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Webex Expert on Demand Is Transforming Work for Frontline Workers

Webex Expert on Demand Empowers Frontline Workers by Helping to Enable Hands-Free Collaboration

As I continue to speak with customers about the new era of work, digital and virtual capabilities have become increasingly important to empower people to work from anywhere and anytime. We have seen this with the recent shift to remote work for many desk workers around the world. But what about the vast majority of people who don’t work at a desk? Whether it is the doctor or nurse in a hospital, retail store employees, manufacturing line workers, machine inspectors or field service repair individuals around the world, engineers working on remote oil rigs, mines or power plants, or car mechanics – they also need digital capabilities which are different from the traditional desk workers.

Frontline workers need a technology solution that empowers them during their day-to-day activities. One way to enable workers is to connect them to the right expert(s) at the right time, who can guide them step-by-step in solving problems.  Experts need to see exactly what the frontline workers are seeing as they are performing their job.  And above all, the frontline worker needs this solution to be handsfree and tailored for potentially ruggedized environments.

Extend Your Cognitive Collaboration Tools to Your Frontline Workers

Cisco “Bridge to Possible” represents Cisco’s commitment to connecting people, places, ideas, and things. We are continuing this journey by integrating with an industry-leading augmented reality (AR) hardware provider, RealWear, to extend the Webex collaboration experience to frontline workers globally across all industries.

Webex Expert-on-Demand on RealWear turns the HMT-1(Head Mounted Tablet) into a voice-activated collaboration headset which connects the frontline worker with the rest of the organization.

The Cisco Webex Expert on Demand Solution

The Cisco Webex Expert on Demand Solution® delivers high quality, hands-free video collaboration between the frontline worker and the right expert(s), anywhere, anytime. To ensure that frontline workers are getting the right guidance, they can annotate on what they are seeing and share it with the expert in real-time. Frontline workers can receive expert guidance in any environment, as all that is required is the AR device and a wireless network connection.

On the other end, the expert can connect to the frontline worker instantly, by using Cisco Webex Teams. In addition to guiding the frontline worker over video conferencing, the expert can provide additional assistance leveraging unique annotation and document sharing capabilities. This multidimensional collaboration significantly improves frontline worker accuracy, experience, productivity, and retention, while limiting the cost of geographically dispersed, valuable subject-matter experts as well as travel expenses.


Webex Expert on Demand Leverages the Strengths of the Webex Platform

Webex Expert on Demand leverages the strengths of the Webex Platform, driving enterprise-wide collaboration. Currently, car manufacturers are using Webex Expert on Demand to empower the frontline workers in their manufacturing facilities and car dealerships to improve the production rate and repair turn- around times. Other industries like healthcare, oil, and gas who have deployed their remote workers are also leveraging this technology and the Webex platform to improve day to day operations.

As you can see, Webex is transforming work globally and across multiple industries. We are excited about these new possibilities with Webex Expert on Demand. If you’d like to learn more – I encourage you to visit
or take advantage of our free online training at: 

In closing, I’ll leave you with this recent article about how Cisco is helping dairy farmers of America with their digital transformation. You can see first-hand how the possibilities are endless.

Learn more about how Cisco Expert on Demand is bringing Webex team collaboration to the frontline

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