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How to get the right video meeting setup every time

When you’re rushing from meeting to meeting, it can be easy to deprioritize making sure your video conferencing setup is on point. However, for your video meetings to be most productive, it pays to take a few extra moments to ensure that everything’s set. How can you ensure every video call goes as smoothly as possible with minimal distractions?

The top video conferencing solutions come with an intuitive framework and plenty of tools to steer you in the right direction. Before you start your next video meeting, here are some best practices to review.

Internet connectivity

Modern video conferencing happens in the cloud, across an internet connection that transforms video and audio signals into data packets that travel across available bandwidth to the other party or parties on the conference. If you don’t have a strong, fast connection with plenty of bandwidth, packets can bottleneck and be delayed. The result is picture and sound that stutter, lag, and don’t sync up properly.

This “jitter” can be avoided with a stable internet connection that gives you access to adequate bandwidth for the number of packets being transmitted at any given time (known as traffic). Use an Ethernet connection or position your device close to your Wi-Fi router for the best results. Upgrading your internet plan to a higher speed one may help too. Also look for a video conferencing solution that adjusts to lower speed and bandwidth, minimizing loss in quality.

Good audio equipment

While you don’t need an elaborate setup, you will want a decent sound system for a productive meeting. Ideally, this will consist of a headset with a microphone. A wireless or Bluetooth-enabled headset gives you more mobility and can be used with a range of connected devices to join the call.

The headset should have some noise cancelling capabilities to help you hear other voices better, and the mic should have non-interference features to reduce feedback or background noise. For the best possible audio, also consider a high-quality video conferencing solution that has robust background noise removal features of its own.

A compatible, connected device

To host or join a video meeting, you’ll need a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or all-in-one collaboration display. Again, you’ll need to access the internet through a stable connection with enough bandwidth to support audio and video.

If you’re on a desktop computer or a laptop, you may access the meeting through a browser tab or dedicated app. If you are on a tablet or smartphone, you’re more likely to be using a mobile application. The meeting may be accessible through a link, or a call-in number and access code.

A suitable background

Since you’re going to be on video, figure out where you’ll be seated and then take a good look at your background. Use your video conferencing software’s video preview feature to make sure everything looks professional and that you’re framed well in the screen.

A neutral wall with minimal clutter is usually best to avoid distractions. If you don’t have an appropriate backdrop, opt for a virtual background that turns the space around you into a solid color; subtle pattern; or a polished, professional scene.

A quality camera

While your phone or laptop may have built-in cameras, for best results, consider purchasing a separate high-quality webcam or an all-in-one collaboration display with an excellent camera.

Also make sure that your camera is positioned so you can look directly into it instead of up or down. Also ensure your workspace is well lit so others can see you clearly. Aim for even lighting and avoid sitting with a lamp or window behind you as this can create problematic backlighting.

An intuitive video conferencing platform

An intelligent video conferencing platform can help you keep meetings on track, take notes, recap once the meeting is done, and follow up with a transcript of the meeting for future reference. Make sure you’re using a high-quality, intuitive meeting platform and leveraging all the features it offers.

Look for a solution with AI-powered capabilities. These might include gesture recognition, real-time translation, or a virtual assistant that can handle note taking during the meeting. Also consider leveraging Q&A or live polling to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. Additionally, explore any available integrations with other tools for maximum productivity.

Ready to start video conferencing?

Once you have everything in place, test your setup. A practice meeting with a few colleagues can help you make sure every component is working properly, from your video quality to your sound. Familiarize yourself with any features that might come in handy like file sharing, messaging, and closed captioning.

After double checking that your video conferencing setup is ready to go, you can meet with confidence. With research showing clear benefits to frequently leveraging video, it’s especially important to make sure you’re positioned to put your best foot forward during video meetings.

Learn more by getting started with a free trial of Webex Meetings today.

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