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Elevate your service organization performance with the Webex App for Salesforce

Service agents and Webex app for Salesforce

If you worked in any of the Customer Service functions, you are very aware of the negative impact that inefficient workflows have on the overall economic performance of your organization.

Small changes in metrics such as Time-To-Resolution (TTR), First Contact Resolution (FCR) or Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) may have profound adverse consequences on the overall health and profitability of your business.

While, in general, Service agents must have an efficient way to query a knowledge base and find the best possible solution or the best fitting product for a customer on the line (or any other suitable channel), there are some scenarios when collaboration, both with customers and colleagues, becomes crucial. This is particularly true for complex higher-value products, for which a traditional high volume contact center approaches do not fit.

A password reset issue is not a complex problem and its resolution is, by nature, transactional. Instead, figuring out why a large network deployment isn’t working, or an Enterprise system is failing, require considerable effort, team communication and coordination. When the product is complex and the stakes are high, a highly specialized agent, for example a Support Engineer or a Wealth Advisor, establishes a direct connection with the customer, and initiates a collaboration that may last several days, weeks or even months.

Oftentimes, such a collaboration does not involve agent and customer only, but also other subject matter experts who master specific aspects of the products or have an existing relationship with the customer.

On the one hand, the ideal Service workflow for a complex product allows an agent assigned to a ticket to nurture a long-lasting relationship with the customer, and, on the other hand, makes it easy and efficient to involve the right Subject Matter Experts with the goal of increasing service speed and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Service workflow enhancements on top of Meetings, Messaging, and Calling

In addition to use cases focused on outbound and inbound Sales roles, we are proud to announce the extension of the Webex App for Salesforce to include Service-oriented workflows, particularly geared towards allowing highly skilled agents to serve their customers faster, as well as enhancing their ability to nurture healthy relationships with them.

Let’s look at the newly released capabilities.

Inbound Caller contextual information

When Service agents receive a call and the Webex dialer within Salesforce rings, they are now able to see caller’s relevant contextual information, such as contact details, account name and latest inquiry details. This information allows agents to greet the customer in a more engaging way, as well as provides immediate context, thus speeding up the resolution process.

Once the call is answered, agents may access comprehensive caller information, including activity history and all the Salesforce objects associated to them.

We talked about inbound Support or Incident Management workflows; nevertheless, the same Call Logging experience also applies to outbound calls.

Furthermore, agents experience is highly customizable in the Webex Admin section of the Webex App for Salesforce, so that Business Process professionals can make sure it meets the needs of any possible scenario or workflow.

Enhanced space creation

In line with the workflow optimization goal, this new release of the Webex App for Salesforce features a faster way to create a Webex collaboration space associated to the Salesforce Case (or any other object) and add all the relevant people to it. When a new case is created, the Webex Messaging component offers agents the option of creating a new space associated to the case. During creation, it is possible to give the space the same name of the case with one click, and easily add space members from a support team defined in Salesforce.


Notification bots

Another important aspect of the Incident Management process is to promptly communicate with all the stakeholders affected or involved, in order to mitigate any possible risk or adverse reaction.

To facilitate the distribution of information, we added the ability for Admins to provision and associate notification bots to any Salesforce objects and their attributes. For example, it is possible to create a bot that notifies the Webex Spaces associated to a case object, when the case itself changes status. The message to be sent is fully customizable and supports dynamic parameters.

New admin experience

Finally, the new version of the Webex App for Salesforce features a redesigned Admin section with contextual information that make it easier to implement the desired configurations.

With support for Service workflows, the Webex App for Salesforce extends its reach beyond Sales, enabling the large subset of Service-oriented Salesforce users to increase their performance and nurture healthier customer relationships.

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