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Webex creates more inclusive meeting experiences with Simultaneous Interpretation

In an increasingly globalized world, it’s more critical now than ever before to help people communicate no matter where they are in the world, regardless of what language they speak. Here at Webex, we have been working hard to play a small role in removing language Simultaneous Interpretation as a barrier to communication and collaboration. We were the first collaboration platform to launch AI-driven real-time language translations from English to 100+ languages and we continue to add support for more languages.  

Automated language translation may work for most use cases, but in some high stakes’ meetings – such as a diplomatic summit, legal proceedings or academic seminars– live interpreters might also be required to capture the subtle nuances inherent in every language. To address these scenarios, we’re excited to announce the launch of Simultaneous Interpretation in Webex.  

Watch Simultaneous Interpretations in Webex Meetings in action:

How to enable Simultaneous Interpretation

Meeting hosts can now enable simultaneous interpretation when scheduling a meeting by checking the “Enable simultaneous interpretation” checkbox found under “Scheduling options”. Once enabled, they can create an unlimited number of interpretation channels, and assign an unlimited number of interpreters to each channel. Once the meeting is scheduled, all interpreters will get an invitation to the meeting notifying them of their role. The host can also promote any participant to the interpreter role and assign them to an interpretation channel during the meeting. 

When interpreters join the meeting, they will be automatically assigned to their audio channel, and they just have to unmute themselves to start interpreting. They can change the direction of the interpretation if needed, for example during a Q&A session. Interpretation is a cognitively exhausting exercise, so typically interpreters take breaks after about 30 minutes. If the meeting host has assigned multiple interpreters to the channel, the interpreters can pass the baton onto the next interpreter in line with the click of a button.​​ 

When attendees join the meeting, they will join the default “floor” audio channel. They can select the audio interpretation channel they want to listen in on by clicking on a new icon at the bottom-left corner of the Meetings window. They can adjust the balance between the spoken language and the interpretation language based on their preference, from 0 to 100 

With the addition of Simultaneous Interpretation to Meetings, Webex has taken yet another step towards providing a more inclusive real-time collaboration and communication experience for all attendees, no matter what language they speak. Meeting hosts and attendees can now choose between real-time automated translations, transcripts in non-English languages and simultaneous interpretation, depending on the needs of their meeting. We’re excited to see how our customers will use this feature and how it will help them overcome language and geographical barriers.  

To try out Webex, download the app from or contact our sales team to learn more about simultaneous interpretation and other features

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