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What’s new in Webex: January 2022

Fresh Webex functionality to kick off 2022

Happy Near Year! We are excited to kick off 2022 with fresh functionality that powers collaboration for every workstyle with reimagined workspaces that are easy to manage and always secure.

This month we are introducing new colors for the Webex Mini and Webex Desk devices as well as enhancements to calling and meetings.

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Accessibility: Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac
With this new capability you now have easy access to keyboard shortcut management on your Mac, so you can easily access Smart Audio, Chat, Manage Closed Captions, and Mac right-click menu quicker. Read more about this new functionality and other ways Webex is supporting users’ accessibility needs.

Expanded presence (MPP Phones) in the Webex App
Your status in the Webex App is an easy and automatic way to communicate your availability to your coworkers. We have expanded this capability this month so when you are using a desk phone and updates your status to “on a call.”

Far end camera control
Make video calls more immersive by allowing callers to remotely control the camera of the person they’re speaking with. This feature helps callers to gain valuable insight from remote workers or specialists by enabling them to use pan, tilt, and zoom to see the speaker’s surrounding environment. Use cases include enhancing doctor/patient consults. Available on the Webex App on desktop and mobile devices. Click here for additional information.

Blind call transfer
Blind call transfer enables Webex Calling users to have the ability to transfer calls immediately, with a single click from the Webex App. It complements the existing consultative transfer feature by providing users such as a receptionist or salesperson with an additional option for transferring calls that’s ideal for high-volume call environments.

Webex Recordings Quick Forward/Rewind Buttons
Meeting recordings are a great way to review what was discussed and ensure you haven’t missed anything. With the new quick forward/rewind buttons you can quickly move 10 seconds forward or backwards while viewing your recording playback.


New colors for Webex Desk Mini & Webex Desk
Personalize your workspace with technology that’s shaped for you, not the other way around with flare. The popular WebexMini and Webex Desk devices now have an array of limited-edition colors to compliment your workspace: Desert Sand, Nordic Blue, and Woodland Green. Click here to order yours today.

Room OS 11 (Desk and Board series)
You should have the same experience with Webex meetings regardless of the devices you are using. The new RoomOS 11 interface optimizes collaboration with a consistent user interface that doesn’t require learning how to navigate participating in a meeting.

Webex audio intelligence: Optimize for my voice now available in Room OS 11
We live in a noisy world, but that shouldn’t prevent us from having engaging meetings. Webex room devices are now powered with audio intelligence that goes beyond removing background noise by enhancing speech quality and only capturing the voices closest to the microphone.


Enhanced security and lobby experience
As part of our ongoing focus to make meeting experiences more secure, we are grouping attendees into three categories: internal, external, and unverified so the host can easily view who is waiting in the lobby and admit them into the meeting appropriately.

New Calling APIs
Webex Calling is introducing new APIs that simplify administration and they include: Call Pickup, Mute Transfer, Call Park, and Location Schedules. Learn more about the latest and existing Webex Calling APIs by visiting

Emergency communications
We are introducing Cisco Emergency Communications Solutions (CECS) offer for the Collaboration Flex Plan that provides Singlewire InformaCast that addresses safety, critical communications and E911 needs. Learn more (partner login required)

Expanded calling regional coverage
Webex is continuing to expand our regional coverage by adding two new Dedicated Instances for Webex Calling data centers in Australia. With this latest expansion we now have eight calling data centers to provide geo-redundant coverage for Dedicated Instance in every region of the globe – NA, EMEA, APJ and Australia.


New Embedded Apps
The new year also means new embedded integrations for the Webex App. We have added Smartsheet, Call Control, InterpretManager among others. Click here for details on all of our latest embedded apps.

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