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The future of work: A people first approach with team collaboration tools

For years, solutions to unite teams and simplify team collaboration were defined by brands throwing the proverbial technology kitchen sink at their employees. From there, it was up to these teams to stumble and fumble their way to make these various tools work in whatever ways made sense for their job, setting up a perfect storm of incompatible connections, IT woes and communication delays. And while this may have been ok to “get by,” something better for a new world of work – one that calls for more nimble responses from dispersed teams that want to connect and interact in real time – was needed.

Thankfully, that something better has arrived.

The Future of Work era

The Future of Work has been hurtling toward us for some time. It calls for a fresh, people-centric approach to not just the work teams do, but more innovative ways that help them connect and work better together.

For too long, work interactions have been limited to the use of technology not always adaptable for team workstyles, forcing teams to alter how they work to align with them. In the absence of user-friendly chat rooms, they rely on constant email streams or go behind IT’s back to communicate using unsecured group messaging apps to keep up. They try to log into meetings 10 minutes before it starts in anticipation of connectivity concerns. They email files days in advance so no one is stuck and unable to open it during a meeting. They update sketches and send revised sketches and final sketches in endless email strings, because working in real-time on projects with a dispersed team was more than a little difficult.

But no more.

Introducing a new Webex experience

Cisco Webex is now optimally designed to implement technology that prioritizes user experience and provides teams the opportunities they need to unite creative energy, have “smarter” meetings and not compromise precious time with tedious technical hindrances. The Future of Work’s scope of intuitive technology and the convergence of team collaboration tool, Cisco Webex Teams, and Webex platforms, now pave the way for connecting without compromising and scaling with simplicity.

Team members thousands of miles apart can seamlessly connect across a myriad of favored devices, review documents with real-time screen sharing across interactive boards and join online meetings with the touch of a button or a spoken command. They can concentrate on the task-at-hand, thanks to easier and simpler video conferencing tools.  And IT leaders can feel confident engaging solutions that prioritize security just as much as ease of use.

Teams that can work faster, smarter and more efficiently are ones that drive powerful outcomes for their brands. They are teams that enjoy connecting in the ways that work for them and who value the enriched meeting experiences that encourage the “all-in-one-room” working together feel needed to propel work forward. They are the ones who will flourish as they become more in sync and their work silos fall.

It’s time for new collaboration experiences. Today, it’s time for the Future of Work.

Learn more about how the exciting new changes to Webex elevate collaboration in a new blog from Cisco’s Jonathan Rosenberg.


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