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Webex Ambassador program goes public

Getting recognized for your knowledge

My first job out of college was as a technology trainer at the University of California, Davis. I first learned, “no one comes to a technology training class to learn a piece of software.” They were in my class because they needed to use new technology to do something specific. If I was successful, I could help them do “something” better, faster, and more efficiently than before. My other major takeaway from this role was everyone is an expert at something. I had an English degree with a minor in Art Studio and Latin. I was teaching professors, chancellors, executive admins, and department chairs who had decades of experience in administration, animal husbandry, finance, botany, viticulture, enology, and veterinary practice. I was not qualified to provide the exact amazing ways WordPerfect would enrich their work. The other students in the course and similar roles across the campus were more equipped to help each other, and the networking opportunities my courses provided were equally valued as the course itself.

Doing amazing things with the Webex Community

I am grateful for this role because I draw on this experience in every role I’ve had since then. This year my team stood up our Webex Community to connect the hundreds of thousands of Webex users, IT Admins, and adoption advocates around the globe.

Effective time to value for Webex isn’t about getting the most people to simply use an app; it’s about using our app, devices, and integrations to help organizations accomplish their business goals. I can emphatically tell any person who communicates to other people as a part of their role – Webex can help do that better, faster, and more easily than they’re doing it today. I’ve spent the last 17 years guiding insurance agents, professors, preachers, students, HR directors, and event coordinators to deploy Webex. Still, every single one of them taught me what extreme proficiency in their field using Webex looks like. I empower successful change management, and connecting people who use the product for similar use cases are the most valuable asset I can provide.

Webex Ambassador Program relaunch

To build on the momentum of our Webex Community, I’m proud to announce the relaunch of our Webex Ambassador Program backed by specialized learning paths. Our Ambassadors are the backbone of our community. These individuals light the way for collaboration in their own organizations and share this knowledge with all Webex customers to quickly accomplish their goals. If this sounds like you – read on.

The mission of the Webex Ambassadors is to empower people to do more than they ever imagined possible with collaboration. They connect people across the globe to level up their knowledge, their network, and their voice.

Anyone can be a Webex Ambassador — we invite IT Admins, adoption advocates, developers, executive admins, project managers, watercooler champions, administrators, consultants, leaders, marketers, influencers, and even CEOs to join our program. If you are doing amazing things with Webex – we need your voice. Our current Ambassadors are pioneers in improving education that’s available for everyone, enabling patients to utilize preventative health services, decreasing time on manufacturing lines, offering convenient cutting edge banking services, and so much more.

The Webex mission encompasses a people-first focus, a passion for innovation, and a maniacal focus on building inclusivity into our product designs. The Webex Ambassadors support this mission as vocal customers, partners, consultants, and Cisco employees who love to discuss collaboration and share what they’ve learned in the Webex Community.

As an Ambassador

  • Take Webex certified courses, perform acts of advocacy, and pass tests to level up through four levels of distinction.
  • As you progress, get opportunities to influence the future of Webex by interacting directly with the teams that build the product, craft the adoption materials, and market our solutions.
  • Share your experiences and expertise in the Webex Community and beyond.
  • Get recognized with a resume-worthy certificate of completion and a Webex Verified badge that can be proudly displayed in your Webex Community and social profiles.
  • Each level comes with a gratitude gift from the Webex team.

Throughout the year, Ambassadors give back to the Webex Community by answering questions, sharing use cases, presenting in Community events, submitting feature requests, and acting as an extension of our Webex team by providing feedback to help us innovate faster. They are vocal in the market, sharing their industry and product knowledge in their influencer circles. Ambassadors are invited to private events to get advanced access to future innovations and are consistent top contributors to our Beta program (

You will start as a Webex Power User and learn best practices for using the Webex Suite. Then you will choose your area of specialization – as an IT Admin diving into technical deployment or as an Adoption Advocate to drive change management and business outcomes.

The Webex Community and Ambassador program is for everyone and is vibrant only because of the diverse voices that represent the power of human connection and knowledge sharing.

I can’t wait for you to start your Ambassador journey. Enroll today.

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