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Cisco Webex Room Panorama for The Hybrid Meeting Room

Last year at Partner Summit, we announced the Cisco Webex Room Panorama, a next generation immersive video system for the executive meeting room. Traditionally, executive meetings and board meetings were done in person, leaving behind multiple airmiles and substantial travel costs. However, remote working has skyrocketed, and many companies are enforcing travel bans in order to keep their workforce safe and healthy.

Room Panorama-  Best in Business, First-Class Meeting Experience

Here at Cisco Webex Rooms, we believe that the word works better face-to-face. And considering all the important, business-critical decisions that are made in the executive meeting room, it is essential that it is equipped with the best of the best. With beautiful design and powerful functionality, the Room Panorama brings people together, whether it is across the table or across the globe. This provides a best in business, first-class meeting experience.

The beauty of the Room Panorama lies within its flexibility. The Room Panorama cuts the entire room in half, allowing you to experience the next-generation immersive, all whilst leveraging a consistent video experience with non-immersive rooms. The fact that you don’t need a special-built, single-purpose room for this system makes Room Panorama perfect for the Hybrid Boardroom – have your board meetings, in-person meetings, all-hands meetings, or weekly team check-ups; all in one room.

PresenterTrack & Intelligent Features

When you have people calling in from their personal devices, the people in the Panorama room will be able to see all of the people calling in spread across two screens, while shared content will be displayed on the third screen. In this new normal the remote participant needs to be a first-class participant, and when on the remote end of a Room Panorama system, they can see all the physical participants. PresenterTrack ensures that the speaker always is in focus – imitating real-life, intuitive, face-to-face communication.

With the Room Panorama running on RoomOS; the same operating system as the rest of the Webex Rooms portfolio, it has all the intelligent features you know and love. When you choose to modernize your boardroom with the Panorama system, you automatically get access to Webex Control Hub for unified management and analytics, advanced cognitive intelligence, and the assurance of enterprise security you come to expect from the Webex platform.

The Room Panorama offers unrivaled flexibility and an unmatched experience – it simply is the best of the best. Check out this video to see it in action:

Learn more about the Room Panorama

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