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Self-evaluating the way you communicate

Communication is important within every facet of our daily lives. Body language, tone of voice, and words chosen, can affect how people perceive you, talk with you, and how they work with you. This is why the way you communicate (or don’t) within the workplace can be helpful or costly for your business. Poor communication can result in misconceptions, missed opportunities, delayed projects, decreased morale, and more.

In an article, “How to Self-Evaluate Your Management Communication style,” Leonard Callejo, Director of Webex Online Marketing, walks through several management communication styles and discusses the importance of not only understanding your own style/method of communication, but also that of the people you work with. However, he adds that style isn’t the only factor in consideration. There are numerous methods for communication in the workplace today that can also affect the message that is being sent.

Callejo says, “matching the medium with the message, as well the communication style of your audience, is a key consideration in improving your communication effectiveness. Because in-person conversations may not always be an option, there are many alternate ways to communicate.”

Read further on how you can evaluate your own communication style, and improve ways of communication through other mediums outside of in-person conversations.

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