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The 12 Gifts of Webex

Webex Gifts for Collaboration

‘Tis the season, as they say, for jolly good fun and some holiday tunes.  One of my all-time favorite holiday songs is “The 12 Gifts of Christmas.”  As I was singing this song out loud in the shower recently (yep, I must confess), I started also thinking about how Webex has given us all some amazing gifts for Collaboration.  Everything from frictionless video conferencing, seamless team collaboration, hybrid calling options, AI-based video devices, cognitive people insights, 360° customer journey analytics… and all on a single, unified platform that is open and secure. 

So, I started putting down what I consider are The 12 Gifts of Webex.  And of course, many of you will have others that make Webex your favorite.  But here are mine, in no particular order (feel free to sing the tune in your head as you read these) with an accompanying video example of each gift/benefit: 

The first gift of Webex that’s such a joy to me…

…Is the sheer focus on security!!

The second gift of Webex that’s such a joy to me…

…Calling is so simple

The third gift of Webex that’s such a joy to me…

…No wires or dongles

The fourth gift of Webex that’s such a joy to me…

…Single management experience

The fifth gift of Webex that’s such a joy to me…

…Webex Assistant

The sixth gift of Webex that’s such a joy to me …

…API Integration

The seventh gift of Webex that’s such a joy to me…

…Customer journey insights

The eighth gift of Webex that’s such a joy to me…


…Teamwork is so seamless

The ninth gift of Webex that’s such a joy to me…

…Huddling is just easy

The tenth gift of Webex that’s such a joy to me…

…Cloud and on-prem options

The eleventh gift of Webex that’s such a joy to me…

…Best headsets ever

The twelfth gift of Webex that’s such a joy to me…

…Collaborate like a pro


Best headsets ever..

…Cloud and on-prem options 

Huddling is just easy… 

…Teamwork is so seamless

Customer journey insights… 

…API Integration

Webex Assistant… 

…Single management experience

No wires or dongles…

…Calling is so simple

And the maniacal focus on securityyyyy


Let me know in the comments what gift of Webex you enjoy the most!  I’d love to hear it.  


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