise, we’re excited to announce that we’ve recently finished our integration with Palo Alto Networks to enable admins to use this app too to monitor and manage their Webex experiences!   And ICYMI, Cisco Cloudlock works with Webex too!   

Last but certainly not least, do register for our joint webinar with Smarsh [link here], one of our oldest and dearest partners in the Compliance space!  Mike Pagani, Senior Director of Product Marketing from Smarsh, and Niraj Gopal, Director of Product for Cisco Webex Security & Compliance offerings will be talking about how Webex and Smarsh make for a better together story for our customers in heavily regulated environments!  

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Effective and secure team collaboration
Effective and secure team collaboration

Today, making sure that employees have the collaboration tools they need to drive productivity is key to company success. In fact, 65% of full-time employees feel that remote working would increase their productivity, and more than 55% of leaders are extending their team collaboration to external parties.

Security is top of mind
At the same time, Enterprise IT and Line of Business leaders need to be sure that shared content, which may include sensitive customer and partner information and intellectual property, stays safe and secure. The impact of security breaches from newer and different types of attacks is significant. Based on a recent security study, security breaches have widespread impact: 55% of organizations have had to manage the public scrutiny of a security breach. And nearly 20% of breaches cost organizations upwards of $2.5M to address.

As the head of the security and enterprise product team for the Webex Platform, I have a laser-focus on helping organizations maximize the productivity of their teams, in a way that supports IT needs.

Bringing enterprise file storage and team collaboration together, seamlessly
And so I am delighted to share more about our recent announcement that Webex Teams now supports native integration with enterprise file storage and Content Management solutions, which delivers on both end-user productivity and IT needs. We have started by introducing OneDrive and SharePoint Online integrations and look forward to sharing details of more integrations soon. Now, why is this important for today’s enterprise?

A proliferation of applications
Enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud and SaaS services in their quest to be more innovative, and to harness market transitions to deliver products and services more quickly and at lower cost. Most companies use dozens of SaaS apps ranging from productivity suites like Microsoft Office 365 to collaboration apps like Webex Teams as well as role-specific tools like ServiceNow, JIRA and, together with file storage systems like SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box.

As content gets stored in so many siloed applications, there is not only an impact on user productivity, as people waste time switching between applications and searching for the latest document versions, but also a huge challenge for IT in keeping files secure across all systems.

As I work with Line of Business leaders and security professionals, one request is consistently highlighted: help them address this productivity and data loss challenge. They need a solution where all user documents are ONLY stored in an approved Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or file storage system and where all SaaS apps simply make use of that content without replicating it.

Addressing the application switching headache – and more
Native integration in Webex Teams with Office 365 increases user productivity by eliminating application switching. It lets users share and co-edit Office 365 documents directly from Webex Teams with no need to learn any new applications.

However, our Webex Teams file storage integration solution not only enhances productivity, but also delivers a unique approach to content security. Here is a short summary of the key features:

  • You can create, open, share and edit files from your file storage and sharing system right in Webex Teams spaces
  • You can define who can see and co-edit any shared files
  • You can upload local files and folders from your computer directly into the file storage system from Webex Teams spaces
  • You can ensure that users can always see the latest version of any file
  • Links to shared files are encrypted end-to-end
  • Our integration works with your chosen DLP and CASB solution. So sensitive information won’t fall into the wrong hands by mistake, even when employees are working with others outside your company
  • No additional copies of files are created as they are shared directly in Webex Teams spaces. No file sprawl!
  • Administrators can block personal or unapproved IT OneDrive or SharePoint Online folders, and only allow approved instances
  • You can turn off native file sharing in Webex Teams to route all content through your file storage system of choice
  • You can enable this integration for a select group of employees or open it to everyone in your company

Security and control
As with any feature that we build in the Webex platform, security and enterprise IT needs are top of mind. The setup has zero deployment cost, requiring just a single toggle in Webex Control Hub. And it requires no change to your existing data loss prevention (DLP) policies, or any need to buy additional licenses. Moreover, unlike our competitors, Webex Teams also provides IT administrators with full control, so that they can decide which SharePoint Online and OneDrive domains or Office 365 Tenant they want to use. This means that only IT approved domains are available for use. Which not only removes data loss risk but also protects against Malware threats.

We also allow IT managers to choose to disable storage of user documents in the Webex cloud while maintaining a seamless user experience. All user files can ONLY be stored in IT’s selected file storage system- including file previews. This screen shows how easy it is to configure content management settings.

Figure 1. Defining an approved domain as the exclusive user document store for Teams 

 The integration has already been well received by our customers and partners. A Collaboration Architect at a large multinational mining corporation commented – “Enabling the enterprise file storage integration has opened new opportunities for us to further drive user adoption of Webex Teams across our business and global teams. This helps our users recognize the true value of the application for teamwork by using the built-in co editing features of Microsoft Office 365 directly from Webex Teams. A great step forward for Webex integrations.” 

 For a quick snapshot of the way that the Webex Teams integration can help increase productivity while addressing the needs of IT, take a look at this infographic. 

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