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Cisco Webex Meetings Suite 39.6 – Moving video conferencing from distractions to delight

Often, software updates mean bringing the latest and greatest new experience to users. But sometimes it’s equally important to make existing experiences better, by removing distractions that can take away from your video conference experience. We’ve done just that with some of features in latest Webex Meetings Suite update – 39.6 – and also added some new, great features, too.

  • Delightful audio experiences
  • Web page enhancements: Modern View and People Insights
  • Enhanced integrations with the tools you use every day
  • Webex for CarPlay
  • New lockdown release: Webex Meetings 39.5

Delightful audio experiences

I know we’ve all been disrupted in a meeting when someone starts tapping their pen or typing loudly. In the old days (and sometimes still today), someone would have to ask the offenders to mute themselves. A little more than a year ago, Webex introduced a feature that proactively suggested to the typer/tapper that they should mute themselves – hopefully before anyone else had to it. With the latest 39.6 update, we’ve taken it one step further by automatically lowering the microphone volume if loud typing or tapping is detected – but only if that person is not speaking. Once the person starts to speak (or stops typing/tapping for more than two seconds), the microphone volume will increase back to normal[1]– and no one has to do any awkward shushing.

And we’ve all been annoyed by hearing someone’s voicemail pick up in the middle of a meeting because that person didn’t answer their call-back. This means the meeting has to pause until the voicemail recording finishes playing. The 39.6 update fixes that. A new, smart feature within Webex detects that the call hasn’t been picked up within a certain timeframe and prevents the call from entering the meeting before voicemail is launched. This avoids disruption to the meeting and unburdens the host from having to eject that voicemail from the meeting.

“Modern View” redesign for the Webex site

If you’ve been video conferencing with Webex for a while, you’ll appreciate the efforts we’ve put into modernizing “Classic View” on the Webex site. With “Modern View,” you now see a redesigned look and feel of the dashboard experience – with everything at your fingertips. A centralized search bar gives quick access to important items such as upcoming scheduled meetings, your colleagues’ personal room IDs, and recording playback. If you’re still on “Classic View,” please note that we are defaulting to Modern View for optimal experience.

We’ve also extended People Insights support to the Webex Web App, so you can easily get to know the people you’re meeting, no matter how you join.

Webex bot making integrations better

One of our guiding tenets is to make video conferencing with Webex easy to access within the tools you use every day. So, with the new Slack bot introduced in the 39.6 release, Slack users can now schedule a meeting using the command “/webexschedule,” and members in the channel will be automatically notified of the scheduled meeting[2]. You can also use the command “/webexschedule list” to view scheduled upcoming Webex meetings or meetings you are invited to, as well as listing upcoming meetings for today or tomorrow. You can join a meeting from the list when it’s time, and the host can start or cancel the meeting from within Slack.

In other integration news – now, directly within Microsoft Teams, the Webex Meetings bot will notify you via 1:1 chat when a meeting recording is available. This recording notification also works with Webex Meetings scheduled within the Cisco Webex Meetings tab in Microsoft Teams. A URL link is included along with password (if existing). To better understand how to configure the Webex Meetings tab in Microsoft Teams, please review this help article.

What’s more mobile than Webex in your car?

The 39.6 update now provides CarPlay support for iOS users with existing Siri voice commands. You’ll experience the Webex user interface on your dashboard, with mute/unmute/leave meetings capabilities using their CarPlay buttons[3].

Also, on iOS, your cameras will now automatically brighten when ambient light is too dim, so you can send well-lit video into Webex Meetings. Auto-brightness will default to ON for new installs.

New lockdown version: Webex Meetings Suite 39.5

If you’re on a lockdown version of Webex, you’ll be interested to know that we will be moving off Webex Meetings Suite 33.6 and onto version 39.5. We’ve made significant improvements since version 33.6, including richer integration between Webex Meetings and devices, high frame rate sharing, Proximity pairing for easy access, one-way whiteboarding with the Webex Board, and People Insights among other great features. We’re also now supportingup to 200 video endpoints dialing into Webex Events so you can deliver Events directly from your Webex videodevices. Please update to the new lockdown version, 39.5, soon so you can enjoy all the latest features that Webex has to offer. You can find more info on 39.5 on the Webex Help Portal – What’s New in Webex Meetings Suite (WBS39)– by clicking on “WBS39.5.”

For all the latest features of version 39.6, please visit the Webex Help Portal link above and click on “WBS39.6.”

[1]This feature applies when connected through the “Call using computer” audio option [2]Personal Room Meetings and recurring meetings are not yet supported [3]iOS 11+ iPhones only; SmartDeviceLink (SDL) needed to see in-meeting user interface  and use of CarPlay buttons.

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