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Cisco Webex Data Residency in EMEAR – Putting You Closer to Your Data and Applications

Delivering All Customers the Best Security Without Compromise the User Experience

These days organizations are deploying tools that allow their employees to be more productive –  inside and outside the boundaries of their network. Sixty-five percent of full-time employees think a remote work schedule would increase their productivity. More than two-thirds of managers reported an increase in the overall productivity of remote employees.

Since workplace collaboration is increasingly occurring beyond the traditional boundaries of their network, today’s organizations want their cloud services to be closer to their network. That is why Cloud hybrid components (located in their network but managed from the cloud), and cloud-hosted services in their region, are a must for any vendor that delivers a Cloud solution.

Cisco understands this customer requirement and has shaped our Webex infrastructure to deliver our customers the best security without compromise the user experience.

European customers are very security-focused and tell us that their migration to the cloud of the collaboration tools can’t be a strategy of tear and replace. They need to migrate certain aspects of their collaboration tools to cloud services, but at the same time, be able to maintain specific components in their network or a cloud data center in their region.

Solving Customer Data Residency Challenges

To meet the data residency needs of our customers, Cisco is opening new data centers dedicated to Webex Teams data in Frankfurt, Germany, and in Oregon.

With the new architecture of our Webex services we can address the following:

  • User provision and Authentication in region. Most of the customer use authentication engines are hosted in our customers’ networks. Since Identity is the entry door to any IT solution, this means that needs to be close as possible to their core network.
  • Content creation and storage in region. Content contains our customers’ intellectual property, so most customers choose to have their own content management as close as possible to their network.
  • Managing and hosting the keys for encryption. The keys to the kingdom, much like identity authentication, are one of the essential components for any IT system. This means they should be hosted as close as possible to the customer network (and if possible, in the customer network).

Key Advantage of Cisco Webex Architecture

Simplified Administration- Single, global identity and authentication with local PII storage and no guest accounts required
End-to-end Security - Global key access with local key storage in EMEAR, or in customer network, that allows for more confidence in end-to-end encryption
Identity architecture – Identity solution that is hosted in region, to protect the user PII, and delivering Authentication decision to the customer Identity Providers
Information Security - Organizational visibility and control over content shared by users with external organizations. Architecture design to follow all best practices for cloud systems, following ISO, SOC, C5, GDPR, HIPAA regulation, recommendation and certifications.more
Secure and performant Meetings – hosting meeting in EMEAR datacenter with optimization for voice and video in customer network
Seamless user experience - Access to all Cisco Webex Teams spaces based on entitlement, unrestricted by location, and with faster response to all the content.
Webex Calling – using local cloud calling provider in country or region or even in customer premises provides more security and better experience

Learn how you can get security built from the ground up with Cisco Webex


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