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Webex For Government Offers Enhancements for Healthcare, Mobile Users and Developers

The FedRAMP authorized platform for Webex extends its abilities to address new industry specific applications. For healthcare providers, Instant Connect is now available for remote telehealth sessions. For mobile telephone administrators, the FedRAMP authorized Webex uses Microsoft’s Intune Mobile Application Management (MAM) to secure applications on mobile devices. For developers who are designing apps and features into Webex, a new portal is available to manage APIs and applications.

Webex Instant Connect is FedRAMP authorized

Patients and healthcare providers are seeing that video consultations are effective for diagnosis and understanding of patient conditions. Webex is helping extend the reach of healthcare by supporting new care models and delivering better patient experiences with Instant Connect. Patients and healthcare service providers can now be linked through highly secure, browser-based video consultations without the patient needing to download software. Webex Instant Connect lets healthcare staff and patients collaborate face to face for simple, easy-to-use video telehealth consultations. It integrates seamlessly with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, enabling providers and patients to schedule and launch virtual visits within an Epic EHR portal or in a browser, while protecting patient identity. Organizations such as the Veterans Administration can now use Webex for Government with Instant Connect while maintaining the security and compliance required for the US government.

Instant Connect is available for many other government applications where a browser-based connection is desired. In court proceedings, Webex can bring in remote consultants instantly. Government agencies can connect to individuals directly. And collaboration with suppliers is easily achieved. For more information, visit the Instant Connect Web site: Webex Instant Connect – Cisco.

Intune MAM improves mobile management in Webex for Government

For organizations that have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, Webex for Government provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) to better manage employee mobile devices. With the SDK, administrators can manage Webex applications on mobile devices without disrupting any personal apps the user may have. Administrators control user access to Webex functions and configuration policies for Webex Meetings and Messaging. This enhancement protects corporate and government data within Webex without managing the entire device. Your organization will not need to blacklist and whitelist specific apps as the Intune software will not allow unmanaged apps to influence your organization’s secure apps.

The suite of Microsoft’s Intune management lets administrators publish, push, configure, secure, monitor, and update mobile apps for your users. MAM allows you to manage and protect your organization’s data within an application. Many productivity apps, such as the Microsoft Office apps, can be managed by Intune MAM.

With Intune MAM, you have the following capabilities:

  • Single sign on
  • Passcode /TouchID
  • Managed Open-in document sharing
  • Prevent app backup
  • Disable screen capture
  • Enforce app encryption
  • Remotely wipe app
  • Disable copy and paste

Webex for Government introduces the Developer Portal

As of today, not only do Webex for Government developers have access to APIs, but agencies, federal partners, and vendors can leverage APIs to develop customer specific features and capabilities within Webex. The new developer portal is a site where developers can quickly create and manage applications, test APIs, and open a support case. Because the portal is deployed within the FedRAMP boundary, users must have authentication within a FedRAMP organization. To use the portal, visit

Webex for Government is the premiere solution when you need FedRAMP compliance for your organization. To contact Sales, click here.

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