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Virtually Diagnosing Difficult Pathology Cases and Leveraging Webex

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Virtual Second Opinions with Webex

Delivering a diagnosis gives patients a glimpse into what their future holds. To do so effectively, doctors need a tool that allows them to be precise and accurate when studying and analyzing tissue samples and then enables them to collaborate with colleagues and ultimately their patients during and after analysis. Connecting with patients, families and other health care professionals is a significant part of a doctor’s daily job.  

Dr. Lester Thompson of Head & Neck Pathology Consultations was looking for a solution that would provide easy video conferencing and high definition screensharing. After evaluating several video conferencing solutions, he chose Cisco Webex Meetings.  

He uses Webex Meetings screensharing capability to discuss and analyze reports with doctors from all over the world. When meeting with patients virtually, he says Webex Meetings allows him to “look at them and know the impact of the words you are saying.” This builds trust with patients and allows for real-time communication. 

Head & Neck Pathology Consultations provide essential services to its patients. Dr. Thompson leans on Cisco’s video conferencing technology to build relationships, consult with remote colleagues and provide more accurate diagnoses to his patients 

“Pathology is one of the most visually intensive fields. With Webex HD screensharing, I can consult with other pathologists real-time and review high-resolution imagery of cell samples.” –Lester Thompson, M.D. 

Seeing and sharing pathology slides is critical to identifying the correct diagnosis. Cisco’s technology helps these doctors improve communication and quality of care. With Webex HD Screensharing, Dr. Thompson is able to make a more accurate diagnosis with the second opinion.

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