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Empowering frontline workers with Webex Expert on Demand

The rise in remote work is accelerating new trends in the workplace. Unlike traditional desk workers, non-desk or ‘frontline’ workers are constantly on the move in their workspaces. The new age frontline workers need technology that empowers them to work at any time, with anyone, and from anywhere.

Frontline workers operate in remote and ruggedized environments using their hands not for typing but for solving physical problems. Many critical industries employing frontline workers are exploring advanced collaboration tools to maintain high levels of operational efficiency, productivity, and cost optimization.

Webex Expert on Demand

In this new age, Webex Expert on Demand is bringing collaboration to the frontline with assisted reality devices that enable faster and smarter collaboration experiences for workers. Expert on Demand provides the full capabilities of Webex delivering enterprise-wide collaboration to remote teams and frontline workers.

Webex integration with RealWear, assisted reality (AR) hardware provider, facilitates digital transformation and business continuity across industries. It allows on-site operators and technicians to monitor and maintain equipment with guidance from experts across the globe, manufacturers to bring in subject matter experts in real time to optimize processes and improve the quality of outcomes, or medical professionals to spend more time with patients while getting remote specialist assessment during care delivery.

Taking Webex to new levels with assisted reality

Webex Expert on Demand on the RealWear HMT-1 (Head Mounted Tablet), delivers a hands-free and voice-activated encounter that provides a reality-first, digital-second experience. It enables frontline workers to maintain full situational awareness, view a screen with immediate field vision and access any necessary information.

Frontline workers have the option to join scheduled Webex meetings or initiate ad hoc calls with clear and stable videos enabled by electronic image stabilization. Furthermore, users can capture details and use annotation to pinpoint issues using head tracking movements and voice commands without having to use their hands. While experts provide guidance and sharing their screen, the frontline worker has controls to easily navigate through the shared document by zooming in and out when necessary.

We are releasing new capabilities that would simplify frontline employee’s workflows. The partnership with Augmentir, to combine their AI-Powered Connected Worker Platform with Webex and Expert on Demand to deliver a powerful solution that helps intelligently guide and remotely support frontline workers with augmented work instructions in day-to-day tasks.

Real-world deployment

A fully connected workforce is crucial to maintain business operations and business continuity. Using Webex Expert on Demand, Austria based Hirschmann Automotive is connecting geographically dispersed service teams with equipment to achieve faster repair times and higher first-time fix rates while reducing physical travel.

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a large food producer and manufacturer uses Expert on Demand to close the knowledge gap by connecting workers from the plant floor to plant management or experts at other locations while allowing them to keep their hands free to work instead of holding a smartphone or tablet.

Webex Expert on Demand is bringing live human interactions in a world where every business has problems to solve, efficiencies to be gained, and smarter ways to do things. Moreover, the hands-free remote collaboration experience allows workers to keep their eyes first and be aware of their surroundings while receiving remote guidance in real-time. Webex Expert on Demand is enabling unique ways of delivering safe, secure, and better outcomes that would not have been possible before.

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