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Chase Your Dreams Wherever You Are With Webex

The Customer Story blog series highlights how Cisco’s collaboration technology has helped customers solve their business challenges. Learn how Cisco is meeting customers where they are helping them achieve their business goals.

Cisco Webex Video Conferencing Solutions to Deliver College Classes

Applying and registering for college is second nature to many high school students, but not every student sees college as an option, especially those living in rural areas of the country. Cibecue, one of the most remote and poor areas of Arizona, is hours away from the nearest college campus which discourages many students from pursuing a college degree.  Located in Navajo County, serving one of the poorest and remote districts in Arizona, Northland Pioneer College (NPC) needed an affordable and effective way to connect high school students to the college classroom. Learn how NPC used Cisco Webex video conferencing solutions to deliver college classes to Cibecue High School.

Through a Title III grant from the US Department of Education, NPC (Northland Pioneer College) created Project TALON (Technology to Advance Learning Outcomes at Northland). They partnered with sixteen area high schools and adopted Cisco technology, which enables students to attend college courses via distance learning from their local school and allows them to see and engage with the teacher and students in other locations in real-time. Distance learning allows students to take the college classes they need without physically being in the college classroom; the classes are streamed to their high school classrooms.  Implementing this technology lead to over 6,000 students being able to participate in college courses.

The Outcomes

What technology did they use and how did they use it? NPC installed Cisco Webex Room Kit Pros in their campus classrooms and in classrooms in the remote high schools. The Webex Room Kit Pro provides a broad overview of the classroom and has speaker tracking capabilities. It connects a professor in one room to students in another.

In addition to distance learning, NPC also provides additional services such as tutoring, financial planning, and career guidance to assist students in applying to colleges.

“Utilizing Cisco technology allows NPC to open the doors to college education for high school students, many of whom would probably never considered attending college. We’re opening the doors for these students to transform their lives, which also opens the doors for communities to change their economic sustainability.” — Dr. Jessica Clark, VP of Learning & Student Services, Northland Pioneer College

Dreams are Limitless with Webex

Cisco has helped Northland Pioneer College open more doors for their students and their communities. Students are now not bound by town limits but encouraged by technology.

Watch this video to showing how NPC used Cisco Webex video conferencing solutions to deliver college classes to Cibecue High School

Learn more about how Northland Pioneer College opened the doors of education for their students

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