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How one man became a self-made millionaire

Self-made millennial millionaire

Gerard Adams, did not take the “traditional route” to get where he is today.

If you haven’t heard of Gerard Adams, you should. Adams, 35, is an American entrepreneur. And more than that, he’s a dreamer, a leader, a philanthropist, and investor. His claim to fame happened at the young age of 24. He left college at Caldwell University to pursue his dreams, with the goal of finding a way to give a voice to the millennial generation.

Leaders create leaders

After a few failures, numerous obstacles, and moments of self-doubt, he founded, a news site targeted toward the newest generation entering the workforce. He knew his audience well and had an uncanny drive to succeed. With a lot of hard work, his venture paid off a few years later when Daily Mail bought his site for $50 million.

A millennial himself, he understands the generations’ desire to break molds, and a have/create purposeful work. He encourages people to take the road less traveled and believes wholeheartedly that your background doesn’t matter as much as your desire to succeed.

The millennial mentor

Since selling his company, he continues to innovate within his own brand, as well as investing in other companies. He has become known as The Millennial Mentor because of the persistent effort he places on encouraging others, both in the millennial generation, and outside of it, to go after their dreams.

Exclusive live coaching

On February 20, 2020 Cisco Webex is hosting an EXCLUSIVE live coaching session with Gerard Adams.

In this live event, you’ll hear firsthand from Gerard on how you can take your business to the next level. He’ll focus on how to become a powerful leader, drawing from his own experiences, and covering topics, including:

  • The rituals and habits of a successful leader
  • How to lead a team
  • How to lead a movement

Gerard will also take questions from the audience, giving you the chance to get personalized coaching and advice.

You can lead at any age, in any job, at any company. Don’t miss this chance to hear from a self-made millionaire on how you can advance your leadership skills.

Click to register today:

Topic: Becoming a Powerful Leader in Business and Life, a live coaching session with Gerard Adams

Date/Time: February 20, 2020, 10:00am PST

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