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Team collaboration tool, Webex Teams, to the rescue

“What do you mean there is a flood in the building?!”

My response to a message I had received as I was making my drive into the office to participate in an Adoption Masterclass that my team was facilitating in conjunction with our great friends and partners at Sei Mani.

More than ever, in the wide world of SaaS, true adoption of solutions is what keeps the providers relevant and feeds the innovation engine. It’s no longer about how many daily users you have or how many log-ons you monitor. It’s about how your solution is playing a part in transforming business and assisting consumers in achieving more than they thought was possible.

In the Webex Customer Success organization, we’ve spent the last several months partnering with Sei Mani to bring together all of the tested techniques that help guide customers towards real success with integrating software into their business. The basis of the methodology is the “Pillars of Success.” These pillars will guide you through everything from launch and implementation plans to ongoing management, communications, and stakeholder engagement. BUT FIRST you have a very clear understanding of why you’re deploying in the first place. The Business drivers for Webex pack will give you guidance on establishing SMART business drivers for your organization.

This entire methodology of becoming an Adoption Master is what our Customer Success Managers are using in their customer engagements and is available to everyone!

But back to the flood. . . so much planning and time and effort and sweat and tears went into planning the two-day Adoption Masterclass workshop that we were about to host in our Rancho Cordova hub. People flew in from across the state and even across the pond to make this event successful – and now it could all be at risk because of a flood in the building. I immediately pulled over (did I mention that I was driving??) and was trying to come up with plan b – was there a nearby park that we could caravan to so that we could carry on with the workshop??

Then I looked back down at my phone and thought – WAIT a minute – I don’t need to panic just yet – I have team collaboration tool, Webex Teams– I can easily get the skinny on the real situation since Teams connects me with everyone that I need to get in touch with to come up with our next steps. I jumped into the space where all of the workshop participants had “gathered” over the prior to weeks, to preview the workshop agenda, learn more about the prework and share their excitement about getting together as a group. I quickly posted a message to quell the anxiety that was developing amongst the participants – “should we still drive in?? is the meeting room flooded too??”

I then typed in the name of our amazing Lobby Ambassador and quickly messaged her on Teams – “How is our meeting room? What do you advise??” then I let out a huge sigh when she said that our room was just fine and the “flood” was actually just a leak on the other side of the building. WHEW! I then used Teams to call my teammate and let her know the good news – that we could carry on with our plans – crisis averted!

One last quick message was sent to the whole group letting them know all was well! YES! We were able to move ahead as planned. In less than 10 mins I went from panic to peace and was back on the road, headed into the office.  And the best part? We now have 30+ Adoption Masters ready to share and guide our valued customers on to success with Webex!

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Roxana Fitzmaurice

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