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Billions, Brilliance and Emergency Board Meetings: The Cisco Webex Board Brings it all to Life

Cisco Webex Board 55 Featured in Billions Series

In the SHOWTIME® series Billions, we get a deep-dive into the trials, tribulations and successes of the financial elite. These characters are number-crunching, deal-breaking, money-making people – and they know a thing or two about the importance of real-time, high-fidelity collaboration.

As we’ve always loved, competition remains fierce in the new season of Billions, and let’s be honest: time is money in this series. That’s why when the world needs to work, the world works on Webex! In the 7th episode of Season 5, aired on June 14th, with Taylor Mason back at Axe Capital, an emergency crisis meeting is called. And what do they use to get stuff done? The Cisco Webex Board 55! A more perfect product could not have been used.

Seamless, Intelligent Collaboration

The characters discuss. They debate. They collaborate. Remote work is now our norm and with crystal-clear picture and sound delivered by the Webex Board, it makes productive collaboration so much easier. Last year, the Webex Board was featured in another Billions episode. In that episode, the advanced and seamless whiteboarding capabilities of the Webex Board were showcased. This time around, the focus is on real-time videoconferencing, including remote participants.

The episode talks about supply chain issues, and Axe, the main character on the show, regularly preaches the fundamental principle of exceptionalism. This is a topic that is close to our heart here at Cisco Webex too. We want our products to excel at every stage of the lifecycle, from the conception of an idea to the finished product. And this is exactly what we’ve managed to do. Don’t just take our word for it – our Supply Chain team is one of the Gartner Top 25 Supply Chain companies in 2020! This is no simple feat. While adjusting to new ways of working and living, we found a way to continue to execute a complex, global supply chain. All virtually.

Webex Board Capabilities

The Webex Board truly is an amazing all-in-one device, designed to shine at any collaboration scenario and in any meeting room. Globally distributed teams? No problem. You can still wirelessly present, whiteboard, video or audio conference, and even annotate on shared content. It effortlessly bridges the remote and the physical, making sure that every participant is a first-class participant, no matter where they are. Whilst the show might be fictional, the amazing capabilities of the Webex Board and the nature of remote teams is very real.

As the 2020 Wainhouse Evalution* of the Cisco Webex Board 55 reads: “Our topline take on the Board is that Cisco has produced a truly remarkable user experience via the combination of the frictionless Webex Assistant, high quality video conferencing and teaming applications, a clever and simple user interface (UI), graceful touch and writing experience, whiteboarding, and the ability to add third-party apps, which Cisco calls Web Apps.”

There really is no wonder why the accomplished group of characters on Billions rely on Webex to get stuff done.

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*Wainhouse Evaluation: Cisco Webex Board 55 – Q1 2020

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