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Team collaboration tools improve communication from business leadership

The most common pitfalls of SMB leaders stem from lack of communication. From setting goals with team members to delegating or automating tasks, entrepreneurs risk burnout when they take on too much. Though it can make you feel secure to own every task, allowing others to lend a hand means that you can focus on long-term growth. Plus, team collaboration tools like Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Teams make it easier than ever to stay in contact while on the move as a fast-paced executive.

Here are some common mistakes SMB leaders make and how Cisco Webex products can help address them:

Failure to delegate

Often the biggest mistake that business owners make is feeling the need to own each part of their business, from accounting to invoicing to customer relations and satisfaction surveys. Constantly juggling all aspects of the business can only lead to one thing: burnout.

With a trusted team, managers can delegate aspects of the business with automation or outsourcing. Team collaboration tool, Cisco Webex Teams integrates with multiple productivity apps like Box, Salesforce, or SharePoint, which means the entire team can receive app notifications through Webex Teams. This usability means there is one less item on your to-do list and your team is receiving the information they need.

When possible, outsource administrative items like invoicing, taxes, and human resources to third parties who can stay in contact with you over Cisco Webex. By using Webex, you can host weekly or monthly check-ins to ensure you’re on track with your projects, send texts, or access shared files easily.

Establishing clear and consistent communication

Often business owners, especially those who work in a different city than their clients and other team members, suffer from miscommunication. If it happens too many times, they risk losing employees and business. Setting expectations about when and how you’ll connect with contacts early in a relationship, as well as checking in often, can help alleviate any issues, and Cisco Webex enables cross-device engagement in real time.

Avoid the inbox abyss and use direct messages that can be received more quickly.

Skipping goal setting

Without a clear direction, your business may end up going down several rabbit holes before finding a path that leads to profitability and productivity. Once goals are set, you can’t forget to check with team members—both in-office and remote, employee and contractor—to find out how they’re progressing.

If you find yourself too busy to set up meetings and calls, you can quickly reach out with Cisco Webex Teams. With Webex Teams, reach a group or message an individual quickly to get a status report and keep moving toward your organizational goals.

Not taking time off

According to Project Time Off, 52 percent of American workers left vacation time on the table, accounting for 705 million unused days. For entrepreneurs, who are tasked with building their own business without being tied to a company’s calendar, the stats are likely worse.

Guilt doesn’t have to be a partner in your business as an SMB. Take that trip and enjoy a hike or a day at the beach. If you need to check in, your Webex platform is available from any corner of the world.

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