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Make something #webexceptional

By Jono Luk, Director of Product Management for the Webex Platform

Hi, folks!

Over the past few weeks, you’ve seen several blog posts from us talking about Webex’s bright and exciting future and what this means for developers like you. And to deliver on our promise, we’re focusing on one of the most important aspects: the fact that Webex is an open and extensible platform!

At Cisco Webex, we recognize the heterogenous nature of productivity and team collaboration today. Most people use several apps and tools to get their work done.  And, people don’t work in isolation anymore–small teams form to get core tasks done right. This happens both inside and outside an organization.

To make sure we help you and your team get stuff done as quickly and easily as possible, we’ve made it a core tenant to let you make Webex your own. By taking this path, Webex can help you supercharge many of your favorite productivity apps, further helping you drive the decisions and content for better business outcomes.  How do we do this?  By exposing multiple ways for you, your partner, or an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) to build solutions with Webex.

Since Cisco Partner Summit took place last week, let’s focus on how our partners can bring more to Webex for you and our other users all around the world. With Webex, you can:

Bring in any app with bots and integrations.

Our bots and integrations framework helps you insert your apps capabilities where your team spends most of their time. Webex also helps you stay informed of what’s going on in other systems with integrations and bots, allowing you to control and interact with your respective services.

Make your app #webexceptional with the Webex collaboration platform.

No one works in silos anymore. People meet, discuss, and decide in groups. Bring Webex’s market-leading communication and collaboration technologies to your app to empower your users to get more done, faster. You can use our APIs, SDKs, and widgets to embed these experiences into your own desktop and mobile apps.

Why struggle building your own video backbone when Webex is already so secure and reliable? Simply decide where in your app you want your users to experience real-time communications like voice and video, screen sharing, secure messaging, and more. Let us do the heavy lifting to make these features come to life.

Reach new customers and solve new problems.

Want to build a business for solving customer problems? Build solutions for Webex customers and enhance your go-to-market value. Our Webex customers want and need your help. Leverage bots, integrations, APIs, SDKs and widgets to build apps and solutions, and then tap into the millions of people using Webex every month.

But don’t just take our word for it….

Now’s the part where we want to show you rather than tell you about what the possibilities look like.  Here are a few examples of #webexceptional apps and solutions that have been built with Webex.

Involvio: making students successful

Involvio is in the business of improving student engagement, and they’re delivering this with the power of the Webex platform. The pre-existing infrastructure and power of Webex Teams made it a no-brainer for the Involvio solution. As their founder and CEO, Ari Winkleman, put it, “We didn’t consider any other platforms because we didn’t really see any [that] have broad deployment across schools. None of the other platforms are ‘enterprise-grade.’”

Learn more about Involvio’s solution here:

Mio: connecting the universe of messaging platforms

Like we said above, the Internet is a heterogenous mix of apps and services. The messaging space is no different. Mio has built a business around connecting Webex Teams with the other players in this space, including Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Learn more about Mio and their interop solution for Webex teams here:

Cloverhound: closing distance with the Internet

ISV partner Cloverhound built and released a first-in-the-nation solution, built on the Webex platform, that allows injured workers and other participants to attend workers’ compensation hearings right from their homes or offices. This solution is a critical piece to removing obstacles and reducing the inherent stress accompanying the hearing process.

Learn more about the Cloverhound solution here:

The point of a platform is that there is truly no limit to the innovation that awaits you and your customers. And these examples above illustrate just a few of the success stories our partners have built with Webex. Keep an eye on our blog,, for more case studies and the latest news in the space!



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