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February update of Webex Teams

This months’ update brings presents in the form of presence! There’s lots of other cool new features to talk about this February…


Know who’s available at a glance! (Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android)

Before this update, it was quite difficult to see other user’s profile pictures when they were in certain presence states. Some availability overlays – like in a meeting or presenting – covered their entire avatar. When we set about solving for this, we undertook a larger redesign effort of user presence across the app. This involved a visual refresh of the iconography as well as new availability color states so others can quickly see if you’re free or not:

  • Red – a user has either put themselves into ‘Do Not Disturb’ or is presenting. They won’t receive push notifications.
  • Amber – the user is either in a meeting or on a call. They will receive notifications but may be slow to respond.
  • Green – the user is active and ready to receive your message.

Let everyone know what’s on your mind with a custom status (Windows and Mac)

Popping out for lunch? Working remotely? Really busy? Share any status you like with your colleagues to give them more context as to why you’re late for a meeting, not at your desk when they’re looking for you, or simply how your feeling today. This is a quick way to let everyone know what’s going on with you with just one update. To start, you’ll have the option to select any of four pre-defined custom statuses. If you decide to get creative with ‘Set a new status’, these custom statuses will be saved to replace the pre-defined options.

Decide when to be disturbed (Windows and Mac)

When you set yourself into ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND), you were restricted to a set list of options to choose from. What if you wanted to set yourself into DND until your next meeting? Or until the end of your working day? Now you can. With this update, we’re giving you the option to set a time to choose how long you want to be in DND for. If you happen to get your work done quickly, you can easily ‘clear’ your DND availability in the same way you set it.

See more spaces with much less scrolling (Windows and Mac)

Some people like to have lots of information available to them at a glance. In Webex Teams, something we hear regularly as a pain point for people is that they simply can’t see enough spaces in the space list at once. This February, you will have the option to put yourself into ‘Compact Mode’. This new option is available by going to Settings Appearance. You will be able to see lots more spaces without having to scroll as much!

Collaborate on your Box files in Webex Teams (Windows and Mac)

If your admin has enabled access to this and you have the necessary Box app permissions, you will now be able to share, preview, view and co-edit your Box files all without having to leave the Webex Teams app. You will also be able to upload files directly into Box from the app, making co-collaboration on documents that much easier.

Visual updates to screens (Windows and Mac)

Webex Teams has gotten a lot more colorful this month with the addition of our feline mascot, Quinn! You can now enjoy new illustrations on the Create a Space, Contact a Person, Forward a File, and Create a Team screens. You’ll also see Quinn when you’re doing a search or looking at some of our empty state screens.

All the amazing new illustrations you’ll see across the app in coming months were drawn by our incredibly talented Visual Designers.

Keep control of your spaces in a team (Windows and Mac)

Sometimes people get added to a space within a Team they aren’t a member of. Now, we’re giving admins the power to choose what these Team ‘guests’ can do. If enabled, Team guests won’t be able to add or remove people, change the space name, or edit space settings. Find more information on this here.

Screen capture anywhere, anytime (Windows)

If, like most people, you have a multi-monitor set up at your workstation, this feature is for you. Now, you can use the screen capture option in the compose area of Webex Teams on any of your connected monitors.

An enhanced system tray experience (Windows)

This month sees the addition of a right click menu on the Webex Teams icon in your Windows system tray (found next to the time/date in the corner of your taskbar). This menu offers lots of quick access options to useful menus in the app. If you’ve closed or minimised Teams are curious to see whether you have any new notifications, you can find your unread message count on this icon at any time.

Keep up to date with more notifications (Windows)

Get more notifications for new messages! When the Webex Teams app is closed to the system tray and you get a notification, the Webex Teams icon will reappear on your taskbar. You can decide how this feature works by going to Settings Notifications.

New Google tasks bot for Webex Teams (Windows, Mac, and Mobile)

With the latest update to the Google Tasks bot, you can now create, update and search for Tasks directly within Webex Teams itself. Keep yourself up-to-date on your to-do lists with real-time notifications like task updated or marked complete.

Learn more about it here and other Apps on the Webex App Hub.

On-the-go reactions! (iPhone, iPad, and Android)

In January, we saw one of the most coveted features of modern chat apps appear in Webex Teams – Reactions. On mobile, we had the ability to ‘see and agree’. This meant you could add to a reaction in the mobile app when somebody added it on the desktop aps. This month is giving mobile users exactly what we want – the power to add reactions on mobile. Reactions are a fast, on-the-go way to acknowledge or respond to a message, making them the dream mobile feature. That’s why we are so excited to bring this to all our mobile users. Same as desktop, you can add a max of two reactions at a time to each message.

Separate people and spaces with tabs (iPhone and iPad)

On desktop, people are loving the people/spaces split. It’s a big help when you have lots of spaces to manage and keep track of. Now, you’ll be able to do the same on mobile. After enabling this through your settings, you’ll have the same three options as desktop – to view all your spaces in one list, to see a list of one-to-one spaces with people or to view the list of group spaces you’re part of.

Find your favorite spaces faster (iPhone and iPad)

We’re making it easier for you to focus on those most important spaces on mobile. Let them take their well-deserved position at the top of the spaces list. You can focus on those conversations and get back to them quickly. Don’t worry; you’ll still see your other spaces too, right below your favorites.


Cisco headsets automatically added to Control Hub (Windows and Mac)

When you use your Cisco headset with Webex Teams, your administrator can now keep track of it in Webex Control Hub. This lets them track inventory and troubleshoot issues for you.

We’re making this available in Calling in Webex Teams (Unified CM and Webex Calling).

Merge two calls (Windows and Mac)

When you’re on a phone call and you receive an incoming phone call in Webex Teams, you can merge the two phone calls into one and have everyone in the same phone call.

We’re making this available in Calling in Webex Teams (Webex Calling).

Call Waiting in Webex Teams (iPhone, iPad, and Android)

When you’re already in a call and someone else calls you, you can choose how you want to handle the incoming call. For example, you can put the active call on hold and answer the second call.

We already support call waiting if you’re using Calling in Webex Teams on your desktop. See Webex Teams | Answer Call Waiting for info.

We’re making this available in Calling in Webex Teams (Unified CM) and Webex Teams (Webex Calling).

Transfer a Phone Call (iPhone, iPad, and Android)

We’re continuing to bring more calling features to your mobile Webex Teams app. When you’re on a phone call, you can transfer that call to someone else. You’ll have a chance to let the person know why you’re transferring the call to them. (We already support transfer if you’re using Calling in Webex Teams on your desktop. See Webex Teams | Transfer a Phone Call for info.

We’re making this available in Calling in Webex Teams (Unified CM).

Curious about next months’ offerings? Check out this blog for details on the super exciting design update on its way to you!

For more information on this and upcoming updates to Webex Teams, check out our help page here.

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