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Find the top talent with video conferencing

Is your SMB hiring the best available candidate for every open position? 

While you can’t always get the perfect fit for each role on the first try, organizations can miss out on top talent because of  solvable problems with their hiring processes. 

The possible issues include posting an inaccurate job description (which in turn draws the wrong mix of applicants), struggling to manage large amounts of recruitment data, coordinating interviews, and casting too narrow a geographic net for a position that could probably be performed from almost anywhere. Let’s dig into the second one, as it’s directly addressable by smart use of video conferencing technology.

The missed opportunity to hire remote candidates

Relisting a job in the same location will, predictably, attract a familiar set candidates over and over again. That can be good if you are seeking particular expertise in the local area, but it can also be limiting and costly, especially in the broader context of many employers struggling to hire qualified candidates, surprisingly affecting over half of SMBs in a worldwide survey

In 2018, the Manpower Group found that 45% of employers cited trouble finding candidates with the skills they needed, up from 40% the previous year and the highest rate overall since it began surveying employers in 2006. What was behind this increase? Changes in the labor market, certainly, but also the fact that technology has reshaped, rather than replaced, many in-demand roles. Plus, one-third of employers have not been able to attract enough applicants for their openings.

While some roles really do require a local presence  – for example, a firefighter or police officer working in a specific geographic precinct – others are much more flexible than they appear and could benefit from a geographically wider search. According to Global Workplace Analytics, ½  the U.S. workforce holds a position theoretically compatible with telecommuting

Opening a job search up to candidates in  multiple locations, who are willing and able to work remotely, can help SMBs alleviate the talent crunch and select from a broader pool of candidates. But remote hiring comes with its own challenges.

Distance can make the travel for on-site interviews cost-prohibitive for SMBs. Meanwhile, applicants might struggle to form a clear perception of the company’s culture if they are only interacting via the traditional communications channels of phone and email. This is where a video conferencing solution can make all the difference in connecting you with top talent.

How video conferencing software supports a modern hiring strategy

Conducting introductions and interviews over video has numerous advantages over doing them in-person. While these video conferences might not replace on-site meetings entirely, they do provide more flexibility when recruiting and interacting with candidates.

Less travel, fewer costs

A Webex meeting with high-quality video and audio can be set up between multiple participants, regardless of their respective physical locations. That saves a lot of time and money that would otherwise be spent simply trying to get everyone into the same room. SMBs in particular can struggle to keep travel expenses under control due to highly manual processes and outdated tech, so every reduction and simplification on this front helps.

All of the detail, none of the inconvenience

An online video meeting captures details such as body language and facial expressions that wouldn’t come across in other forms of communications. Moreover, with high-definition video feeds, it’s like participants are in the same room despite being far apart. Video conferencing delivers this extra clarity that is useful in evaluating applicants.

Easy meeting setup, simple participation

With Webex, starting a meeting and then participating in it is very straightforward. Attendees can join the conference from a PC, mobile device, or standards-based video conferencing system. Interviewers and applicants don’t even have to download a dedicated app, since they can view the entire meeting within a web browser. 

A closeup look at your company, plus a walkthrough of the role

Video conferencing offers a great forum to virtually showcase your business  and explain the position you’re hiring for. Candidates get to associate more than just a name with your company, plus you can give them a general sense of what your office looks like. Built-in Webex features such as screen sharing allow for even more detail, as you can walk through a presentation or conduct an assessment in real time. It all adds up to fuller context for everyone involved in the hiring process.

As you think about how to update your hiring strategy for the new reality of remote work and overcome difficulties finding the best person for each opening, video conferencing can help. Try Cisco Webex for free today to get started on the path toward more flexible hiring.


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