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Webex Meetings December 2019 update: connect to meetings faster and have a great content share experience

In the last Webex Meetings updates of 2019, we deliver features that primarily make it faster and easier to join your meetings and to give you a richer content experience.

Connect to meetings even faster

As part of our continued effort to make the Webex Meetings join experience as easy and fast as possible, we are enabling users to avoid having to press “1” when they use “Call Me” or a video system to join a meeting. It’s one additional step in creating a frictionless video experience. You can configure it once and then forever bypass “1” from there on out. This is available for Webex Meetings and Events.

Multiple participants can pair to a room device

We’ve probably all had this experience where we can’t figure out all the participants in a room because only one person has connected to the meeting on the cloud-connected room device. But, now, the Webex Meetings desktop app allows all the people in the room to pair to the same device, so you can easily see who’s connected to which device in the Webex Meetings participant panel. Users will be grouped under the device to which they’re connected. We also have a search bar at the top of the participant panel so you can easily search for a particular user. This is initially supported on the Webex Meetings Desktop App but will soon come to the Web App as well.

Optimizing user experience for high frame rate content

We introduced a high frame rate – 30 frames per second – a content sharing in 2019 and have since made a number of media quality improvements to keep the experience as high as possible. When users have packet loss, they may experience some freezing of high frame rate content. With the latest improvements to our media engine backend, we are reducing the incidence of content freezing and improving the overall sharing experience for users.

Great content on mobile

For both Android and iOS, users can now enjoy great content on their mobile apps, which can receive 4K content. This brings the Webex Meetings Mobile App in line with the Desktop App, so users can have a rich content experience whether they’re deskside or on the go.

Short video addresses now available

Finally, just a quick note to let you know that the short video address feature we told you about in November is now available. Like many of the features in this update, it will be easier for you to get into a meeting. The feature is off by default, but your administrator can enable it by reaching out to their Cisco contact.

This month’s features are associated with the Webex Meetings 39.11 update.

For more information on these features or to learn about the other features of this update, please visit the Webex Help Portal – What’s New in Webex Meetings Suite.

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