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January update of Webex Teams


Respond with a reaction! (Windows and Mac)

Ever get a message that you just can’t figure out how to respond to? If, like many of us, your answer is yes, then this feature is for you. This month, we’re introducing a new way to respond to messages. Reactions are an exciting new feature which allow you to acknowledge your colleagues’ messages without even touching your keyboard. Choose from six different emojis and add up to two reactions to any message in a space. Reactions are also a great way to get quick feedback on an idea.

Find Messages Faster (Windows and Mac)

Sometimes I find myself scrolling through the message history of a space looking for a certain message or file. This is time consuming and isn’t always the most successful method. Then I remember that we have a quick way to search in a space by using the ‘In:’ modifier in a search. This month, we’re making that search modifier much more convenient to use. You will find a magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of every space next to the call/meet button, and with one click, you can search through all the messages or content of the selected space. Talk about a time saver!

Tour Webex Teams (Windows and Mac)

New to Webex Teams? Don’t worry, our new in-app mini tours will help you find your way around. The first phase of these tours will include a tour of the app, how to contact a person or create a space, as a well as an option to practice starting a meeting. The goal of these tours is to make the onboarding experience quick and easy for new users. Users can find and access these tours at any time by clicking the ‘?’ help icon on the lower left corner of the app. The help center is still accessible through a link of this new widget. Over the next few months, you can expect to see new tours and help options added to this widget.

Pop Out Calls and Meetings (Windows and Mac)

We all like to multi-task. It’s something we’ve all learned to love in the modern work environment. Back in October, we made it possible to pop-out chats and spaces so you could focus on certain conversations. Now, your calls and meetings will pop out into a new window. This means you can be productive in Teams and present in a call or meeting at the same time.

Calling – When you’re calling someone, the call window will pop out, and you will be able to access all your calling features. You will still be able to respond to critical messages.

Meetings – After you click to join your meeting, the new pop-out window will let you choose your audio and video preferences for the meeting. So, if you don’t want to join with your video turned on, you can turn it off. When you have some downtime in your meetings, you can keep reading and responding to messages in your spaces.

New Salesforce Bot for Webex Teams (Windows, Mac, and Mobile) 

Now, you can create Salesforce Opportunities, Contacts, and even Tasks directly within Webex Teams. Leveraging the new Buttons & Cards framework, the latest Salesforce Alerts bot now lets you and your team members quickly choose from drop-down menus and lists to create and update Salesforce records instantly while also taking advantage of time-critical notifications.

Learn more about it here and other Apps on the Webex App Hub.

Buttons and Cards School (Windows and Mac)

Have you heard about the new Buttons and Cards feature, but haven’t had the time to dig in and understand what it takes to add Buttons and Cards to your Webex Teams messaging application? Now there is a fun and easy bot that can teach you all about Buttons and Cards using… Buttons and Cards! If you already have some experience creating Webex Teams messaging applications and need to get up to speed on Buttons and Cards, this bot is for you, just add to a space and take your messaging app to the next level.

New Design for Teams Tab (Windows and Mac)

This month brings a whole new visual design to the ‘Teams’ tab of Webex Teams. The goal of this change is help make it easier to find a team quickly.

Visual Improvements for Notifications (Windows)

The notification toasts you receive for messages, meetings and calls in Webex Teams will now be a lot clearer with new visual enhancements.


New Filter Navigation (Android)

Filters are moving onto the top right of your spaces list, the same as is currently in desktop. This makes it a whole lot easier for you to access your filters faster while on mobile.

Separate People and Spaces with Tabs (Android)

We’re giving you the option to choose how you view your spaces. You can keep spaces all in one list or you can choose to have them organized in tabs. The tabs allow you to view your group spaces separately from your one to one chats with people. You will also still have the option to view them in one flat list with the ‘all’ tab.

Keep Your Favorite Spaces at the Top (Android)

We’re making it easier for you to focus on those most important spaces. Let them take their well-deserved position at the top of the spaces list. You can focus on those conversations and get back to them quickly. Don’t worry; you’ll still see your other spaces too, just below the favorites in the list.


Support for Bluetooth Cisco Headsets (Windows and Mac)

You can connect to the Cisco Headset 700 Series headsets using Bluetooth and make and answer calls, mute them, and put them on hold directly from the headset controls.

Share Your Screen While on a Call using your Personal Device (Windows and Mac)

Do you use your personal device to make calls? We’re adding a new Share option to Webex Teams for these calls. When you’re on a call using your personal device, you can choose to share your screen into the call without joining the audio and video of the call.

Lock Symbol for Secure Phone Calls (Windows and Mac)

When you’re on a secure phone call, you’ll see a lock symbol in the spaces list and in the call too letting you know that it’s secure. We’re making this available in Calling in Webex Teams (Unified CM).

Add a Pause to a Dial String (Windows and Mac)

You can add a pause to an entered phone number, which you might need if you’re joining a conference call and need to enter numbers in response to the automated system. You can add a comma (,) to the number, which gives a 1-second delay in the dialing. You can add several commas in a row to extend the delay. You could enter something like: 95556543123,,,,56789. We’re making this available in Calling in Webex Teams (Unified CM).


Enhancements to Joining Meetings (Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android)

We’re giving you more control over the video and audio options you can use before you join your meetings. You can now: join with your camera off, with your audio muted, or without audio at all. If you use Webex Meetings, these new features should look familiar to you!

Support for Local Calendars (iPhone, iPad, and Android)

If your administrator enables Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service, you can view your local calendar on your mobile device to the calendar in Webex Teams.

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