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Choosing the best small business tools for 2020

How is your small-and-medium-sized business (SMB) currently evaluating and selecting tools to help the company grow and make more money?

It’s something to really dig into, because the tools your company chooses and uses are important. And maybe it seems like a pretty obvious statement, but with often smaller budgets, heavy workloads, and less employees to do similar amounts of work, the tools your company invests in, could make or break the success of the business.

Leonard Callejo, Director of Webex Online Marketing, authored an article on the four best small business tools to use in 2020.

He says, “technology helps level the playing field for small-and-medium-sized businesses, giving the tools to improve productivity and efficiency, manage complex systems, and drive innovation. With so many options, it’s important to carefully consider a tech stack that best aligns with your goals and which can have the biggest impact on your business.”

Callejo walks through marketing automation software, customer relationship management software, project management tools, and communication and collaboration platforms, while highlighting that the tools you choose should lighten your workload and make work easier, not more complex.

Consider reading this article to better understand the importance of each of these small business tools and how they can help you, without breaking your budget.

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Jillian Zimmerman

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