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The CSM of Webex Adoption Past, Present and Future

Customer Success Blog Series

The Customer Success Blog Series highlights Customer Success Managers (CSM) and their Customers where we spotlight a Customer Success Story. Learn how Cisco’s collaboration technology is making positive organizational impacts, solving real-life business challenges and can impact a customer’s outcome.

Past: Getting the Most out of Memories

As a child Christmas was always all about family – some of my favorite childhood memories are centered around gathering at my grandmother’s house during the holidays with all my cousins and watching movies, playing board games, sharing meals (especially the annual Christmas lasagna), and eating lots of homemade cookies. My absolute favorite family tradition still is baking and decorating cookies – spending time with the family gathered, Christmas music on in the background, and figuring out how to make the most festive and creatively decorated snowman cookie. As a new mom with a two-year-old son – I’m navigating through carrying on existing family traditions and starting new traditions. Baking and decorating cookies will always be a part of my holiday traditions but we’ve added on matching family pajamas and cocoa on Christmas. We’ve also upped our traditional cookie decorating game by adding a Christmas hippo alongside the star, bell, and tree – no surprise, the Christmas Hippo is everyone’s favorite cookie to decorate.

Present: The Role of Customer Success in the Customer Journey

During this time of year as I reflect on these traditions and how thankful I am to have them – I also reflect back on the past year and what I’ve accomplished in my work life. As a Customer Success Manager for Webex – I’m constantly helping my customers navigate and figure out the old vs the new in our always-changing cloud environment. As our product and engineering teams continue to evolve Webex and make it the robust collaboration platform that it is – that comes with changes.

“Every customer is different – every customer environment is different and it’s my job to make sure that my customers are able to embrace and navigate these changes as seamlessly as possible – to make our solution work for them and their users” — Sheena Hensen

Future: Customer Success Goals for 2020

As I start looking forward to the new year I’m also thinking about what my goals are for the year and what I’d like to accomplish. As a CSM, one of my goals always, is I want my customers to know me and know that I’m there for them and their Webex adoption journey – this might mean an in-person meeting, helping their end-users with the features and functionalities of Webex, a quick check-in to see how things are going. For 2020 I have two goals – get as many of my customers as I can on the modern experience and get them using video. Driving the adoption of both of these things helps set up our customers with the best Webex experience and makes it an easier and more engaging way of using Webex. I want Webex to be easy to use for the end-user and I want them to know about all the great features that already exist and that are coming – this is impossible without being on the modern experience. I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings and I look forward to helping each customer achieve more than what they thought possible with Webex!

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