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Webex Integrations Optimize Hybrid Work: New Partnerships Announced at Cisco Live

The last two years have been a transition story as organizations rushed to embrace remote work and build a foundation that would allow employees to collaborate from anywhere. Last week’s in-person Cisco Live event demonstrated we are clearly living a new chapter where hybrid work has been adopted, and optimization is the new goal.

Collaboration areas on the conference floor displayed all the diverse places from which people now work – cafes, homes, hotdesking areas and large conference rooms – and how Cisco provides the flexibility to accommodate them. But as tech industry analyst Carolina Milanesi pointed out in her recent Forbes article, what’s most important in the new way of working is not just where people work, but also how people work.

“Whether working from home, from a different office, or just three desks down the corridor, workflows incorporate chats, video calls, shared documents stored in the cloud, digital whiteboards, and so much more. This underlines a reality that most knowledge workers live daily – workflows are very diverse. Let’s acknowledge that how we work has changed forever.”

This is the exact sentiment that has driven Webex to focus on building an extensible platform and robust ecosystem of partners. We know that there are as many unique workflow scenarios as there are types of workers. It is our commitment to bring all the apps and integrations a worker needs to the center of the collaboration experience and enable users to access Webex functionality from nearly everywhere. Webex is available in many popular apps like Salesforce, ServiceNow and Hubspot and the functionality of hundreds of apps are available in Webex.

New embedded apps in Webex

We offer 60 embedded apps from third party vendors that can be accessed directly within the Webex app. Vection is one of the newest, offering users a 3D, virtual reality experience without having to leave Webex. With Vection, users can walk meeting participants through trade show floors, explore a 3D engine model and much more. VR headsets are not required, though they can be used. You can see a demonstration of how Vection works within Webex and learn more about Webex apps and integrations in a replay of the Cisco Live session, “The Webex Platform: Innovating with Embedded Apps and Integrations (PSOCOL-2014)” available on the Cisco Live on-demand library in July 2022. We’re offering new embedded app experiences all the time, such as embedded apps on Webex devices and mobile phones.

New integrations available on Webex App Hub

In addition to embedded apps, we now have nearly 500 integrations available on App Hub. These new apps empower a number of workflows.

  • For sales and marketing: We offer new engagement, enablement and event management apps Aniline and Uniphore.
  • New productivity-related apps include Zluri, Moovila, Kaltura, Tactiq and Laxis.
  • AI meetings apps include, and Laxis.
  • We have added to our visual collaboration tools with Bluescape and Lucidspark.
  • Others include wellness app Joye, learning management app Emtrain, incident management app Firehydrant, security and compliance app Nuclei, and intelligent workplace app New Wave.
  • And in our fastest growing app category, calling apps, we have added Infortel Select, Microcall, Plenom, and Samwin.

Enabling diverse workflows through powerful partnerships

Providing Webex users with the workflows they need and prefer is crucial when it comes to optimizing the hybrid collaboration experience. And it’s good for business operations too. When an employee can access the apps they need, there are fewer service requests to IT administrators and there is an uptick in collaboration adoption – a great contribution to collaboration ROI.

We’ve partnered with the world’s largest tech companies, as well as hot, up-and-coming tech companies, to accommodate workflows of every kind. Our open APIs are available today for third-parties or in-house developers of Webex customers to use with Webex Meetings, Messaging and Calling. Check out the Webex Integrations page to learn about the various integrations we offer today, and explore the Webex App Hub for apps that amplify your work.

Learn more about our apps and partnerships or contact Webex sales for more information.


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