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July Update: Team collaboration made simpler

It’s that time again! Here’re some of the exciting new features you can expect to see in our team collaboration tool, Webex Teams, this month…

Threading Made Easier (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android)

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m having such a great time using threads that I’m starting to struggle to keep track of them all. The good news is, the answer is here! Instead of scrolling for days to try and find that thread where you were chatting about something important, you can now go to your in-app filters to find a new addition especially for ‘threads’. This dedicated filter will show you all the threads you are a part of in chronological order. How’s that for organized?

That’s not all. We’re also adding some visual updates to in-space thread notifications. There will be separate indicators for an unread ‘normal’ message and an unread ‘reply’ in a thread. In addition, a very distinct banner will appear within threads to show which replies in the thread have not yet been read.

The future is bright for threading and we are planning even more exciting enhancements for this feature in the coming months.

Mute Them All! (Windows and Mac)

Is that a dog barking? A baby crying? Someone tapping on their keyboard or mouse?

These are sounds we hear almost every time we’re involved in a large meeting, leading to the host repeatedly having to ask attendees to mute themselves. Valuable meeting time can be wasted,and conversation flows interrupted while trying to track down the culprits of background noise. Well, fret no more! You can now mute everyone at the same time!

Fear not, we haven’t taken away your freedom of speech. For anyone who has been muted, they can unmute themselves, just so long as they have something more to contribute than background noise! Anyone in the meeting can ‘mute’ or ‘unmute’ all, and everyone in the meeting except the host and the person muting will get muted. Don’t worry, if you’ve already muted yourself (and your barking dog), that won’t change if someone chooses to ‘unmute’ all.

Move your call here, there and everywhere! (Windows and Mac)
Remember that time you started a call in a meeting room you hadn’t booked? And how much of a nuisance it was to stop the call, bring your laptop somewhere else, and start the meeting again on a different device? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Thankfully this great new feature is going to make situations like that a lot less awkward. With the new ‘Move Call’ feature for On-Prem Webex Devices, you can start a call on your laptop and move it to any on-prem device that you’ve paired with. And move it back to your laptop. Or to another… Okay, you get the drift! The option is available in the call control strip under the ‘three dots’ button.

Shrinking Images to Save your Data (iOS & Android)

When I’m using Webex Teams on my mobile, there is a high possibility I’m out and about and not in a place where I have a Wi-Fi connection. This means, when there’s a lot of media being shared with me on Webex Teams, I’m draining all my mobile data. Loading an image could mean not having the bandwidth to reply to a message. The same applies when sending media using cellular data.

Now, we’re going to automatically reduce image sizes when they’re being sent, therefore reducing how much data is used both when sending and receiving them. No more worries about hitting that limit!

Integrations Management

What’s that you say? We can now whitelist third party apps using APIs from Excellent news! Admin controls for third party apps are now available in Webex Teams. This allows customers to ensure only apps meeting their security and data handling standards will be enabled for their users. For more details on this great new feature, check out this article.

Exciting new features Edit Message and Buttons & Cards are coming to Webex Teams shortly – for full details of the release, check out our help center: here.

Try the Webex Teams 30-day free trial today. Sign up here.

See all of the Webex Teams Releases here

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