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21 screen sharing statistics you need to know in 2021

As remote work has taken off and online meetings have replaced many in-person gatherings, effective collaboration now depends more heavily than ever on having the right software in place.

The best audio and video conferencing solutions allow for in-depth, real-time collaboration, with functionality that extends far beyond simply being able to speak with and see the other participants in a meeting.

Most importantly, they include screen sharing capabilities that enable attendees to show their entire screen or just a particular tab or window. Screen sharing is an integral part of video conferencing software and an important component of remote work, which grew 159% between 2005 and 2019.

Let’s dive deeper into screen sharing’s importance with some statistics.

21 Screen sharing statistics

Screen sharing intuitiveness statistics

When screen sharing is easy to use, it helps video calls proceed more smoothly, with less time lost trying to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

1) More than 50% of video conferencing participants spend at least 10 minutes or more on meeting setup, for example by having to tell everyone to open a specific document, or not knowing how to enable screen sharing. (Source)

2) Annually, organizations lose as much as $34 billion in productivity due to those sorts of problems related to starting and conducting online meetings. Screen sharing could help address this issue by letting everyone focus on the same asset and avoid crosstalk. (Source)

3) 67% of employees say they’re more likely to contribute to a video conference with interactive features like screen sharing than they would on an audio-only call. Anyone can share their screen, given the right permissions. (Source)

4) Similarly, 40% of companies feel like video conferencing makes their employees feel more engaged. These organizations use it most commonly for one on ones (80%), standups (78%) and large meetings (77%), all situations in which a screen sharing could support coordinate training, review, demos, and more. (Source)

Women sitting in office chair with her feet up on the desk and looking at her device and screen sharing

Screen sharing statistics for online meetings

Screen sharing is vital to modern online meetings, providing more collaboration opportunities whether by sharing a slide deck or walking people through a workflow.

5) 89% of employees feel like an online meeting with video and screen sharing reduces the time it takes to complete projects. (Source)

6) Online meetings with screen share functionality are most often joined from laptops (77% of participants) and phones (31%). The leading screen share solutions support sharing from any device, although larger screens usually work best for complex demos. (Source)

7) Almost 90% of organizations are conducting virtual interviews instead of in-person ones per Gartner. Screen sharing is a common way to test an interviewee’s skills on the fly — for instance, by having them write code or work through a problem. (Source)

8) To reliably share your screen during an online meeting that also has video and audio, you will ideally have at least 1 Mbps of bandwidth available both upstream and downstream. Faster connections will provide less jitter, latency, and packet loss. (Source)

Screen sharing statistics for in-depth demos and webinars

A screen share is a perfect way to walk a customer through a product demo or a webinar.

9) Over 70% of B2B marketers believe that webinars, many of which include screen shares as a way to demo a product’s key features step by step, are the easiest way to generate high-quality leads. (Source)

10) 92% of webinar attendees prefer to have a Q&A session at the end of the event, a process that can be greatly enhanced by screen sharing to provide an in-depth answer supported by a practical real-time demo. (Source)

11) Almost 60% of webinar hosts use a combination of live and pre-recorded video, including screen shares and video feeds, to make their presentations more engaging. (Source)

12) 95% of companies are exploring fresh strategies to engage their customers as a result of COVID-19, and 92% are implementing changes across digital channels, such as screen share-enhanced webinars and videos. (Source)

Screen sharing statistics for remote training

As remote work becomes more common, screen sharing plays a critical function in enabling real-time collaboration that simulates what it’s like to be in the same room looking at the same document or presentation:

13) Almost half of all webinars are for employee onboarding and training, which often include screen shares to show workers how a certain system works or to walk through a key document. (Source)

14) 89% of organizations offer webinar-based trainings with integrated screen shares and feel as though they can easily scale these types of programs across their target audiences. (Source)

15) Over 60% of executives think video conferencing and screen sharing improve the quality of communication and 50% think these technologies enhance understanding, which is vital during onboarding and training. (Source)

16) Only 33% of companies had a remote onboarding strategy in place as of September 2020. This low number illustrates how much room there still is for growth of screen sharing solutions, which accelerate onboarding by enabling anytime/anywhere training. (Source)


Screen sharing statistics for team collaboration

Above all, screen sharing is a way to collaborate better from any device or location:

17) Almost 90% of remote workers feel like they’re more connected to teams and projects when they use features like screen sharing and video conferencing. (Source)

18) 94% of companies say that access to video conferencing solutions with functionality like screen sharing enables increased productivity. (Source)

19) Nearly 75% of professionals expect remote work to become the new normal at their workplaces, meaning that screen sharing will be front and center in how they collaborate, taking the place of physical conference rooms. (Source)

20) More than 50% of professionals have taken a video call or conducted a screen share from a home office and 33% have done so from a coworking space. (Source)

Screen sharing growth statistics

The future is bright for screen sharing:

21) Video conferencing solutions, which incorporate screen sharing, are projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 9.9% from 2020 to 2027. (Source)

Screen sharing is here to stay. Via screen shares, solutions like Webex enable new modes of collaboration that don’t depend on traditional offices or on tools like email and phone calls, which unlock higher productivity for employees.

Screen sharing is an essential part of remote work. Learn more by getting started with a free trial today

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NBC sports and Cisco
What’s possible when the worlds of sports and technology play together…

Hybrid sports and collaboration technology join together

The great Billie Jean King, sporting legend and one of the 20th century’s most celebrated tennis players, once said, “sports are a microcosm of society.”

The idea that sports reflect the best of the world we live in, and capture the human spirit in a common pursuit, really resonates with me.

Though I am not a sporting fanatic, I am a technology fanatic. I see how the two disciplines share common philosophies of human connection, collaboration, and the never-ending quest for excellence. Both sports and technology have the power to bridge divides, forge common ground, and improve the human experience. Sports, like technology, has united nations, communities, friends, and adversaries in the spirit of comradery – pushing the boundaries of greatness and optimism.

Whether on the pitch, on the court, on the course, or on the racetrack, sports are, and will continue to be a huge part of our local and global culture. Technology and sports, together, not only provide a new innovative outlet for recreation and connection, but the power to build a more inclusive world.

Team DSM


NBC Sports Bay Area and NBC Sports California team up with Cisco Webex in pursuit of hybrid sports experiences

NBC Sports Bay Area and NBC Sports California are the latest in a series of strategic Cisco partnerships in the new world of hybrid sports. This partnership, which goes live today, marks the fourth sports collaboration in 2021, between Cisco Webex and major sports empires, such as McLaren Racing, PGA Golf Australia, and German pro cycling team, Team DSM.

For many people, the absence of live sports has been a significant void during these challenging times. Cisco’s mission is to bring sports to the masses, and to make the experience as interactive, exhilarating, and inclusive as the in-person experience.

This partnership with NBC Sports Bay Area and NBC Sports California is a natural extension of that mission. Fans can get in on the action with game highlights, player-to-audience interaction, and promos surrounding their favorite Bay Area teams and athletes. Specifically, Cisco is now the official video-conferencing technology partner for NBC Sports Bay Area’s coverage of the Golden State Warriors and San Francisco Giants, and NBC Sports California’s coverage of the San Jose Sharks. Over the next 12 months, fans will see Webex technology in action as part of pregame and postgame video conference interviews as well.

As Jordan Knopf, Vice President of Sales for NBC Bay Area Sports and NBC Sports California said: “Innovation through technology is at the core of live sports coverage and critical to delivering on our commitment to produce the highest quality, most engaging experience for sports fans throughout the region. Partnering with Webex allows us to provide those rich experiences for fans.”

Cisco Webex and the PGA of Australia teamed up to present “The Players Series,’ a new series of tournaments that brings Australia’s leading male and female golf professionals, together with elite amateur junior golfers to compete in the same field for the same prize purse, using technology to enrich the experience for the tournaments junior golfers by connecting them directly to professionals in various mentoring opportunities on and of the course.

The innovation continues

Fans may have missed out on the live sports experience during this past year, however, you can expect that technology innovations will continue to create new experiences, where fans can engage within their communities, and feel connected to their favorite sports teams and heroes. The Silicon Valley is the epicentre of technology and some of the greatest sporting teams in history, so you might say we’re perfectly matched to bring hybrid sports to the world.

Be sure to look for the Cisco Webex logo at the upcoming NBC Sports Bay Area and NBC Sports California events!

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WorldTour Team DSM takes to the road with Webex for a new hybrid sports experience

Creating Exhilarating and Exciting Experiences with Cisco Webex and McLaren Racing

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Personal Insights in People Insights
How People Insights will help empower a more inclusive and engaging work experience

Empowering inclusive and engaging work experience with People Insights

If you tuned into Cisco Live this week, you’ve heard loud and clear that the future of work is hybrid – and the future of collaboration must be more inclusive and engaging to make this new working model successful.

Whether you’re working at home, in the office, or both, teams and projects can pull you in multiple directions. How do you keep from burning out while maintaining an inclusive workplace?

Advancements to the People Insights feature

We’re excited to announce that People Insights is expanding beyond profiles with a new set of features that provide customized insights designed to empower people and teams to thrive in this new era of inclusive collaboration – right from your Webex app. People Insights will provide detailed, private insights to you and your team to help you manage work-life balance, carve out focus time, and develop stronger and more effective working relationships.

Watch the latest episode of Designing the future of work where Jeetu Patel (SVP & GM Security & Applications, Cisco) and Gianpaolo Barozzi (Sr. Director of People & Communities, Cisco Webex) shares with us the genesis and demo of People Insights:

People Insights help prioritize well-being at work

From your collaboration preferences, to meetings you join, and the network you build – every decision you make on how you spend your time and connect with others affects your output.  People Insights helps you reflect on how you spend your time.

  • How often are you accepting meetings you never attend?
  • Are you often sharing your video?
  • How many meetings are you attending during your downtime?
  • Who do you spend the most time with?

Manage your time with Webex

Webex will provide these valuable insights to help teams take control of their time. When teams spend their time effectively and achieve work-life balance, they can focus on the work that matters most, continue to build important connections, and nurture those relationships.

Quiet Hours and People insights

Privacy First

And this information is presented to you and only you. Your personal view of People Insights will be as unique as you are. No one else has this information, and no two views of insights will be the same. Each individual can set personal preferences and goals and take action directly from the Webex app.

Privacy first

Intelligence vs Scoring

At Webex, we believe in empowering individuals and teams with intelligence – not a score. People Insights is a visual representation of how you collaborate and spend your time. Work isn’t restricted to scheduled meetings within your org chart. Work is asynchronous. Our collaboration network and work output are fueled by ad-hoc phone calls, multiple messages, and introductions to new teams and people. By seeing how you spend your time, you can decide what is right for you.

Goal Setting and People Insights

Do you want to be more respectful of other people’s time? Set goals for joining and ending meetings on time, adding agendas to the meetings you host, or respecting others’ downtime.

Do you want to be more engaged during meetings? Set a goal for how often you speak up or turn on your video.

Webex is taking a people-first approach to empower inclusive collaboration and build engaging work experiences. People Insights from Webex will help:

  • enable seamless cross-collaboration
  • ensure individual wellbeing and encourage healthy behaviors
  • enhance work-life balance
  • build quality connections
  • empower diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • maximize time on projects that matter most

Cisco is rooted in our people-first culture and approach, and our product vision is the same. Empowered individuals make stronger teams, and stronger teams build better organizations that innovate and power the economy.

We’re looking forward to working with some of our top customers to help shape the future of People Insights for you!

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What’s new in Webex: April 2021

Reimagine the Future of Work series announcing the availability of solutions that are purpose-built to help companies transform how they work while keeping employees safe, connected and productive.

Cisco Webex Powers Personal Well-Being, Higher Performing Teams and Inclusive Collaboration [Press Release]

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Future Voices featuring stories from students and teachers from around the world

Future Voices Webex campaign

Education is a basic human right for all, and in the last year, the pandemic has only accelerated how we learn – forcing us to try new ways to both deliver and consume. The move to hybrid learning is also opening up new possibilities for future leaders and decision makers to learn and create.

Today, I’m excited to share that we have launched a new and exciting Webex campaign called Future Voices, launching in the UK today, to celebrate students in universities and educators worldwide, and giving them a platform, with Webex, to help them share their stories.

Inclusive future for all

Our focus is to amplify the voices of the Gen Z future workforce as well as their teachers. Our aim at Webex is to power an inclusive future for all by breaking down barriers across geography, language, socio economic level and personality type, giving everyone an equal voice to achieve greater productivity and build more engaged relationships.

With the future of work being hybrid, we believe we achieve more when diverse ideas and workstyles come together and everyone can contribute equally, fully, and as their authentic selves.

FutureVoices stories

Below are just three amazing stories from our young champions:

Zainab – First Year Apprentice is a university student with dyslexia and is using Webex transcriptions and recordings to make learning easier for her.
She is also a first-year apprentice during this pandemic and is balancing her first professional role with completing a degree, all while working from home.

Swen- Professor & Black Belt gamified his curriculum and used Webex breakout sessions to move his martial arts classes entirely online. Not only did he keep his students engaged throughout – but also won a University Teaching Award for his “out-of-the-box” efforts.

Allan- Network Expert hosted training sessions on Webex to turn teachers in rural Kenya into network administrators, enabling them to troubleshoot and fix network problems quickly. The Webex recording feature allowed him to share his sessions with those who could not join live.

Spread the word

Keep an eye on this space to look for more stories coming soon. It’s exciting to be able to share the stories of these young champions and we are humbled and honored to play a small part in elevating their voices.

Join (and spark) the conversation on the hashtag #FutureVoices on social media

Learn more

Future Voices campaign page

Future Voices video stories

We are all learning how to learn

Education Resources

What is distance learning?

Welcome to virtual learning

Cisco Webex Education Connector

Cisco Education Home Page

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