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Close deals faster with Webex + Salesforce

Cisco Webex App for Salesforce

Working throughout the sales pipeline requires constant communication and collaboration, both internally among sales team members and externally with customers. When your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is not integrated with your collaboration tools of choice, then the rewarding experience of closing a deal may quickly become a laborious and tedious achievement:

  • Hopping among different apps generates frustration

This statement is particularly true for large enterprise deals, where multiple stakeholders are involved, and the coordination cost is high. Every occasion of collaboration or communication would require switching apps, an action that generates frustration for the sales team members.

  • Relevant customer interactions are scattered across multiple tools
    With multiple hops come important customer information distributed among various apps: meetings client, meetings cloud, soft phone, messaging client, etc.

Logging and documenting customer interactions manually is not scalable and results in partial/inaccurate CRM data, while retrieving the right information from external tools, if available, may become a challenging task that requires an effort beyond the reasonable threshold.

To exacerbate the issue, large enterprise sales teams may experience reorganizations or turnover, with the real need of getting new people up to speed with an ongoing deal. Inaccurate CRM data or dispersed customer interactions prevent new team members from getting up to speed autonomously.

Need for deeper integrations

Despite the collaboration industry experiencing a trend that promotes collaboration tools as the main point of entry for all knowledge worker’s relevant apps, at Cisco we understand that the “hub” paradigm does not always apply.

Typically, the larger the company, the more specialized the roles, the more specialized the tools some of these roles will use for most of their workday.

For the Webex team, it was imperative to listen to our enterprise customer base and, as a result, we invested in bringing the power of the Webex platform where specialized professionals spend most of their day.

Cisco Webex App for Salesforce

Following up on last December’s WebexOne announcement, I am immensely proud to introduce the brand-new Cisco Webex App for Salesforce, a deep integration which delivers a delightful collaboration experience, while minimizing app switches and consolidating all the interactions that matter.

Salesforce administrators will be able to download the app from the Webex App Hub, install it in their Salesforce instance, and compose the layout of standard or custom objects by adding Webex capabilities: Meetings, Calling and Messaging.

Meetings Component

Any meeting scheduled in the context of a specific object, gets associated to the object itself. Sales professionals won’t need to open an email/calendar client to schedule a meeting, instead, they will be able to do it without leaving Salesforce, with the added benefit of automatically logging the meeting, as well as accessing it’s recording and transcript.

Messaging component

Like Webex Meetings, Webex spaces may be associated to any kind of standard or custom object. This is true for both new and existing spaces. Account teams are able to access the right spaces and their content through either a global chat element or directly from the Salesforce object. Chat windows open within Salesforce, offering an experience almost identical to the one of the Webex App.

Calling component

Calling may happen globally through the Webex dialer component, or locally in any object by automatically retrieving the relevant contacts. Both PSTN and Webex video calls are supported. In any case, every outbound call can trigger a form where callers may easily log the event and capture information.

The Webex App for Salesforce cross-launches the Webex App in the background to handle the media streams. This architecture results in the advantage to work with any calling backend supported by the Webex App.

Our integrations are here to make your life easier. Regardless of which tools you use, we want the work you do to reach its full potential. We live and breathe our mission – stay tuned as we continue to bring new integrations to life!

Visit Webex in Salesforce to begin using this integration, and for more information take a look at this.

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