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Building a bridge between Webex Meetings and Slack

*Check out this infographic to learn about the integration.

Tackling Interesting and Complex Problems

Recently, at the Women in Product Conference in San Francisco, I was discussing workplace productivity with fellow product managers from various Silicon Valley companies. We were talking about how much more productive and innovative we are now than we were at the beginning of our careers. We agreed that one of the reasons for the increase in productivity is that the way we communicate with each other cross-functionally is much easier, even if we are communicating with teams located all over the world. We now have many great collaboration tools, such as Webex, that make it so simple! However, we also use many other collaboration tools day in and day out, and it would be so great if all those tools would work together.

The problems that we are working on solving today are super interesting and complex, yet we are able to tackle them head on because we can work with the right individuals, from all over the world, at a moment’s notice. At Cisco, we have a very diverse and globally distributed workforce, so it is definitely important that our communication is seamless and continuous. Of course, we are very lucky that we can use Webex Meetings every day and that the experience is as delightful and powerful as ever: meetings are easy to join on any platform, they deliver an optimal video experience, and provide an amazing mobile experience.

Smooth Transitions with 3rd Party Integrations

At work, we are constantly switching gears. For example, in typical day, I may start early with a customer call with a team in Germany, then join a scrum standup, and then I’m off to a 1:1 meeting with a UX researcher to discuss an upcoming product feature. After my meetings, I usually need to follow up on action items and share files and presentations. Making those types of transitions easy and seamless has been my focus this year as part of the Webex Meetings integrations team. Our team has been creating solutions that make transitions between apps a lot more efficient, for anyone who needs to collaborate smoothly across teams.

One of those cool solutions is the Webex Meetings integration with Slack, which is industry leading in terms of feature depth and experience.

Work Smarter with Webex Meetings and Slack

With the work we’ve been doing over the past several months, the entire Webex Meetings life cycle is now available in Slack. This is huge! If you’re a Slack user, your productivity will increase because now you never have to leave your Slack channel to have a great meeting experience. We’ve been working hard to bring together this amazing integration. Here is what you can look forward to:

Schedule, Start, or Join Webex Meetings directly from Slack

You may be having a lengthy chat conversation about a project in your Slack channel and decide that it will be best to have a live face-to-face discussion. You can schedule a meeting by typing in /webexschedule for regular meetings or /webexschedule myroom for your personal room meetings, then a dialog will appear where you can enter meeting details. This deep level of integration with Slack is unique to Webex.

Or you can start an instant meeting by typing /webex in the command line, which shares a notification to everyone in your channel so they can quickly join.

Start or Join Webex Meetings from your Outlook or Google Calendar

You can also connect to Webex Meetings on your Outlook or Google calendar. Directly join a Webex meeting in Slack through the Outlook or Google Calendar app reminder when a Webex meeting is added to the calendar event. Simply click on the Join Webex Meeting button, but note that the Outlook or Google calendar integration must be in place.

Real-time Webex Meeting Status in your Slack Channel

So that you never have to inadvertently miss another meeting, you will see a real-time Webex Meeting status card once the meeting has started, and you can join the meeting from there. This status card will appear in your Slack channel to remind you of your upcoming meeting, and you can even see who has already joined.

Webex Meetings List

You will also have the ability to see your upcoming Webex meetings list from Slack by typing /webexschedule list. If you are the host, you can start or cancel a meeting from within Slack. And if you are an attendee, you can join the meeting directly from the list. Just click the start button. No other meetings vendor has this level of integration within Slack.

End of Meeting and Recording Notifications

After your meeting has ended, you will see a summary in your Slack channel. If your meeting was recorded, then you will get a notification from which you can play the recording. You’ll also be able to see a list of all your recent recordings.


Building Bridges with Webex

So, as you can see, everything from scheduling a Webex meeting, to starting and joining the meeting, to seeing your recording can happen within Slack. This is all done with your convenience and productivity in mind so that you can experience Webex Meetings within the tools you live and love. The Slack integration is one of the many bridges that Cisco Webex has been working on building in order to delight our customers. We are very excited and cannot wait to hear what you think about it!


Please visit the Cisco Webex App Hub to learn more about the Cisco Webex Meetings for Slack integration:




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