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Meet Cisco Webex Assistant, the voice assistant for work

Here at Webex, we’re working on some innovative features to help make your online meeting experiences more intelligent and intuitive than ever, with the assistance of AI and machine learning.

We’re excited to share that one of these features, Webex Assistant, is now available for users with compatible Webex devices. You can now join video conferencing meetings by entering a room, make calls with your voice, and much more with hands-free help from the voice assistant for work.

Let’s walk through how this works.

Join a meeting with a few simple words.

Short on time? Just say “OK Webex, start the meeting” and you’re in. Need to quickly hop into a Personal Room? It’s as easy as saying “OK Webex, join my Personal Room” or “OK Webex,  join Amy’s Personal Room.”

Manage meetings from anywhere in the room.

We’ve all been there—you’re in the middle of an important meeting and lose your train of thought as you search for the right button. With just a few words Webex Assistant can help with a variety of tasks like sharing your screen, starting a recording or ending the meeting, so you can get back on track in no time.

Make hands-free calls.

Call anyone in your company’s directory by using their name—for example, “OK Webex, call Jane Jones.” You can also accept and reject incoming calls or ask Webex Assistant to dial a number without lifting a finger.

Control your device.

Easily adjust the volume, mute the microphone, or show or hide the self-view on your Webex device with simple voice commands.

To get started with Webex Assistant, locate a conference room with a supported Webex device and say the wake word “OK Webex,” followed by a command from our ever-expanding list of spoken instructions.

Here are a few more examples of tasks Webex Assistant can help you with:

“Start the meeting”
“Record the meeting”
“End the meeting”

“Call John Smith”
“Answer the call”
“End the call”

Personal Rooms
“Join my Personal Room”
“Join Mary’s Personal Room”

“Turn up the volume”
“Lower the volume to 50%”
“Mute me”

Room calendar
“Is this room available now?”
“Is this room available at 4pm?”
“Show me the schedule of this room”

General questions and help
“What time is it?”
“What’s the name of this room?”
“What can you do?”

Webex Assistant is currently available on cloud-connected Webex Room Series devices, with more devices coming soon. Check out the Webex Assistant adoption toolkit to get started.

The Webex Intelligence Team develops innovative experiences by leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning, conversational AI, and information retrieval techniques. Interested in joining us? See our current job openings.


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